Thursday, November 4, 2010

She Was a "Broochy' Kinda Gal !

Let me introduce you all to Ruby Rose, with her luscious red lips and her tumbling red curls.
This girl loves brooches and has one for every occasion, yes, every occasion or so she thought......!

This is an artwork I have entered in our local art show, 'Fresh and Unframed'. It's in it's 10th year and going from strength to strength.

We get a diverse range of artworks and they are of a very high standard (not referring to mine here!!). Each artwork must be for sale and no more than $150.00 dollars and must not have been exhibited before and of course it's unframed.

I started back in September thinking and planning for the art show. I had high hopes of what I would put in it. This year I would stretch myself and maybe try a lino print and some textile pieces, ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha.................

Days, weeks and months passed. The lino print idea was shelved and the textile pieces packed away. I dragged out my easel and acrylics, but nothing seemed to make me happy. I threw a rather large canvas in the bin in disgust. No 1 son, dragged it out and soundly chastised me.

"Don't be wasteful mum, have another go" I did. Then I put it in the spare room and shut the door.................

So Ruby Rose is it.

Click on the photo for more detail.

The sewn text reads " She thought she had a brooch for every occasion, that was until she had to make an emergency dash to hospital........"

Based on my experience, which perhaps I better not explain.....

It appealed to my sense of humour but I can imagine some locals raising their eyebrows and wondering what it's all about !!

Here she is from a distance, I love the colours.
Will someone buy it, or will I be bringing her back home in a week's time?

Now for some of Nature's beauty , my favourite Lilac (actually it's my only Lilac!) and Lorraine Lee rose.

Beautiful colours and perfumes.

Lorraine Lee is lovely but doesn't last long as a cut flower, maybe a couple of days at best.

A couple of photos taken by my hubby when he was in Adelaide recently staying with friends in a beachside suburb.
I must say I was a little surprised that he took them but then again how could you not see the beauty in this sunset, just gorgeous.

This lovely lady is my inspiration for a lino print and hopefully I will get around to it one day.....
She is a Dorking and I have called her Dorothy which is not particularly original but.......
Click on the photo to see the beautiful markings and the subtle colours of her feather.
She is quite timid and runs a mile when you go near her, but lays a lovely white shelled egg.

It's been a few days since I last posted.
I had a little health issue recently and found myself quite incapacitated.
One day I could do everything as usual, the next swollen joints and extreme pain, meant that I was struggling to do the most menial tasks.
I was home on my own as the boys were away at a music festival just out of Adelaide, so I just had to get by.
My wonderful big sister, who is also a nurse, came out with a home cooked meal and took me shopping to the local supermarket where I filled my basket with frozen dinners and a couple of sweet treats. She was very caring and helpful and I guess that's what big sisters and little sisters are for.
I received encouraging emails and phone calls from friends, so didn't feel lonely at all.
Just as well I have a sister in England, because when you are awake at 3am and want to hear a friendly voice it's nice to be able to call someone and know that you are not waking them up......
A visit to the Doc and a blood test were inconclusive just showing that there was inflammation, which I can assure you I already knew!
Still, I am glad there was no unpleasant news to follow.
Anyway, I am now in tip top condition thank God .
So lessons I have learnt which may be useful to someone !!
Kitchen tongs are useful for helping you put shoes on as well as turning the snags over....
It's ok to stay in your jim jams, leave dirty dishes on the sink and not brush you hair all day.... you will survive!
Frozen dinners should be for emergencies ONLY, nothing beats home cooking.
Never, never, never, take your health for granted. If you get out of bed tomorrow and are pain free, be thankful.
So I have been very thankful recently and can type using all my fingers once again.
I hope this finds you all well and looking forward to a good weekend,
until next time, take care.
Claire X


  1. Poor you - you have every ounce of my sympathy and I agree with every word. I never knew that being able to do my own trousers up would make me so happy! I hope you are rapidly recovering or if not, taking whatever pills they give you - I certainly am!:)

  2. I do hope you are on the mend Claire. I am currently relying on mostly ready meals - Thank the Lord someone invented them!
    Your redheaded lady is beautiful - fingers crossed your wonderful talents are recognized.

  3. i absolutely love your artwork. i love the red hair, makes me want red curly hair!!!

  4. Oh, thankyou all for your comments, it's lovely to hear from you all.
    I am in tip top condition now Gretel and I hope you are feeling better too.
    Gigibird,yes, ready made meals are great and certainly come in handy. My red headed lady sold even before the artshow opened, so I am really chuffed and now the ideas are coming thick and fast.
    Richelle Jean, thanks for visiting, glad you like my red haired lady, but dont' do anything rash lol.

  5. sorry to hear you have been suffering I do hope you feel 100% very soon xx
    ruby rose is very very beautiful! I know she will be enjoyed at the show! xxx jenny

  6. you know claire, i can't believe i haven't left a comment !

    i have been over so many times this week gawking at your lovely red head, admiring your lilacs and enjoying the idea of a dorking lino ;) - but didn't want to rush just Hi ! (though you'll wish i did )

    must be the season, i bought a lino kit last month, still in its packet, and there has been a local course (but bad timing) - rowena has been on it - lucky woman !

    and then finding you so knocked about - blah - it's a strange ol' thing bodies - imagine having to use tongs and shoes in the same sentence.

    Glad you are okay again !

    Have alovely week - look forward to seeing more garden delights :)

  7. Hello Claire...I'm just back from New York and your blog was the first one I pulled up. So glad you are on the mend. I LOVED your red haired lady...she is fabulous and I am not surprised one bit that she sold so quickly.
    Hubby took an awesome photo and I agree with the sister comments...they Rock!
    Looking forward to your Dorothy project and I adore lilacs!
    Whew...did I cover it all???

    Your friend,
    Janet xox

  8. What gorgeous cut flowers and the photos of the sun set are stunning. Fantastic post. Thanks.

  9. Sorry to hear you've not been well, I'm glad you're on the mend now though.
    I bet you don't come home with that lovely picture. I bet she's snapped up straight away. I like your style Claire, it's very much your own.


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