Sunday, December 4, 2011

To Market, To Market..........

Recognise any of the above patterns?
Maybe you had a plate, saucer or cup with one of these patterns on it.........

This is the work of Robyn Steele one of the stall holders at the market I attended on Saturday.
She takes broken crockery and turns it into wonderful ceramic pendants.

She goes by the name of Five Poppies but as yet doesn't have a website, but her email is

Her kids are trying to talk her into getting a website up and running and I certainly hope she does.

Beryl is Robyn's mum, so naturally she had to make this little pendant.

I think it's a great idea...........

I had a lovely chat with Robyn.
It's always nice to catch up with other crafty types and talk about what you make and swap ideas...........

It was a gorgeous day and there seemed to be plenty of people coming along to the market.
It always turns out to be a bit of a social outing as well..........

It was a difficult decision and I ummed and aahed for ages before deciding on this cute little house pendant.........

It has come home with me and I have something in mind for it, so stay tuned.........

Something else I spied at the market were....

these gorgeous padded coathangers.
Now this is only one part of one of four tables full of coathangers for sale.

Seriously, there were hundreds of them, adult and children's coathangers.
They are beautifully made and I would love to see the fabric stash belonging to these crafty ladies.
Two sisters were running the stall and unfortunately I didn't get their names, but I did get.....

Two gorgeous red and white coathangers.

Of course it had to be polka dots and gingham was the other obvious choice.
These were actually a little of my Bgurk brooches for two coathangers.

I just love doing that sort of thing.

When it was time to pack up I didn't really want to, I was having such a pleasant time.
I also met another local lady by the name of Sue she had been talked into sharing a stall with some of her friends.
Sue makes lots of wonderful things, fabric bags, cute as a button knitted hats for kids, and jewellery amongst other things.
It was her first time selling at a market and I think it was quite a learning curve for her.

We did another swap a pair of her earrings which I had been admiring for my Nest brooch....
Once again we had a lovely chat about markets and creating and it was really enjoyable.

So Sue if you do read this, it was so nice to meet you and I hope I see you at another local market on a stall of your own very soon.

The trip home only takes about 40 minutes but as I drove through Tarrawingee I had to stop and take a pic of the local pub The Plough Inn.
It was looking a treat on this gorgeous day, pots of flowering petunias out the front.

I have been driving past it for the last couple of years thinking I must stop and take a photo.
Well, I suddenly found myself pulling up in front of it and jumping out of the car, camera in hand.
This pub was built in 1864 by Hopton Nolan and is still in the Nolan family almost 150 years later.

I think part of the appeal to me is the 'Englishness' of it........

Another stop to photograph what we refer to as 'the Billabong' just outside of Beechworth.

It's quite an expanse of water, I don't think it's particularly deep, but during the drought the water level dropped dramatically.

With all the rain we had over the past twelve months it's filled up again and is a haven for ducks and other waterbirds.

There are lots of little islands with tufty grass and reeds growing up out of them

Great reflections.......I wish I could've climbed through the fence and gotten a bit closer, but as I only had my little pocked camera with me, I decided not to.

Plus just having summer sandals on my feet, I thought my outdoor boots were needed just in case I encountered some to the local wildlife!!

The last stop on the trip home....Beechworth.

I can't go though without stopping and popping into a couple of my favourite shops.....unfortunately I was too late for the op shops, they had already closed.

But I did discover someone had been doing a little bit of 'Yarnbombing' yay !!

Hooray, someone has finally done it.

I wonder if they snuck into town in the dead of night and sewed it over the railing.

I would sooo love to do that here in my little town...........I think I shall head into town in the morning with my tape measure in my pocket and scout out a few possibilities.

I think No. 1 might be in on this too, he seemed to like the idea of a bit of Yarnbombing around
the place.

Wouldn't everyone get a surprise to see a crocheted cover over a tree branch or lamp post, but ssssssh, don't tell anyone I'm thinking about it.

Might need some help with the crocheting too....

A close encounter with some local wildlife, just before I got home.

Love the red nose, it looks just like a great big Maraschino Cherry, yum

So glad it stayed put and didn't run out onto the road..............

You have to admit it looks pretty cute.

And just for good measure a pic from the garden, or orchard actually.........

The Feijoas are flowering and they look stunning..

The combination of deep pink and red is just gorgeous and all those little bristly bits, remind me of little bottle brushes.

Looks like we're in for a good crop come March 2012.


Well, the jam making continues as the berries ripen here. No doubt there will be another batch on the go this week, just as well I have a good supply of glass jars.

The days are rolling into each other and it's a bit like Ground Hog day sometimes, but the weather has been good, despite a very warm and humid day Tuesday. We did have a storm, plenty of thunder and a wonderful lightning show, but not a drop of rain. At least it cooled down enough to have a blanket on at night and get a good sleep.

It's very windy this evening and I even pulled a fleece jacket out of the wardrobe to keep warm.

So that's a little sneak peek at what I've been doing over the weekend.

I hope you've all had an enjoyable weekend what ever you did.

Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi" always great to hear from you,

Till next time,

Claire X


  1. Fab post - market looks great! Love those pendants, what a great way of using up broken crockery!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Loved the "yarnbombing" on the rail! And, of course, the ceramics pendants. Thanks for the fun pics!

  3. Wow you have had a busy weekend with so many fun things to see and are the best thing to do on the weekends but how was your drive home....neat place you live in.

  4. Lovely post Claire, such pretty pendants ...I love the one you chose :0)
    Sounds like a friendly, chatty market.....great to meet up with other crafty types, I expect this is one reason you like doing them. Spring is looking so pretty in your part of the world. Have a great week .
    Jacquie x

  5. I have yet to spy an instance of yarn bombing in person. So neat that you did! Thanks for sharing all the lovely creations you found while at the market. I am drooling over the crockery jewelry and adorable padded hangers!

  6. Oh Claire,

    Does the Plough Inn serve a Plowman's lunch?
    with cheese and pickles, etc? I bet the beer is good too. Wonderful post of a beautiful part of the world.

  7. The market looks great, and what a good sign that you didn't want to pack up and go home.

    That reindeer looks so cute!

    I'm looking forward to see what you yarnbomb.

  8. Wow! What a trip. You had a wonderful time at the market didn't you. I think your latest acquisitions are beautiful and just the right "price". Still no ripe berries here yet but I'm imagining the smell in your kitchen.

  9. Your market day sounds fab Claire and I'm sure it is so much fun sharing ideas and doing a bit of swapping. I love those pendants and the coathangers you chose. Very bright and pretty, something that would bring a smile to my face when I opened the wardrobe door.
    Oh I do hope you do some yarnbombing in your local town. It might even make the local paper if you have one where you live. Wouldn't that be a hoot?!
    I love your photos of the billabong, it's so nice that our wildlife can flourish again with all the water around.
    Have a good week,
    Anne xx

  10. I love those pendants, such a great idea. The one you've picked is so pretty.
    I like the billabong pics too, nothing like that here!
    We had our first snow today. Not much at all but still exciting!

  11. Must be very rewarding to swap each others crafts and met such lovely ladies. The pendants are fantastic, must of been very hard to choose one.What a special part of Victoria you live in and just love your photos of the billabong, pretty drive home at the end of the day!!

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the craft fair meeting the other crafters! Love all the fun pieces you got to bring home! the pub does look very inviting. And I bet the snakes also love that billabong and the tall grass, so boots and a long stick would be a good idea. Love the Reindeer! My late brother-in-law made a similar one for us several years ago. I treasure it and put it under my tree each Christmas.

  13. I was at a craft fair myself this last week-end - like you I found it was just wonderful meeting with other crafters and talking to those interested in my spinning, it is just a special sort of buzz isn't it! Love the wooden rudolph!

  14. Hi Claire - I agree about the pendants - what a great idea for disused crockery, I think she's onto a winner there! Yarnbombing sounds like a fab pastime - keep us posted about your subversive activities, hehe :)

  15. Hello Claire,

    Your posts are always so chock full of a little of everything! Love the necklaces..the pub..I want some jam...adore the yarn bombing and that little wooden reindeer...I forget it is also the holiday season down under.

    As always...I enjoyed my little visit

    janet xox

  16. Great weekend out and about Claire! I think I would have had trouble choosing just one of those pendants.... and I would have been tempted to stop at the Plough Inn. Looks like it would do a good mixed grill. cheers Wendy

  17. What a glorious weekend ya had. I just adore the necklaces and had a great laugh over your encounter with the 'wildlife'. Cute!

    God bless ya and have a magnificent day!!! :o)

  18. Hi Claire, those pendants are so pretty and unique, I can see how difficult it would be to choose just the one, and I adore covered padded coathangers. Looks like you had a fab time at the market..........and rebel you!
    lily x


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