Monday, June 28, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

Some new David Austin roses, awaiting planting.
I bought 4 new roses:- Lady of Megginch, Gertrude Jekyll. Eglantyne and Abraham Darby.
David Austin roses remind me of my mum. She loved them and had a wonderful garden.
A very generous friend gave me her David Austin Rose book when I told her of my purchase. She is moving down to the coast later in the year and her rose collection won't be going with her, so she no longer has a need for the book.
A new tea towel, bought at sale price..... it's made by Danica Studio. It's covered in foxes, deer, squirrels, birds and will be display only for awhile.

Better let the boys know, so they can keep their mitts off it! But then again if I want the dishes dried....hmmm!

Next year is a rather significant birthday for myself and Mr. G, although he is a number of years ahead of me!

I put it to him that maybe we should head O/S and have ourselves a little trip to you guessed it ...Italy and maybe France.

He was quite happy with this idea, phew, so today I picked up some "brochures Richard" (said with Hyacinth Bucket accent).

When I arrived home from town, I got a call from work. I thought they were ringing to get me to fill a shift, but no. They were ringing to inform me that I had back pay coming due to being paid the incorrect rate for the last few years.

Now, don't get too excited, I only work 2 or 3 shifts a week, but still it comes pretty jolly close to paying for an airfare and that in my book is the icing on the cake.

Maybe it's time to do a refresher class in Italian. Have had a go 3 times and as much as I enjoyed it I found my teacher whilst being Italian wasn't the best at teaching, so I did struggle.

I would love to speak it fluently as I think it's wonderful to have a second language and it sounds great when it just rolls off the tongue.

And last but by no means least........ this long haired larrikin is making me smile. Yes, the 'boys are back in town'.

They arrived home Saturday afternoon, to a chilly 12 deg after a spending time in a hot and steamy New York. I thank God that they are home safe and sound after having spent a number of weeks away and clocking up quite a few air miles as well as road miles.

All went well and whilst his tour was cut short due to a number of reasons, not the least being the drop in the Aussie dollar it was a wonderful experience. He met some great people, everyone at his gigs enjoyed his music (bonus) and he saw some beautiful countryside.

So, sitting on the couch, chilling out with a hot chocolate and marshmallows and watching an episode or two of Shaun the Sheep, that's making me smile, in fact I can't help but laugh.

If you haven't seen it, get yourself a copy or borrow it from the nearest 3y.o. and enjoy some wonderful animation and funny story lines.

Last night No 1 son and I rugged up and headed outside to gaze at the moon. The frost was forming on the car and it was absolutely beautiful. We stood there in the moonlight, just talking about different things and wondering how many other people made a point of going outside at night to look up at the heavens and marvel in the beauty above them.... best thing is, it doesn't cost a cent.

Thanks for dropping by and having a look at what's making me smile this week. Wherever you are I hope you are finding plenty to smile about. Until next time, thanks for dropping by,

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire
    Lovely post.The roses are just at their best here at the moment.Well done for planning ahead with yours.Must remember to plant some more in my own garden ,come the autumn.
    Happy holiday planning
    Jacquie x

  2. Glad your boys are home safe and sound after weeks away. :-) We were looking at the full moon the other night too, on our way home from a concert. A trip to Italy would be so wonderful! You'll have to tell us all about your plans. Your roses are going to be so beautiful!! We were just at a beautiful rose garden yesterday and took a bunhc of pictures so I could do a post about it. Look for it later on today.
    P.S.- isn't Hyacinth hilarious? :-)

  3. I like to read your post because it is like we are sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee and chatting. Thanks for sharing your daily life. Glad your son had a good tour and I hope he enjoyed NYC.

  4. OMGosh sound just like me! My oldest, Billy (who has long hair like your sons) lives an hour away and the other night I texted him go outside and look at the gorgeous orange full moon. He did and we texted back and forth about how beautiful it was. I am absolutely a sky watcher and feel sad for those who never take the time to appreciate the beauty over our heads.
    Just came back from NY and it is still hot and steamy!


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