Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

Last Saturday saw the opening of our annual art show, which has now been running for 10 years. A great feat for all the volunteers involved.
No 1 son and I, headed into town for the usual weekend brekky of raisin toast and coffee and to do the newspaper quiz with a couple of friends. Then we headed over to the old court house to be inspired by the wide variety of art on display.
I certainly wasn't disappointed.
It was 10.15 when I arrived, the doors had been open for only 15 mins but there were already a number of red SOLD dots on a few pictures including Ruby Rose.
I must say I was a little surprised but very happy.
So, my sense of humour has obviously appealed to at least one other person.....
Actually, I shall tell you a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone else.........Promise.
Ok, then.
There was a little bit of insider trading going on .
The sponsor of the
art show dropped in prior to 10am as she had to go to work that morning and she snapped up my picture.
Am I going to argue?
By the official opening on Saturday night, my other 3 pieces which included two book covers and a softee had all sold, yippee.
So, I thought I would treat myself to an oil painting of the nearby waterhole.
No.1 and I often head down there for a picnic lunch.
It was painted by local artist Carol Walsh and I just love it.

I had taken a few other photos but was a little worried about posting them as I had not spoken to all the artists and gotten their permission. Thought I better err on the side of caution, not wanting to upset anyone.
Sunday morning I visited an open garden and did get permission to take photos.
Isn't the rose over the arbour just stunning, it's called Zephrine Drouin. The garden was a mix of Natives out the front and English style out the back.

Want to make a garden shed beautiful. Grow a rose over the side of it and hang framed succulents.

Isn't this a great idea?
The owner of the garden told me she has to 'replant' the frame every couple of years as it gets a bit overgrown.

And from my garden, these lovelies have just bloomed. They were from my mums garden and I think they are Species Gladioli. Any gardeners out there, please feel free to correct me.
They are making a splash of colour underneath the roses.

Just to make you all go "oh, they're so cute" I spied these two wire haired terriers on Saturday afternoon. Mum is on the right and her son on the left and yes I did ask permission to take a photos.
Oh, I actually asked the owner, not the dogs!!
Aren't they lovely just like those little ornaments that are so cute, but I never seem to find in this corner of the globe.
I could quite easily have 'dog napped' these two but I think there would be one very upset Tigger when he saw them!!

I have had a great week, all over my ills. Sorry to have a moan about it all last post.
Thankyou for your concern and lovely comments.
The Spring weather has had me out in the garden this week, trying to subdue the weeds. I think I am finally winning the battle.........
The roses are a picture, in fact, I have just picked a basketful and have a problem........not enough vases, so, I have enlisted the services of an olive jar.
It was sitting in the pantry and I thought it just the right size, despite it still having it's label on, it's doing an admiral job.
I have also tidied the spare bedroom in preparation for a visitor over the weekend.
Apparently, we are going to get some more rain, may be a couple of inches, so I don't think we will be venturing too far.
I hope to get back into a bit of crafting next week, as there are ideas for more pictures that need to be explored.
I hope you have all had a good week and all the best for a great weekend, wherever you are.
Thankyou for dropping by and leaving such supportive and thoughtful comments. I love reading them and do try and reply to them all.
Take care, unti next time,
Claire X


  1. Hi Claire, well done on your success at the show.Your work is lovely so I'm not surprised :0)
    The painting you bought is great and so nice that you used your profit in this way.
    I'm having a giveaway over at mine if you fancy joining in :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Congratulations on doing so well at the show! You must be chuffed that the sponsor of the art show bought your piece! I really like the framed succulent idea, it looks so pretty! :) x

  3. Good Morning Claire, I just wanted to comment on lovely Ruby...she's my kinda gal. Congratulations on a nice sale, and love the piece you picked also. I'm very jealous of your time in your garden right now, as cold and snow is moving in on us here in the plains of South Dakota. Thanks for sharing the lovely garden shots.

  4. Claire congratulations from me as well! The picture you bought is really nice too! We have been treated to quite a few rainy skies and gales here, but the sun came out in short bursts today!

  5. Congrats on the art show sales...but we already knew you would be a success.
    You are right...that rose bush over the arbor is a stunner...sis it smell as sweet as it looked?
    When you talk of outings with your son it makes me miss my guys ;-(
    Wish they were closer.
    Enjoy time with your guest and stay out of the rain.

    Janet xox

  6. what wonderful news about your painting...I love those terriers too...

  7. Wow, thanks everyone for taking time to leave your lovely comments.
    It's so nice to find people from all over the globe stopping by.
    The art show is behind me now and I have once agian plugged the sewing machine in as it seems Ruby Rose was a hit, so I have some ideas in mind that need to be explored.
    I have hung the oil painting I bought, in a most unsuitable place, but was eager to get it up on the wall. I shall have it framed and find a proper home for it, I just love it.
    To all you garden lovers who are now heading into Winter, I shall think of you all when I am outside on my hands and knees weeding......
    I will enjoy our warm weather and send some sunny wishes your way.

  8. Those Gardens. I am envious, I admit it.
    I would love to stand and gawk at that arbor and rose covered shed too.
    Congratulations on your sales! Your new painting is beautiful.

  9. Congratulations on your sales but I have to say I'm not surprised! Loved that picture. Well done sweetie.


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