Friday, June 10, 2011

Panic Stations............

A few years ago I decided I would prolong the beauty of all the Autumn colour by pressing some leaves and then making them into a wreath to display on the chimney brest.

Well Autumn, may have just finished and I'm a bit slow getting it together, but finally..........

A WIP pic, lots of Blutac is used to attach the leaves.

I arrange them first to see how I like the composition and colours.
Then I carefully move the leaves off the cardboard and use small pieces of Blutac to attach each leaf.

If I need to change something around later on it's not a major problem as they are not glued in place.

This year I pressed alot of different varieties of leaves not just from the trees, but from garden shrubs as well.

You can click on the pic to see more detail.

I love the various shades of colour, shape and texture.

It will stay on the chimney brest until Spring, or until I can bring myself to take it down.

Some male members of the household don't share my interests, but that's OK because I don't share some of his, such as eating mice.........

I'm feeling a little like the I'm not doing a mind reading trick......

I'm a bit at sixes and sevens, trying to get packed and organised for a long weekend away, followed by a holiday O/S and throw into the mix a rather significant numbered birthday and it's all a little bit overwhelming............

My boys are away at a festival at Perisher, brrrrrr...........

They're welcome to it I say, so I am going to head slightly North where it is hopefully warmer bahahaha............ and have a 'girls weekend' (well, not technically as 2 of my 3 B's-I-L will be there as well)

How did it happen? That so many years have passed so quickly?

Please tell me if you know the answer...........

Wasn't it only yesterday I was 3 and now -- years later I'm turning a certain number with a zero on the end of it.

I love this photo, even though we are all squinting into the sun.
I'm the youngest of 4 girls and this photo was taken at the annual show.
I'm the one in the pleated red skirt and jumper and I had my patent leather shoes on.
I remember that little outfit and loved it so much.

My sisters had to wear their school shoes, boring, but back then we didn't have the luxury of half a dozen pairs of shoes each.

Being the youngest I got lots of hand me downs.

No doubt they will all say I was spoilt and got away with murder, but that's not how I remember things.

So I shall be spending the weekend with my eldest sister and the next one up from me (both to the left in the pic)

We shall eat some of the above with wonderful coffee, have a look in some great shops.

Sit around and tell stories of when we were young, laugh till we cry, play pranks on each other. (did I tell you about the time I went away with same two sisters and one of them hid my underwear and swore black and blue she hadn't? Another time perhaps)

Then eat some more cake and complain that we shouldn't have.

This turning fffffffifty (ssssh!!) has had me doing a lot of thinking about all sorts of things recently.
Mainly trying to find the upside of getting older.

If you have any positive points you can share with me please do so............

After the weekend I shall come home and madly repack my bag for ten days in Tassie.........

It's a long overdue annual holiday and even though I love Winter and the cold, what was I thinking..............

I'm hoping our very loose schedule will allow for a catch up over coffee with a couple of wonderful blog buddies.

No 1 is staying home to keep the home fires burning feed the chooks and as he informed me invite some mates out for a jam........... should I be worried?

So, if you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks, never fear I'm not too far away and hope to be back by the end of June if not before with lots of interesting pics and news of our holiday.

So, thankyou all for stopping to say "hi".
If I get a chance over the hols I will pop by and see what's been happening in blog land.
We are taking a laptop, as it seems we can't live without it these days..............

I shall be busy crocheting up some woolly Winter bunting while I'm away, to keep my fingers warm..........

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. have a great holiday Claire. And Happy Biuthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Claire !
    Sounds like your "party" could go on for weeks with all these trips away.
    Fingers crossed for that coffee ;)

  3. Happy, happy birthday Claire! Have a wonderful day celebrating. You are looking for an upside to turning 50ish? One of the things about getting older is the joy of not caring what anyone thinks of you anymore, it just doesn't matter. :) For me anyway.
    Have a fantastic time in Tassie and looking forward to stories and photos when you return.
    Anne xx

  4. I'm getting very excited by an imminent visit! Hippo Birdy Two Ewes to you too!

  5. I love the wreath, it looks like fire on the chimney breast!

    Have a lovely birthday and holidays!

  6. happy birthday Claire! I always think it is great to reach these milestone birthdays, they are a perfect excuse to have a big celebration, I have a big one this year too ( with a 4 and an 0), and while it is confronting leaving my 30's behind, I am sure the next decade will be just as great, and I am just going to act as though I'm ageless!
    Enjoy all the holidays you have planned, you lucky thing! And have a fun birthday! Cheers Julie:)

  7. Hello Claire,

    Love the Fall wreath and it looks great over the mantel.

    Happy Birthday!!!! Well weren't you just the cutest little thing!

    Very envious of your upcoming trips...none planned far.

    I will miss your post and look forward to lot's of wonderful photos.

    Have a great time and just a little worried about #1.
    After all he is a guy and you know how they love to make messes

    janet xox

  8. Enjoy your years, your sisters!
    That wreath is so pretty, never seen anything quite like it.

  9. 1) Have a LOVELY birthday, I hope you get spoiled rotten!
    2) That's a beeeautiful wreath - you are one talented gal.
    3) Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday and looking forward to seeing the pics when you get home.
    Take care
    Emily x

  10. Claire - have a wonderful birthday celebration! I think the wreath that you've made is fantastic too! I have a new blog site the address is - Would love you to pop over when you come back from your hols xxx

  11. Have a wonderful time my friend.. God bless

  12. Love the Autumnal wreath Claire - looks fab! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a lovely holiday :)

    And of course, Happy Birthday!!! Well, you know what they say about a good wine ;-)

  13. Happy Birthday! Have a great time! The autumn wreath is gorgeous, looks perfect above the fire. I love the photo of you and your sisters when you were wee! :) x

  14. Thankyou every one for your lovely comments and birthday wishes.

    I had a lovely day, coffee and cake were consumed and love and laughter was shared over the weekend...........

    I am madly washing and drying clothes and repacking my case before heading off to Tassie tomorrow.

    Shall do a bit of a blog catchup in between jobs and catch up with you all soon..........

    Claire X

  15. Happy birthday Claire!!! Hope you have a wonderful time with your sisters!!!
    Here is the upside of getting older: You are here to celebrate another birthday! Seriously, that is a big deal!
    I just celebrated my 53rd a couple of weeks ago and I am so grateful for the good luck and health that has allowed me to live long enough to turn gray and prune-like and to see my children grow up. So many moms never get that chance. I grumble about my age from time to time, but I never forget how lucky I am.

  16. *sigh* I'd love a sister.

    Reckon our weather here must be like yours and yet it's our summer!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Claire : ) Have a lovely trip away.
    Your autumn leaves wreath is beautiful. I've never seen one made like that before. It's a great way to preserve all of those gorgeous colours for a few months.

  18. Love your work! Beautiful - even if Tigger is not impressed! Have fun on the holiday, enjoy! Happy Birthday and take care. I also have posted pics of my ginger puss! I'll add the link here, only if you want a look. : cheers, Yollie

  19. Happy Birthday!!!
    And the wreath is gorgeous. What a great idea.

    Love your kitty!

  20. Lovely to meet you in Tassie Clair. Chris too.
    I was blown away to meet Richard Perso's Mum.
    Well done. Your son is so talented and a really nice guy.
    Co ordinator
    Tamar Valley Folk Festival


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