Friday, May 10, 2013

The Woodlings, A Win and lots of Wonderful Things.......

Hello there girls, yes, another post, twice in one week......
I've surprised myself.
 Been a while since I've managed that.

Another little woodland creature has been added to the collection today.
Thanks to Deirdre McCracken of Felted Fido page on Face Book they have now been named 

"The Woodlings"

I think this is the perfect name for them, thanks Deirdre.
Check out Felted Fido for some amazing felt creations.....

Autumn colour found it's way into the design......
How could I resist?

"Together they shared life's adventures....."

"The Woodlings"

I've also been up to my elbows in green tomato pickles.
Slicing and dicing onions and tomatoes.
Then juggling pots on the wood stove to cook them.

It's the first time I've ever made them and they turned out well, which is great 'cos it made over 20 jars worth!!
Washing jars, sterilizing them cooking and doing the dishes.
It was a business all right.

 Won't need to make any for the next couple of years I think.
Mind you I've already given away 6 jars, so they may not last quite as long!!

I was also given half a rather large pumpkin from a workmate, so there's been soup making going on as well.
A cold change is forecast for Sunday, so it will be the perfect weather for soup.....♥

A new potholder was also needed.
 Now that the wood stove has been fired up,
  you could never find one when you needed it.
But it's all sorted now....

After nearly 5 months of flowering, I have picked the last bunch of Zinnias for the season......

Till next year....♥

Another wonderful parcel found it's way to my letter box recently.
I was the lucky winner of Alessandra's giveaway over at  her blog

Inside the postal bag was this gorgeous zip bag, which will be great to put crochet projects in for travelling.....
Red, pink and blue one of my favourite colour combos.

Inside it was choc a block full of lovely things.
A Japanese crochet book, full of great projects and lots of
informative photos.
Cute little doily patterned sticky notelets, a crocheted heart, a cute little heart peg. A bag full of bright beads, perfect for a crafty project and some of Ale's wonderful covers.
The colours are gorgeous and her crochet is super neat and even.

I love it all Ale, thank you so much....X

Pop over to her blog and say 'hi' ......

A quick peek at a few of our trees.
They're looking stunning in their Autumn gowns....
'October Glory' Maples, Silver Birches, Forest Pansy tree.....

 A sweet birdy shot... and it's not a Robin, hehe...
I had to be quick to grab the camera and snap a few shots before it flew away.
I believe it's an Eastern Rosella and if it turned around a little more, you would see it's beautiful bright blue feathers..... 

I received a phone call out of  the blue this afternoon and Andrea of Harvest With Glee blog was in town.
So I glammed up (almost) and headed in to meet her and hubby Bob (Hi Bob)
and have a cuppa .
We have a mutual friend which was quite a hoot when we realised the connection.....small world eh?
Had a lovely hour or so sitting in the afternoon sunshine and chatting away.
Next time we'll catch up in her neck of the woods and there's a certain cafe in Daylesford where I am going to plant by derriere,
 drink coffee, watch the passers by, chat, do a round or two or three of crochet and enjoy the company of friends old and new.....
Sorry there's no pics, we were too busy chatting!!

Exciting news that's just come in this morning.

A parcel of 

Sweet Birdy Love 
teacosies and stitcheries have arrived at

 The Empty Nest

 Warrenton Virginia USA

Take the link and visit Janet's shop.
 This is one multi talented and inspirational lady who has encouraged and supported my creative ventures on my blog from the beginning.

She also blogs at

 The Empty Nest

So thanks for coming by girls, hope your week is going well and  you are finding time to be creative and also enjoy the seaonal beauty around you.

Wishing all mum's celebrating Mothers Day on Sunday a wonderful day.....
Hope you are spoilt with hugs and love and maybe brekky in bed or lunch out..... you deserve it ♥♥♥

Take care,

Claire x


  1. Hi Claire, your posts are so lovely, cheery and happy and full of the good things in life.
    Firstly, is you Woodling lady in green holding the owl for sale, I'm VERY interested. Perhaps you could let me know by email. Thank you.
    I'm quite envious of you wood stove and all those lovely things simmering away on top. Nothing quite like a kettle that is always hot, you can sneak a hot drink in any time of the day. Green tomato pickles are delicious, hubby makes a very good batch at the end of summer which we are now enjoying. We only had 4 jars this year. I'm wondering if there will be any left when I get home. :)
    You give away bounty is lovely. Parcels in the mail are always exciting!
    Your Autumn trees are looking gorgeous and that Eastern Rosella is just beautiful.
    Have a fab day Claire and a wonderful Mothers Day on Sunday.

    Anne xx

  2. Your Woodlings are just adorable!!!! grouped all together they are so lovely!!!!
    I'm so pleased that you love all the little things you found in the zip bag (luckily you like even this one, too!!!) and I thank you for your kind words and for the link to my blog!!!! These simple things are great, you know??
    Have a good day, a lovely weekend and a splendid Mother Day!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Love the Woodlings!!

    Luv Jane xx

  4. I love the name The Woodlings, it is perfect. Love your latest Woodling, she is perfect, too. Good for you making it into the shop in Virginia, your items will sell out,m they are fantastic and unique.
    Happy Friday,

    1. Hey Meredith, thanks for visiting. The name is perfect isn't it? So happy Deirdre came up with it, as i think there will be more little creations joining them soon.
      Nice to hear from you, I hope you have a great weekend,

      Claire :}

  5. Dear Claire,
    The Woodlings are gorgeous! You are so talented.

  6. Loving the Woodlings ... they look like very special beings indeed :)

  7. When I saw the first two Woodlings I thought "ooh which one to choose?" but then you added the third it was simply must have all three. You constantly delight me and I can't wait to see what you create next.
    I didn't need to make green tomato pickles this year either! Made enough last year. Worked out well though because the weather has been amazing and everyone's tomatoes ripened. Not many green at all this year. Just yesterday we had a top temp of 19C, it feels more like March than May! I picked my last zucchini this week and the frost has definitely taken the plant now but oh my! So late in the season.
    Thanks for your newsy "letter" (post)
    Much love,

  8. It always makes me a little sad when you post your last picture zinnias for the season. But the beautifully muted colors of the turning leaves and your adorable Woodlings have perked me right back up. Pumpkin soup sounds delicious, too.

  9. Oh that lovely potholder - will you be able to use it? What if it gets stained and burnt (which is what I always ask myself before pulling out one of the old hideous ones). :)

    The Woodlings are lovely and so wistful-looking. Great news about the shop in Virginia! And what exotic birds you have in Oz.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. P.S. Does the third Woodling have a name? If not, I suggest Fenella. :)

  11. The Rosella is beautiful, and I love the Woodlings!

  12. I love your Woodlings! THey are beautiful... and I love their name too! Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog about my Birds of Whimsy Field Guide. I truly enjoyed creating it!

  13. oh the woodlings are gorgeous! thanks for visiting, it's lovely to find you here with all your lovely things to look at!

  14. The Empty Nest needs Woodlings!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  15. love all your gorgeous makes and pics! xx

  16. Hi Claire, it's been such a long time since I've popped into all my favourite blogs, but here I am now absolutely in love with your Woodlings. Gorgeous gorgeous!! And how exciting that your lovely work is being sold in a store in the U.S. of A.!! Congratulations.

  17. I made a big batch of green tomato chutney one year when it failed to 'do summer' it was very yummy...but gosh what a lot of cutting and chopping!

    What a lovely bunch of goodies!

    I'm forever amazed at the difference in the birds from other places, how exotic....our birds are generally brown! Well, not all, but certainly not as brightly coloured as that, unless in a cage.

  18. Loyal customs of Janet's were so HAPPY to see your tea cozies! I have the beautiful one I had admired on your blog with the foxglove. Currently residing on my teapot in the diningroom! That eastern rosella is gorgeous! Wow. Here's hoping for a mild winter for you! Donna :)


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