Sunday, December 5, 2010

In the Summer Time................

Summer is officially here, not that you would necessarily know it considering the weather we have been having, but it is starting to warm up and as they say "it's getting a little sweaty around the armpits".......
Friday I happened to be in town so thought I would visit a couple of op shops and hooray, after a bit of a drought I found some 'pretties' to take home.
The above tea cloth was purchased for the princely sum of $1.00.
Needs a little soak to remove a couple of marks, but apart from that is perfect.
The design is red and blue ! Tulips.
I was thinking maybe a bag or some such, but once I got it home and had a good look at it, I really don't know how I could even think about cutting it up.
I will pop it in the drawer with the rest of the tea and table cloths (which are actually starting to take up a bit of room...) and think about it for awhile.
When I say "think about it for awhile" I probably mean ..... put them away and forget about them until I need a table cloth, which may be quite some time.....

I also spied these doilies in another op shop and felt they really should come home with me. They were priced at $1.50 each which for this particular op shop is quite cheap.
Some lovely lady with alot of time on her hands had taken them home and laundered them and then carefully sewn them onto card to display them and keep them looking lovely.
I know there are bloggers in the UK who would pick up this lot at a car boot sale for as little as 50p but unfortunately I never see bargains like that around here.

After seeing such beautiful snow photos on blogs I felt I needed a little Wintry Wonderland of my own to enjoy.
You all know how much I love Red Robins..................... well, what else could it be but a beautiful little Robin sitting on a Holly branch fluffed up to keep warm against the falling snow.
This is the first embroidery hoop picture I have made and it was so much fun I made a couple more.
If you would like your own Wintry Wonderland to hang in your home, I have a couple for sale, just send me an email .

Here is a closer pic, just click on it to enlarge.

We have been having alot of tropical type rain recently and it has sent the garden into overdrive, which means there is plenty of weeding and pruning to be done.

The Lavender is in full flower and fortunately hasn't been flattened by the storms.
The Wisteria is sending out tendrils, which, if you stand still for too long, threaten to envelope you!

With the rain comes flooding and it's amazing to see nearby rivers and creeks overflowing. I mean this is December, quite unusual.

As I was reminded by my BIL (brother in law) this was pretty much normal weather back in the 70's.
He is a few years older than me, but I do remember quite a few major floods back then, in the Winter time not Summer!

The first Dahlia of Summer, alot brighter in colour than the photo shows.
Last year they never flowered at all, so it's nice to see a few buds.

With the warmer weather a certain four legged, furry person spends alot of time doing the above.

Doesn't seem to matter where he is, he can close his eyes and be oblivious to the noise and commotion going on around him.
Wish I had that ability.....

Well, that's just a little bit of what's been happening in my corner of the globe.

Sewing and gardening are almost getting equal time at the moment!!!

One of my chooks is sitting on a few eggs and by the end of the week there maybe the sound of some chickens cheeping away.
I have never had chickens hatch before, so this is all very exciting. I am in the process of fencing off an area for her and her brood.
We have crows that do a fly by the chicken run at feeding time and I can imagine a fluffy little chick, would be very tempting to them.

This week I shall be trying to stay cool as the temps. rise, but there is more rain forecast as well......

Windows need cleaning too, so that can wait for a nice cool day.

Might rope No 1 in to help, certainly handy to have a 6' high fella around to reach those corners you can't.....

I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help out !!

Well, wherever you are and whatever the weather, look after yourself and thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Big thanks to all those that leave a comment, always lovely to hear from you and what's going on in your corner of the globe.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hi Clare , Your garden is looking lovely, especially the lavender. I can just imagine the smell as you brush past...divine.
    Love the robin hoop too. I have some hoops I keep meaning to do something with , need more time :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. to have the life of a cat hey !
    Something to be siad for having a low population, and not having cheap op shop/car boot finds. I'm like you, never in the righth placce to really bag a bargain - good ol' murphy !
    Isn't this rain and heat doing amazing things for gardens. Its so humid though !
    Enjoy your window cleaning ;)

  3. Good Morning Claire,
    It's a freezing 32 degrees, dark and 6 o'clock in the morning. I'm brewing a pot of hot coffee to warm my bones. Your lavender is beautiful..I can almost smell it's heavenly scent. Your red robin is brilliant! I love Robins and have hundreds of them around these parts..mostly at my feeders!
    Great score at the Op know I love my embroidered beauties.
    I'm trying to get in the holiday spirit here, but having a hard time with my friend so ill....Maybe a Christmas tree this week will help. They always make me smile ;-)

    As always...your friend,
    Janet xox

  4. hi Claire thank so much for dropping by Your garden looks divine and yes the weather has made everything go wild things growing almost before my eyes at the moment!! Great op shop finds I love the little tablecloth and your Red Robin is sooooo gorgeous too lovely work. I certainly wish I was in a winter wonderland myself, I am already over summer!!!!!

  5. Clare I really do like the fabrics you chose for your robin, and the Dhaliais, that just makes me crazy, they are so beautiful, lush.
    I am really wild about that garden of yours!

  6. Oh, thanks everyone for leaving a comment,always gives me a thrill in the morning to see that people have been visiting while I have been sleeping, or tossing and turning, depending on how warm the night is.....
    The Lavender is just stunning, I must remember to cut some before the colour fades, but it looks so nice as I would hate to chop into it just yet.
    Janet I am feeling a little Robin envy, you must leave out some yummy tucker for them to get so many.
    Thanks for such lovely comments about my Robin picture. It's always good when something works and others like it too. That's the measure of success for me.....
    Our clever Dorking (chook)( Dorothy, has hatched her first chicken. We are a little bit excited as we've never had chicks hatch before, so I am almost as clucky as she is and hovering nervously like a new mum, to make sure all is well.
    The garden is keeping me busy and I'm enjoying shady corners during the warm days.
    It is lush at the moment, Julie, but once warm weather hits, things start to droop a bit like me in the heat. Hopefully, regular rain will keep it nice and green.

    Claire X

  7. Claire, how lovely to see your flower garden and hear about warm sunny weather. I'm glad you didn't cut up the tablecloth, it looks like it's in near perfect condition! How exciting that you will soon have some baby chicks! :-)

  8. I think we are a bit the same. I pick up lovely teacloth finds like that and they come home and go into a pile! I can't bring myself to make that cut. I regularly pull them them with other stashes....then fold them up and stack them again!!! Sheesh!

  9. Nice to hear about the chickens, well done Dorothy! If you want to send some of that warm weather over here, please feel free!


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