Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello it's me.....again!!

The weeks are gathering speed as we race towards the end of the year......

So how's the season shaping up where you are?

We're still having changeable Spring weather, a warm day last week had me considering putting on the aircon and the following day it was grey and damp and long sleeves were needed.
The tomatoes are only just beginning to flower after recovering from frost burn. I did think we would lose a couple of plants after an unexpected frost ....
The Roses are literally blooming their heads off before the heat of Summer arrives and the trees are clothed in new Spring leaves and looking lovely and fresh.
The paddocks are turning from a patchwork of green and gold to a lovely, buttery hue as the grass is cut and baled.
A good drop of rain wouldn't go astray either.
More than happy to swap blue sky and sunshine for a few days of grey, drizzly weather.....anyone interested?
I'm still working towards the December market, leftover stock from my market days was very low, so I needed to put together some new ideas and get stitching.

This week amongst other things, I've put together a couple of new mini stitcheries which have turned out well. I had fun stitching up a vintage Singer sewing machine, with it's distinctive, silvery design work.

An op shop find of a vintage, blue blanket has already been used for a number of projects, including another mini stitchery and the beginnings of a tea cosy.
Love the colour combo of red, blue, yellow and white.
So lots on the go, in the sewing department, with more to be done this coming week.

Ready to head outside for a wander?
Photo quality isn't so great, but this is a birds nest I found hanging on a Silver Birch branch.
Can you see the open beak there? 
There were 3 babies in the nest, which belongs to a Mistletoe bird!
Unfortunately, these birds help spread mistletoe which can end up killing trees. So whilst it was a thrill to find this nest and bubs, I was a little disappointed Mistletoe birds were breeding close by.
In our 'Wild Wood' of Silver Birches, there are at least 3 lots of Mistletoe growing. It looks like a gum tree has been grafted onto a Silver Birch, quite a bizarre sight.
But I am always amazed at the construction of these nests.
They look like a little bag  hanging from a branch.
Spiders webs, thistle down even cat fur have been used to make this lovely, soft, cosy home. It feel like thick felt and would take an amazing amount of time to make.

A brief storm a week ago gave us a couple of mls of rain, nothing to write home about, but I got some nice, stormy pics.
I love watching the clouds roll in....

The Bottle brush are in full flower, attracting birds and bees and adding a splash of colour to the tree belt.

Tucked away behind a shed and next to the green waste pile is a Loquat tree which is groaning under the weight of fruit this year.
The birds are having a feast and it doesn't take long for the fruit to go off once it has a peck mark or two in it.
In past years the cows have enjoyed eating the leaves in Summer and caused quite a bit of damage, but after running some electric fence tape along the fence line it has finally grown back.
The fruit is sweet, but more seed than flesh. Once you spit out the seed and the skin, you really just get a mouthful of juice and that's it.
But on a warm day when you've just wheeled a heavy load of cuttings to the waste pile and the flies are driving you crazy, it's nice to stop for a few minutes, stand in the shade and eat half a dozen Loquats before getting back into it.

This is the view down our road from the front gate.
I love living in the country.

See the sign (red triangle with a white W) on the left?
That's for the CFA, to let them know there is water on our property in the form of a dam. If there happens to be a fire nearby they can get access to the dam and fill the tanker.

The berries are ripening, but an extreme prune by moi in Winter has meant we won't get as many as in past years.
But that's OK, I needed to get in there to prune and tidy up the canes.It was becoming a bit unruly.
I checked on them today and there should be some ripe enough to eat this week......yum!!

I have admitted in the past that I'm not very good at remembering to water pot plants, but these Petunias underneath the Maples are putting on a wonderful show. The fact that they are in the courtyard directly opposite the kitchen certainly helps.
Maybe our trip to Canada and the lush gardens and hanging baskets I saw prompted me to plant up these pots but whatever the reason. It's nice to have some colour in view every day. 

Back inside there are piles of sewing waiting to be stitched.
Little sleepy time, blanket bunnies, looking peaceful, best thing is they don't snore!!

Another week full of stitching ahead of me. Lots of ideas I wish I could chase, but I have to focus and start ticking things off the 'To Do' list, or I'll be in trouble!!

Well, I'm going to be a good, little bunny and head off to bed. If I set the alarm a little earlier, I might get out in the garden and do some flower deadheading before breakfast.

Will I get up when the alarm goes or press the snooze button?

Hope you've all had an enjoyable weekend and have a great week.

Thanks so much for visiting, always lovely to hear from you.

Take Care,

Claire X


  1. You live in a most beautiful place but I expect there's a lot of hard work to be done. Your sewing is really lovely, you have such refreshing ideas for your projects. I was so interested to see the little birds nest with beaks open - isn't it amazing how resourceful they are in nest building and how strong these little homes have to be. Betty

  2. so many pretty things!!!!! love al the things you have sewn!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

    1. Hey Ale, thanks for visiting, always lovely to hear from you......XX

  3. I love seeing all that you have been up to and of course walking along side of you through your very interesting terrain. We have bottle brush here too, although they are not red now as we are heading into cooler temps. Have a wonderful week,

  4. I love it when you show your beautiful view of the countryside where you live. Your garden is a welcome sight, as everything here is now brown and gray. It dropped way below freezing last night. I did not want to crawl out from under my cozy quilts this morning. I'm glad you have water on your property. I remember hearing the stories of people who survived in the terrible Victoria bush fires a few years ago, by standing in their pond, while fire burned all around them
    Your little bunnies are especially sweet and I know much loved by the children who receive them as gifts.

  5. Hello Claire. All your pictures are lovely, and yes I'll swap a bit of nice spring weather for our cold grey days here any time. Love your little sewing machine -'Sewing for ever, housework whenever' I like that xx

    1. Hey Molly, more than happy to do a weather swap, just not quite sure how to go about it, hehe......
      Thanks for the lovely comment, always nice to hear from you....

      Claire X

  6. Always lovely to read a post from you Claire. It's like dropping into visit for afternoon tea!
    Loving that storm photo - we are having lots of hot muggy days here followed by afternoon storms. Not heaps of rain, but it all helps. Your creativity knows no bounds, loving your little projects. cheers Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy, great to hear from you.......afternoon tea sounds wonderful too....
      You can keep the muggy weather, I prefer the cooler temps down here, but it will heat up soon enough.
      Hope you have a great week,

      Claire x

  7. Lovely to see your work. The sewing machine is lovely, and I also have a soft spot for daisies. My neighbour has a bottle brush even in our damp climate, which hangs over where I park my car. Fortunately my current car is red, so I don't mind too much when it gets covered in red bits, and it is stunning in the summer.

    1. Thanks Ginx, lovely to hear from you........
      Bottlebrush is lovely but does drop all those little fringey bits everywhere.
      Hope you have a creative week,

      Claire x

  8. Claire, your photos made me feel so much better. It's really cold here and we are in the path of a winter storm coming this next week. I don't like winter, it makes my bones hurt. Your bright, sunny photos do the trick. I love the petunias. Have a great day and good luck ticking items off your list.

  9. Lovely sunshine, sewing and plants. Thanks Claire

  10. Hasn't the weather been all over the place...good to see it isn't hindering your beautiful fruit or that sewing for that matter. xxxx

  11. I just adour your little stitcheries especially that machine one. Love your view too and your beautiful colour in your pots.

  12. Wonderful stroll in the country. Lovely pics, Claire. Only one word describes things over here 'FROST' - yes 0 degrees temps today and not a day to be wandering around in the garden! I adore your little sewing factory that you've got going there. Everything is so pretty. Lots of Love. x

  13. That was an enjoyable springtime walk! Thanks for taking us with you! :-)

  14. As usual your stitchings are amazing! I especially like the jug of daisies and the Singer sewing machine.

  15. I always hit the 'snooze' button Claire hehe! Lovely to see your stitching again - I like 'housework whenever' - hooray :) :)
    Alison x

  16. I do like the little Singer piece ... so sweet. Lovely, ramble-y post Claire ... it was perfect to read while I was stopped for a cuppa :)

  17. wow I love those two stitcheries you've recently made. I like the quote "sew forever, housework whenever" I can use that for knitting lol I love the little details in the stitcheries and the colors. Beautiful work!

  18. Lovely post Claire, plenty of eye candy. We've had terrible gales with rain and a little snow today. Not as bad as some though, several people have been killed by falling trees and lorries overturning in the wind. Many have been flooded and are still awaiting the highest tides later tonight. So it's rather nice to look at your lovely sunny pictures and gorgeous stitchery.
    Love Fi x

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