Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Heart Bluebirds and Robins

The latest in my little obsession with polka dots and zips. Nice, vintage yellow polka dot fabric and a Bluebird on the front. It took me a while to think of a design and I am happy with the finished product.

Here are the finished three.
I will see if anyone else loves them as much as I do, when I put them on my market stall Sunday morning.
Fingers crossed the rain holds off till the afternoon.
They would make cute little coin purses, make up bags or just something to keep all your bits and bobs together.
Or hey, you could just look at them and feel happy, all those jolly polka dots, can't help but make you smile.

I was seeing more dots and spots as I drove past a local dairy farm this afternoon. Love the colour combinations.

Ooh, my favourite sort of weather. Had to take a snap out of the car window. Shame I had to leave the warmth of the heater and head off to work.

Just love all those droplets running down the window.

For any of you enduring a heatwave, I hope you find this nice and cooling.

We had a wonderful storm Tuesday night, wind howling around the house and rain lashing at the windows. I was warm and snug inside, enjoying every minute of it.

Four inches of rain up in the hills had the creeks running a 'banker' Wednesday morning.
This is the creek at the bottom of our property, good blackberry picking in summer.
Don't you just love the reflections?

Hard to believe last Saturday I was out gardening in a T- shirt the weather was that mild.

I let the girls out for a bit of a scratch about and Mrs Brown was intent on gobbling every grub, worm and creepy crawly that I unearthed.
Talk about right had man ahem chook!

The Williams sisters ( Serena pictured above or is it Venus?!!) have settled in nicely. I even spied one in the nesting box during the week.
Despite the Wintery weather some of the girls have started laying again which is just lovely and the egg cartons are filling up. So nice to have farm fresh, free range eggs.

A little gift the boys bought me in typical 'blokey' style yesterday.

Despite the fact it wasn't wrapped and still had the sale price tag on it and No. 1 had bought it with money he had borrowed from me in the first place - the thought was still there and doesn't the tiered egg rack look fab. Just need a matching one for cupcakes!!
The egg cosy I perched on the top for the photo is one I made based on a Giselle? Graham design.

Hope you have all had a good week and all the best for a great weekend.

I shall be finishing off some sewing and thinking up new ideas for more bags no doubt. I have a tea cosy comission for a lovely friend and wouldn't you know it polka dots are involved.

Thanks for stopping by, please take a moment to leave a note and say 'hi'. I love reading all your comments. If I am a regular visitor to your blog and haven't commented recently, it's not that I haven't visited. I'm having trouble with my password on blog comments which prevents me from leaving a comment at the moment.
Hopefully it will be rectified as soon as I figure out how!!

Till next time, take care,
Claire X


  1. Hey Claire!! I too love those wet wintry to hibernate in my cozy home when the weather is thrashing outside. Your new bags are lovely and your 'chooks' always make me smile ;-) The boys did good with that egg cozy..too cute. The photo of the cows reminds me of my girls who come up to my fence every morning to say hello and eat my grass.
    Have a wonderful warm and cozy weekend!
    your friend,
    Janet xox

  2. Your hens are beautiful and so are your bird zips, so good to see the rainy weather and all the green!

  3. love the polka dot little bags. Also love rainly weather and a good storm.
    The chooks look happy too.

  4. a great combination, I love polka dots and I love birds...its actually hot here, so strange to see your rain and cold weather


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