Saturday, October 2, 2010

Resistance is Futile

(The gremlins have been playing havoc with my post tonight and I 'm not quite sure what I need to press to eliminate the little monsters, so please bare with the underlined text )

I only popped in for some fabric, but walked out with this armful of gorgeous wool as well.
Well what was I meant to do when there was a 20% off sale on EVERYTHING at Spotlight?

I had 15 minutes to spare till my hairdressers appointment , so I had to be quick. As the wool was not on my shopping list I just picked up a few colours that appealed to me.

Knowing full well, I did not need the wool.

I have enough wool at home in my stash.

I have plenty U F O's in the cupboard if I want to play with wool................ but resistance was futile!

Resistance was futile, the machine was calling me to sew and this is what I came up with....... a needle book, part of a little project I am working on.

WARNING: The following photos may contain images of polka dot fabric and book covers.

Anyone allergic to these images should not continue to read this post.

Come and visit another day though! Please............

When you love Kombi's/Campervans resistance is futile, you just have to give in ..........
These little beauties have just rolled off the production line and need finishing off.

Couldn't resist making this caravan cover as well, you know how it goes............ resistance was futile.

Another photo of the Crab Apple tree R.W.F. It's a frothy, confection of beautiful raspberry and pale pink. The perfume is delightful and it's so lovely to look at.
In a couple of weeks all the blooms will have disappeared, so I am enjoying it while I can.

Just wanted to show this picture to you.
Now please don't look at the weeds in the vegie garden or the long grass that needs mowing. That's not what I wanted to show you.
Above the gravel walkway which leads to the chook run, is a Wisteria. In the last week the buds have suddenly appeared............ or so it seems and in another week or two it will be a vision of purple blossom.
I love Wisteria, one of my favourite plants.

Just wanted to show you a 'before' picture.

Looking through from one end.

There is a seat half way along, perfect spot for enjoying a cup of tea .

I took these photos with my 'pocket rocket' camera. Hubby has taken 'the beast' away with him for the weekend and No. 1 son has gone with him too. The light was fading so apologies for dull photos.

It's been quite a busy week for me, extra shifts at work have kept me on the go with early morning starts.
It's also been quite cool weather wise but still beautiful, sunny days if a little breezy at times.
It's the time of year, when you have to peel off those Winter layers of clothing and reveal the lily white legs you've been hiding.
It's time to stop lighting the wood heater of an evening and pack away the blankets . Turn off the electric blanket and put the summer doona on the bed.
I know resistance is futile but I will hang onto the cooler weather as long as I can.
I lit the heater last night and tonight. The boys are away so there will be no one to say "mum, you really don't need a fire tonight!"
I will turn the electric blanket on just to warm the bed and then turn it off when I am ready to go to sleep.
I will keep the lily white pins covered for as long as possible because, believe me they are a scary sight!!!

Resistance is also futile when it comes to :- chocolate cake with icing and sprinkles (not 100's &1000's, too crunchy for my liking)

Hot buttered toast and Vegemite

Sewing instead of gardening !

Surfing the net when I should be doing housework!

Ooh the list could go on and on but I will leave it there. Please feel free to leave a comment and add to my list.

I hope you have all had a good week and managed to resist the things you need to but give in to those things you can enjoy.

When the gremlins have been eliminated I shall share some news of a lovely blog award I have received.

Until then enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting.

Claire X


  1. I love your machine embroidery. I have recently discovered it myself and am having huge fun!
    Heather x

  2. I just love theneedle book...its H

  3. hey i know those wools ! yes you most definately need each colour in your stash - they have proven so versatile a yarn.

    I'm so loving your list of vice's - do you suppose if so many of us are doing these things are they really just "normal" and nothing to worry about ?

    Can't see the attraction to housework myself - no wonder the internet is so tempting, but even weeds seem more inviting.

    Your combi's have come up a treat - your agility in the machine embroidery continues to stagger me.

    hope your intenet behaves its self soon - blogtoberfest is in full swing - there are so many blogs to visit !

    Have a great week - unleash those lily whites !

  4. Loving the campervans and machine embroidery, looking forward to the Wisteria flowering.

  5. Good Morning Claire!
    It's 7:06 am and it is cold and rainy outside..the sun is still asleep and I just kissed the hubby goodbye for the day. Love the little camper covers and the needle book. How are you doing the word embroidery??
    I am gearing up for the cold and you are avoiding the warm...funny.
    I will keep you happy with lot's of fall and winter photos for the next 6 month ;-)
    And that wool.......I am swooning over the gorgeous colors you chose...well done for a 15 minute grab.
    I hope you have a lovely week and get at least a couple more chilly evenings.

    Janet xox

  6. Well, of course you need that wool. (One day) I love the little combi vans. The wisteria where I live is putting on a beautiful show, so yours won't be far away.

  7. Hello again Claire - I know what you mean about impulse buys - we're past masters at it here! I wouldn't have been able to resist those beautiful colours either! Also very impressed with your camper vans - you are very talented!

  8. Hey Ladies, thankyou one and all for visiting and leaving a comment. Lovely to hear form you.
    TPH glad you are enjoying the machine embroidery, it's loads of fun and Marmalade Rose was one of the blogs that inspired me to get into it. So check out Fi's creations if you haven't already.
    KF Happy Blogtoberfest you are doing a cracking job keeping up the posts, I'll take my hat off to you.
    Janet, I am using machine embroidery for the 'writing', very simple technique, just need a little practice.
    ATTD, Helen thanks for your comment, lovely to hear from you as always.
    Sandra and MR in about two days we should have a sea of blue over the walkway, can't wait.
    Molly, thanks for commenting, I am still reading your blog but for some weird reason my google password isn't accepted when commenting. Weird, don't know what's going on but I haven't forgotten you.
    Campervans/Kombis are still being churned out here. A few more in the system before I move on!!

  9. The machine embroidery is brilliant, I'm amazed that you can make such lovely pictures with it! Well done!
    Love the little campervans too, very pretty and your wisteria will be gorgeous when it's out in full bloom! :) x

  10. I love how blogging makes me feel so normal about all my eccentricities. Yes, I totally would have done the same thing and walked out of the shop with more wool than I needed.
    LOVE the combi stitching and especially the caravan ones.
    Have a happy weekend.


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