Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Through the Lens

A beautiful foggy morning had me reaching for the camera, pulling on my boots (among other things!) and jumping in the car to take some snaps before the fog lifted.

The above tree is just down the road from home and No 1 pointed out the lovely shape of the bare branched tree recently, so I had to snap it, in all it's Wintery glory.

Click on the photo to enlarge, shame about the power line through the top corner. I didn't notice it as I was snapping away.

A milk thistle weed at the end of it's life, but creating wonderful shape and texture.
Everywhere you look there is something to inspire whether it be decaying weeds or the most beautiful blooms, just depends which pair of eyes you view it through!!

Outside the house paddock, the sun rising above the fog. This young cow stood there posing for a photo or maybe wondering what the heck I was doing wandering round with a camera so early in the morning.....

I had gone out to feed the girls and grabbed the camera on the way, I love foggy mornings.

No 1 came back from the States and announced that he was going to get his hair cut.....Glad I was sitting down when he told me!!
Good timing mate with price of power going up, we'll save heaps, won't take as long to dry in Winter!

I wasted no time booking the appointment.

Impression of guess who?....

Can you see the difference? He had quite a bit cut off , could've made a wig out of it .Who knows later on in life he might find a use for it!! perhaps.......

There has been a little bit of sewing taking place here in the Sweet Birdy Love household. I am trying my hand at making lined zip bags/purses, just small ones. My first attempt has been reasonably successful but I need to tweak a few things before I show you the results. Loads of great tutorials on the net, of course.

Thanks for dropping by and paying me a visit. I hope you are enjoying your week and the weather in your corner of the globe and all is going well.
Be inspired by your surroundings ,
till next time,
Claire X


  1. The pictures are beautiful Claire - including No 1 having his locks cut :>) The weather here has been very hot and humid almost too much of a thing. So refreshing to see a bit of winter mist!

  2. Loving your foggy pictures Claire.As you say inspiration is all around if you care to see it.
    Jacquie x


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