Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing and Growing

Is it Friday all ready?
Half way through November and Spring continues to delight us.
It's the most beautiful day here, lovely and sunny with a light breeze and between the warmth of the sun and the cooling breeze it's the perfect temperature outside.
 If only it would stay that way......

I had a frustrating start to yesterday.
I had planned to plug my Janome in and sew the last makes for the market on Saturday. It was all sorted in my head.
 I was going to be very productive .....then the power went off about 8.15am and didn't come on for a little while.
 We often get what we call 'brownouts' where it goes off and comes back on within the minute...not this time it would seem.

So, I thought I can deal with this I will finish stuffing and stitching my softies and if it's still out, well I could tidy the sewing room......all sorted.
Just before 9am it comes back on, great, let's do a complete about turn and go with the original plan.....make another tea cosy.
I had ideas and started drawing and cutting and placing and no it wasn't working. 
Let's try idea no. 2, half an hour in, no, that's not working for me either.
 Let's go back to another idea and see if that grabs me.....
Two and a half hours later and the morning  was just about over before I could get into it, grrr!!

What a lot of faffing about.....
Do sudden changes to plans throw you off course, or do you roll with them and keep on going?

So finally another tea cosy for the market and something different......Pansies.

I love their sweet little 'faces' and the colour they add growing in amongst the Silverbeet....

The Sweet pea cosy is finished, if I can't have them in my garden this year I will just sew up a few......unfortunately this variety have no scent!!

I forgot to share  a little bit of exciting news after last months market.
The Alpine Shire put out some new advertising material for the area including, Bright, Myrtleford Mt. Beauty and Harrietville.
One little booklet "Retail, Dining & Experiences" has a pic of my work.
 The photo must've been taken over  a year ago, looking at what I was selling.....I was chuffed....

Of course there has been coffee and a catchup with friends this week and 20 mins before I was due in town I 'needed' to whip up a Bumble Bee to go with a posy of flowers for a friend.

Why does this desperate need to make something in particular always arise when time is limited ?

Do I work best under pressure? hmmm!

Come on let's go outside and enjoy the sunshine...
Garden fresh peas, have been picked, shelled and cooked to have with dinner. 
Sometimes they make it into the saucepan and sometimes they don't. 
Depends who picks them.....

Another 'newbie' flower to my garden are Larkspurs, they have just started flowering.
The garden bed is raised about 8 inches even so this plant towers above me......

The berries in the back orchard and coming along nicely, 
lots of flowers = lots of berries.
Not all that far away from ripening, yum

Then I looked a little closer and discovered our 'friends' from last season were back!!
At least they are easy to see against the darker berries.
So once again we will deal with these bugs by removing them by hand and feeding them to H.M. Mrs Brown, our only tame hen.
You just need to call "chook, chook" and she comes running, knowing that you will have some tasty morsel for her. 

The Nectarine tree has a lovely crop of fruit and I hope we get to eat it all this year.
Brown Rot ruined most of it last season due  to a damp Summer....

So one of this mornings jobs, was to finish off stitching these
softies...Owlets and Sleepytime Bunnies......

Now I am done and everything is packed ready for tomorrow's market. I have tidied, vaccumed, hung out the washing and it's all happening today....

Here's the changing view from the great room window.
Green turning to gold and eventually brown paddocks.....
I love hearing the tractors rumble down the road on the way to slash and bale the grass.

No. 1 received a hammock as  birthday present this year and we hung it in the orchard. I think I might just be spending a bit of time in it this evening after work.

 I hope you've all had a great week and it was productive and not frustrating.....
Thanks for coming over and have a great weekend.

 Take care,

Claire x


  1. Gorgeous tea cosies Claire, they are both so pretty. It does sound like you've had rather a frustrating start to the day but are all organised and ready for your market. Wishing you all the best with lots of sales. :)
    Your garden looks fabulous and that hammock...I should not have looked at it as all I want now is super warm weather, a good book and a hammock.
    Anne xx

  2. The new tea cosies are lovely. However, I only use cosies with a hole for spout and handle, as I find that 'cover-all' types leave the handle very hot and it burns your hand...

  3. Claire, Good luck at the market, you projects are so wonderful I know they will be snapped right up.
    Hugs to you,

  4. The pansies are great, good look at the fair and well done for being in 'print'! :)

  5. Oh I LOVE the sweet peas! You know I love your work but the sweet peas! Oh so sweet. Have a great day at the market, will be thinking of you tomorrow.

  6. Always so much to absorb in your posts! I adore the deep purple pansies against the turquoise fabric for the cozy! I had a Johnny-Jump-Up blooming in our 0'C temp on the weekend (like a violet-sized pansie). The flowers are bonkers this fall! What an amazing view from your house! I could gaze on that endlessly. Wendy

  7. I love the colours in the pansies teacosy!
    Happy Friday!

  8. The tea cosies are soooooooo pretty Claire! Congrats on your feature - it must be great to see your name in print :) Lovely to see all the amazing things in your garden this week.

    Your bunnies and owls are sure to sell at the market - too cute! I try to go with the flow when things don't go to plan - but it can be really frustrating too, sometimes I just decide it's time to take a break :) :)
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Alison x

  9. What a stunning view, I'm surprised you're not distracted by it! Exciting to be featured in your local publication!! Love all your 'makes', the pansy tea cosy is lovely, and the bunnies and owls too cute!!! Hope you had a good day at the market yesterday and made lots of happy sales : -)

  10. Hi Claire, I get thrown just like you did when the power went off. Sometimes I want to do things and just can't get into it, it's so frustrating..
    I absolutely love your pansy cosy.. did you sell it? If you did, could I put in an order?
    What a lovely surprise to find your picture in the publication..

  11. I love that pansy cosy - such a soft and pretty colour combo. Pansies are some of my favourite flowers.

    Gosh, I don't know how I respond when my plans get disrupted. Probably more grouchily than I would like to admit! And I'm a great one for last-minute projects too, though they mostly don't turn out as beautifully as yours did.

    You have a nectarine tree! That is my favourite summer fruit by far. I don't miss living in California, but I miss the California summer fruits - they never seem to taste the same after they've been picked green and shipped across the country. I hope your harvest is a good one this year.

  12. I loved it when my hens came running for snacks ! Sweet peas are glorious. I grew them this year & kept the charity shop where I volunteer supplied with pretty posy's which customers would comment on & enjoy the fragrance.
    The little sleepy bunnies are adorable !

  13. Love seeing the busyness both inside and outside your place..hope the market went well. xx

  14. I know I probably don't work well when plans are foiled, I think it's part of being creative and it's not just a project, you need to 'feel' it....I am hoping to get back to some painting once we settle, up until now I've not been able to get my head into it.....thank goodness for crochet.

    The pansies are lovely, perfectly captured.

    I didn't see those leaf bugs at first, I was looking for something smaller....eewww, I am not a bug lover, I think the hen sounds like my perfect companion!


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