Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wot U Lookin At?

Someone's got attitude, they're not happy !!

They're sad, so I don't blame them for looking a little upset.

This little fella sprung from a bag of felted woollen jumpers and a recycled blanket. He's soft and snuggly and still needs to be sewn up on one side, but I was in a hurry to take a photo!

Click on the photo to enlarge, the small sign on the front reads ' I need a hug" turn him over and on the back, I have sewn "Hugs make my world go round, a frown is a smile turned upside down"

Some new cards I have been working on. This is a different direction for me and I must say I am loving every minute of it. Old book pages, colored paper and pen, easy, simple, effective.

I have all my bits and pieces on a tray which I can place on my lap and sit and watch TV in the evening whilst I create. Not too much mess to clean up and I am being productive whilst being entertained!!

I would love to know what you think of them - positive comments or otherwise, all welcome. The big test will be at my market stall next weekend.

You guessed it there was a birthday in the 'Sweet Birdy Love ' household last week.
This little 'beesting' was all I needed to pop a candle in have Mr. G. sing 'Happy Birthday' to me ( at double speed as he's tone deaf!!!) and then cut in half and have for dessert with a cuppa, delish.
I had a lovely day and wasn't overly perturbed about this being my last birthday in my ........'s.
Next year may be an entirely different story!

The cards piled up on the table as the week wore by and I was determined not to open any of them until the appointed day.
The envelope at the back with the huuuuuge stamp on it has come all the way from my sister in the UK and I knew along with the card would be a lovely hand written letter, something worth waiting a few days for.

This lovely envelope and picture is from a very talented friend from church - Meralin. She started drawing a picture which didn't turn out quite the way she intended so she cut it up and stuck part of it on the back of the envelope and some on the front.
I can tell you I was very anxious to see what was inside the envelope after hearing this little story.
I can imagine this picture took quite some time, but to then cut it up.....

Here is the card - it's inspired by Angie Lewin a very talented lady who carves and prints wonderful pictures.
The more I look the more detail I see, it is a work of art in itself and I shall put it in a frame.
Meralin not only draws, paints, sews, she is a wonderful gardener and cook. She made me a stunning hazlenut and chocolate cake for afternoon tea at church. It had 8 eggs and 750gm of chocolate in it, absolutely delicious, she just had the date wrong and was a week early, we laughed and enjoyed it just the same.

My corner of the globe as the last of the suns rays disappear from the mountain tops.

Aren't the colours wonderful?

Wherever you look there is inspiration. Don't look to hard at the garden you might see where the chooks have been kicking the mulch about!!

There's never alot happening in the garden in Winter, but one favourite is this shrub it's called -Chimonanthus Praecox commonly knows as Wintersweet. It has pale lemon coloured flowers which don't stand out that much, but it has the most beautiful scent and I look forward to it flowering. I love to cut bunches of it and bring it inside and let the perfume waft through the room. Fortunately, the scent doesn't make me sneeze!

The girls doing a spot of gardening. That little Camellia in the background has had a bit of a tough trot with the drought and probably not being in the best position in the garden. But this year it put on a burst of flowers and I didn't have the heart to nip them out. It's so pretty, I shall have to give it some extra TLC for the effort.

Two new arrivals at 'Cluckingham Palace'. These girls are Barnevelders and have beautiful markings on them. As you can see there was a lovely frost and I had to smash the ice on the water bucket so they could have a drink. On cold, frosty mornings I like to make the girls porridge and give them something to warm them up. Not sure if they all appreciate it though!!
These two lovelies will lay eggs with dark brown shells with flecks on them, can't wait for the first one.
I haven't named them yet, which is unusual for me,...........any suggestions?

The same morning the cows lined up along the fence to watch the chooks eating warm porridge. I didn't have anything for them and felt a little guilty, but I think they were enjoying the suns warming rays more than anything.

Tig, always manages to find the perfect spot in the garden and sleep most of the day away.
Life's tough when you are a cat.
Well I hope wherever you are the last week has been a good one. I hope you found time to be inspired by your surroundings and be creative, whether it's with a brush and palette, pen, needle and thread , on your knees in the garden or whipping up some treat in the kitchen.
Until next time, thanks for dropping by, please take the time to leave a comment and say "hi".
From my corner of the globe to yours,
Claire X


  1. Claire - what a pleasure reading your blog. First of all a very happy belated birthday! I love your little man on the top pic - even before I clicked on the big picture, I felt moved to give him a great big hug and say 'There, there!' Your friends have crafted some beautiful work too - stunning pictures.

    Hope you were spolit with love, presents and most of all CAKE (or dumplings!)

    Loving the need a hug bun...and the cards are going to be selling like hot cakes (or dumplings!)

    Big love to you and the crew!!

  3. Happy Birthday.
    I think the girls look like Brenda and Valerie.

  4. I don't know where to start!
    1. Happy Birthday!
    2. Your little plushie is fabulous
    3. I adore the note cards
    4. Love the flowers..chooks...scenery
    5. Just a very fun post!!!

    I always enjoy my visit with you..
    your friend,

    PS...are your men home safe yet?

  5. I want to wish you a very very happy birthday. (belated birthday!) Not to worry, when you start that next decade, it will be OK.. I'm already there and can tell you it is fine. :-)
    Your new line of ink and paper cards is very nice! I'm sure they will sell really well at the fair!
    Your new chickens are lovely! Since I am seeing this so late, you have probably already picked names for them. If not, how about Serena and Vanessa. (the tennis playing Williams sisters.)
    KItty cats always find the best places to take naps! Our two cats have been very naughty and have been jumping the fence into the neighbors yard. This could be dangerous, as they have two dogs!

  6. Hey everyone thanks for stopping to visit and say 'hi', it's always lovely to hear form you. Thankyou so much for the birthday wishes and I shall try and look forward to my next birthday with a more positive outlook!!
    Gayle your suggestion for the new 'girls' is spot on. I have noticed they are very fast on their feet and run around the yard at 100 miles an hour so Serena and Vanessa it is.


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