Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last of the WIntery Days

Well, this is the last week of Winter and today is certainly cold, windy and somewhat rainy, much to my delight. I am not yet ready to pack away the jackets, scarves and gloves and think about warmer weather, particularly after last summer's scorching temperatures. The people in Greece certainly have my sympathy, according to the news reports it sounds as if they are having a terrible time with the fires. Mind you at the other end of this country, there are 100 fires burning in Queensland due to the wild , windy weather, quite bizarre considering it's still winter.

On the crafting front things have been bubbling along nicely, I am finishing off some lovely stripey red white and blue bunting to hang around my stall at the craft market held once a month. I have decided to use a gazebo (once I learn how to erect it!) which is blue and the bunting should really jazz it up. I also found a lovely supper cloth (not a full scale table cloth) at one of my favourite Op shops. It cost me $1.00 and is a lovely rosy floral on a bright blue and white background, Everynow and then I drag it out of the kitchen drawer just to have look at it and enjoy those lovely colours.

Tafe is going well although my visual diary is more an invisible diary, I am not one for doing my homework as the sewing machine is always beckoning me!! Over the past few months I have gotten to know the ladies in my class reasonably well and they are a very talented bunch. It's always inspiring and alot of laughs are had in class, just the same as when I was at school!

My next project is to learn how to upload photos on the computer myself and not have to ask Mr GP or No 1 son. Hopefully, this will be a painless and quick procedure, so please come back and visit me soon and hopefully there will be something interesting to look at next time.

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