Monday, August 31, 2009

Officially last day of Winter

Well, here it is the last day of Winter. I treated myself to breakfast in bed, I made up a lovely tray with 2 fresh, free range eggs courtesy of my "girls", some lovely grain toast a pot of tea and a lovely china cup and saucer which needs to be used on a regualr basis, it's so pretty. I sat in bed and gazed out at the mist covered hills and enjoyed watching the rain falling as it came through the valley.
Winter is one of my favourite months, you can always get warmer by adding another layer of clothing unlike summer, when you have stripped off there's nowhere else to go!!

Spring is in the air well and truly the daffodils are on their last legs they have put on a lovely display but some wee nasty has been munching on the emerging flowers leaving some of the misshapen, but still pretty from a distance.

The Manchurian Pear has been showing off her Spring dress for a couple of weeks now it puts on a long lasting display as long as the weather behaves! The Grape Hyacinth which are sitting neglected in pots by the shed keep coming up year after year and the purple haze is so appealing, the roots would be such a tangled, matted mess, I look at them and think next year I shall sort them out!!

The "girls" are starting to lay a little more regularly not that we eat many eggs but it's nice to have a few in the fridge in case the urge to cook something should suddenly strike me, even if it is only scrambled eggs with parsley sprinkled over them.

It has been raining quite a bit over the weekend which has been just lovely, in the past week we have had almost an inch and a half, the tanks are full to overflowing and the dam has risen a little. The garden has had a good drink and the grass is growing like topsy and we won't be able to mow it until we get a couple of fine days by which time we will most likely have to bale it11

I would love to let the cows in to have a munch but they are not particularly discerning at times so I imagine there would be more than just grass to turn their heads.

Well, it's so long to Winter officially and hello to Spring but the rainy cool weather is set to continue for a while longer and I will enjoy each and every day.

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