Thursday, May 6, 2010

12 Days in April May

What can you say when someone offers to cook dessert after the dishes are done and the kitchen is clean?

You say "YES" of course.

Not the cooking techniques Nigella would use, but just as effective.

Cheesy grin, warpaint flour on the cheeks and standard cooking outfit, gotta keep the feet warm!!

"What did he make?" you ask, his current favourite of course - Golden Syrup Dumplings and I must say they were yummy, light as a feather .

This post is a little late, but he turned 19 on the 28th of April. Where did all those years go?We went out for a coffee and he took this photo, not bad for a one handed attempt.

He's just decided to grow the little goatee thingy on his chin and it makes him look soooooooo much older, sigh!!!

Standard Autumn leaf throwing photo. Couldn't resist taking a few leafy shots .

What do you buy a 19 y.o.? Driving lessons of course and 2 tickets to see Powderfingers last concert. They went on sale before we realised, just as well we are in the country and the tickets to the Albury concert didn't sell out, phew, big sigh of relief!!

A little bit of sewing going on here. Two more book covers rolled off the press. Kombi love is still going strong. Not sure about the angle? I made a drawing from a photo in a magazine and there was only one headlight showing and two tyres but the more I look at it the more I think I should've added in the other headlight and a tyre on the right front.

What do you think? All opinions welcome. Mind you this is a prototype, so I will do it somewhat differently next time.

It's coming into Hottie Hugger season (H.W.B. covers!!)

A friend commented on some at my market stall and I said I could do one with a caravan on the front for her as she often heads off on holiday with her hubby in their van.

So far so good, just need to put it together and fill up the hottie .
(Click on the photo to enlarge)

The 'writing' says "wherever I park my van that's my home" also on the Kombi book cover.

Woke up one morning last week to find the sky chocabloc with vapour trails.

I have never seen so many at the one time. In the above photo there are 9 if you start counting from the top RH corner and there were another 2 possibly 3 outside of the shot.

The planes are flying between Sydney and Melbourne a busy route, obviously.

No volcano clouds preventing planes from flying here.

These beauties are putting on a wonderful display in my garden at the moment.

Had to cut a bunch for the bedroom, so I could admire the stunning colours.

The photo just doesn't do them justice.

I really can't think of the right colour to describe them, except to say they are a burnt red with an almost gold tone on the centre petals.

Absolutely, divine and very Autumnal ( ooh I do love using that word)

I didn't realise until I put them on the dresser that they match the doona cover. No photos, but there's an idea. Designer flowers to match your bed linen, hmm.

I'll just put that out there, for anyone with a creative flair!!

Another shot of the maples in the driveway. Just keeping track of how they are colouring up. It's been a long process this year, as they started to change colour way back in January.

Shall finish with a final photo of the birthday boy.

What can I say about No 1 son (only child actually) so that will give you an idea of how special he is.

We drive each other crazy sometimes, he is like me in alot of ways and has my worst personality traits poor kid.

On the up side he has a wonderful sense of humour, we laugh alot, talk with silly accents and say lots of stupid things that only we get.

We communicate fairly well considering he's a teenager!!

He gives me lots of great hugs and he tells me he loves me, I enjoy each and every one of them.

I love the fact that I have been able to show him how to enjoy the beauty in the simple things in life:- sunsets, the stars at night, the colours of Autumn and all those things that don't cost a cent.

He said the best thing about his birthday was the fact there would be a full moon.(Could've saved myself alot of money, but how do you wrap the moon?) We love watching it rise over the mountains.

He's a talented musician, if you would like to see and hear a little of what he does he has a music myspace you can check it out at or look him up on Youtube

Thanks for letting me be a little self indulgent, after all , birthdays only happen once a year.

Well, that's some of what's been happening in my little corner over the last 12 days. I hope all is well with you, till next time.

Claire X

P.S. I am waiting on a very special parcel which is 'winging' it's way from the very talented Mimilove in the UK. You can view her blog here at

Shall share with you all when it arrives.


  1. Dear Claire,
    OMG...your son sounds so much like my guys Billy(28)and Sean(26). They are very close to me..give kisses and hugs..make me laugh (Billy is a stand-up comedian for real)...great to cook and have inherited my love for all things celestial. Even the goatee is a trait they share...I love it! Happy Birthday to your handsome son.
    Love the jet stream pic's. My hubby is a jet stream fanatic. Funny to see your trees so colorful when we are dancing into spring ;-) Great post!
    your friend,

  2. Hi Claire from wet Mid Wales. I love the pictures of your big son. My son is 43. Yes, sons are very special and daughters too! Aren't you talented! I love the craftwork on your book covers. Don't think the other wheel on the bus would show from the angle its drawn - perhaps half a headlight, I don't know. Anyway I'm very impressed and love the caravan too!

  3. Autumn is so fabulous where you live.
    Sons are special aren't they. Mine is a bit older than yours but just as gorgeous.

  4. AAWWWWW!!Happy Birthday No.1! x;)
    (Any spare dumplings this way please!)

  5. Hi claire it's so odd to read about autumn and see autumn leaves we are supposed to be in summer but it's stll spring. I have a similar relationship with polly she is such a blessing.

  6. Thankyou all so much for your lovely comments and birthday wishes for No1 son. Shall have to make a point of really enjoying the time he has at home as no doubt there will come a day when... Although he has said that Dad and I will have to move out as he likes home too much!!


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