Monday, September 7, 2009


10 Scents/Aromas/Smells I love

1 Washing still warm from drying in the sun and wind, it has a certain scent about that says "fresh"

2 New mown grass

3 Rain on a warm day as it hits the ground gives off a wonderful smell

4 Bales of hay smells so good sometimes you wish you were a cow!

5 Old books, you open them open and the smell of the paper almost takes you back in time. You just don't get it with books printed these days.

6 Oil pastels - when you open a brand new box and lift off the cover paper. It takes me back to Grade 3, the girl who sat behind me had a wonderful set of oil pastels that had gold and silver in it. She was an only child and I guess a little bit spoilt and I was one of four girls and a little bit jealous, but Rosa was nice and shared them with me.

7 I love the smell around dairys, that lovely "cowy" smell that can sometimes assault your nostrils, but lets you know well and truly you are in the country.

8 Food cooking, who doesn't love the smell of something yummy cooking away. Whether it is savoury or sweet it's a nourishing, tantalizing smell that gets the taste buds going and the mouth watering.

9 Smoke from burning Autumn leaves, like it's heralding the cold weather and letting you know the warm summer months are behind us.

10 Another food related smell, opening a packet of ground coffee, once the vacuum seal is broken and the pack opens up you can smell the freshness and if the kettle isn't on it soon will be.

Lots more scents aromas and smells I love but there are 10 that I love. Anyone want to leave a comment and let me know if we agree on any or leave your very own list, please feel free.

I am gearing up for a market this Saturday, it will be running from 10am to 4pm I have never done an all day market before, so it will be interesting. As most of my items are have small price tags I need to sell a few to make it worthwhile, so the sewing machine has been whirring away madly. The ideas are flowing freely and the clock keeps ticking away too fast for my liking, but I am looking forward to a good day Saturday.

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