Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Lovely Award

The Lovely Blog Award was sent to me by the talented Lee from Thankyou very much, I was thrilled to receive it.
Now, I have to pass it on to 10 blogs and as there are sooooo many out there, it was tricky narrowing it down, but here is my list of Lovely Blogs:-
(I realise that some blogs may be Award Free and that's OK if you don't wish to join in. I shall still tell everyone about you and shine a little light your way), this is the place to find wonderfully, sweet, quirky paintings and machine embroidered pictures. You can also read about 'flat girl' and her globe trotting adventures. Julie makes wonderful Faience pottery. Don't ask me to explain, head on over there and check out her work. It's chocful of woodland animals and people and quirky little touches which means her work flies out of her etsy shop. Gretel at Middle of Nowhere is a needle felter extraordinaire, children's illustrator and collectible toy maker.Wow, that's a mouthful. Her work is amazing, she's one very clever and busy person living in the Cotswolds., Dana lives in Amsterdam with her two gorgeous kids and partner. She is a busy mum but keen crafter and paints and sews wonderful creations with her distinctive style to sell in her shop., Fi lives in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and if you have never been there, you can check out her blog and she'll take you on a picturesque walk through the countryside. Her machine is constantly on the go, whipping up wonderful creations using recycled doilies. If she's not sewing then she is crocheting some cute little bunnies. Rima is another artist, whose, paintings and artwork is amazing. Conjuring up woodland creatures, no sparkles or fairy wings here. She makes fantastic clocks and jewellery and I always turn a shade of green looking at her latest blog posts., Helen's blog is titled A time to Dance and I can hear the clickety clack of her needles across the miles as she whips up beautiful creations for the coming Winter. She blogs about her latest makes, family life and wonderful holidays in castles! Gayle has the most amazing, colourful, interesting collections picked up over the years. She taught herself to crochet earlier this year and given a needle and thread can whip up some wonderful embroidery
. Jenny is a mum and artist living in the UK. She machine embroiders and is into lino printing and natural dyeing of fabric to name just a few. Check out her blog and be inspired........ maps can be used for more than just finding your way! Last but not least is this blog. If you have never visited it, you are in for a treat. Combining painting and embroidery in a way you could never imagine is Karen. Her blog posts, always leave me laughing and I have the sweetest little Red Robin stuffie hanging in my home courtesy of her creative, stitchy, self.
So there we have it. Please head over and visit these talented people and be inspired by what they do. Without a doubt you will come away from their blogs a little bit excited and itching to get stitching, painting or just channel your creativeness into something wonderful.
As I said there is no obligation to accept this award, but I love your blogs and was happy to point a few others in your direction.
After all that typing, it's time for a cuppa.
Hope your week is going well, till next time,
Claire X

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  1. aaaawwww shucks all my luvverly goodies and an award madam are sweeter than the tooth decaying crumble I knocked up today (it's that time of year again...huzzargh!!)
    BIG LOVES and THANK YOU'S to the power of a squillion! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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