Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Spring

As if on cue the wether has turned on a bumper day for the first day of Spring. As I sit here typing fluffy, cottonwool type clouds fill the sky, admittedly they look a little grey underneath but the rain seems to have disappeared for today at least. The sun is shining, it took a while to come out and stay out, but everything looks so vibrant and fresh.

Yesterday, was quite the opposite, cold, windy and wet a beautiful finish to winter. I say beautiful because I was cocooned inside by the wood heater playing at the sewing machine, what better way to spend a wet wintery day. Not all was as planned I did get a call after lunch to go and do a shift at work, that threw a spanner in the works for a few minutes!!

The magpies seem to gather here in the mornings and it's quite amusing watching their antics. On wet days they come right into the courtyard looking for an easy meal of worms that have been marooned on the pavers. This morning I noticed one on the door mat right outside the door. I thought it must've found a tasty morsel but on watching closely I realized it was pulling the fibre out of the mat, filling it's beak and then flying off, presumably to build a nest. I thought perhaps I should leave a small pile

of fabric scraps and thread lying around to see if it would be interested, hmm!!

They are quite interesting characters to watch, the other morning there were two of them having a tussle in the grass with a group of onlookers warbling encouragement. I could just imagine what they were saying "Go on get the beak into im", 'wing him wing him" Like a bunch of footballers having a brawl!

Creativity must be in the air today, whilst I have been sitting at the sewing machine have some success with my latest project, No1 son has been busy writing songs and come up with 2. Sitting outside in the sun with all this beauty surrounding him has certainly got the creative juices flowing. Sometimes I wonder where he gets it from, my mother was very good at putting together funny little verses, limericks and poems. I like to think that's something I have inherited from her and passed it onto my son. He amazes me sometimes, the sensitivityin the lyrics he writes makes me realize that he can be a deep thinker and look past the obvious and see what many his age don't. For all his faults many of which came from me, he has turned out to be a caring, snesitive and quite thoughtful young man. Of course there is still alot of room for growth and that not just for young people. Hopefully, we all keep growing and learning as we get older.

Secretly, I am hoping for some more cold weather, I am not ready yet to pack away the electric blanket and doona, we can always do with more rain as well. But for now I shall enjoy the day we've been given and make the most of it.

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