Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That.............

I had the opportunity to do a little crocheting over the weekend and came up with these flowers.
Quite festive looking, don't you think?
They look a little like crocheted jelly fish, with all the ends still dangling..............
I went away to Daylesford for the weekend and as usual I always pack a few bits and pieces to do when things are quiet.
With limited wool, I decided to do these flowers, the pattern is from a crochet magazine and as you know these things can be a little addictive...............
I have been meaning to take a pic of these flowers ever since they bloomed recently.
Any idea what they are?

They're Feijoa flowers and they are just gorgeous with their red 'bristles' with little yellow spots on the end.
Feijoas are a fruit, for those who have never heard of them.
Also known as the pineapple guava, they are a green fruit, shaped like an egg and about the size of an egg.
They were discovered in Brazil by a German explorer.
They taste, somewhat like a cross between a strawberry, lemon and a passionfruit.
Not every ones cup of tea but we all love them.
With loads of flowers on the bush, hopefully we will get a crop of decent sized fruit this year.

I spied these gates, right next door to where we are staying..............

There are alot of very creative people living in the area.

I would loved to sneak down the driveway and see what other wonderful creations were hidden behind the fence, but I restrained myself .............

Another favourite destination in Daylesford is Cliffys cafe.
An older style building, it's like stepping back in time.
Quite dark inside with shelves and dressers brimming with products and vintage kitchen ware.
It's quite crowded inside but very popular and the staff wear lovely retro aprons, just like your mum or grandma wore.
I bought my hubby some locally made 'apple pie' muesli, sounds rather scrummy doesn't it?

Shall have breakfast there next visit, they have a lovely little corner in the window with couches, just the spot to while away an hour over coffee , the papers and maybe a spot of crocheting!

Am I game enough?
Yep, you bet..........

Well, another lovely visit to a favourite destination comes to an end and it's back home to washing, cooking etc. etc. etc.

I have some more crochet flowers to make this evening in colour combinations that I have been itching to try, so we wont' get too serious about the boring 'housey' stuff until the working week starts..........Monday!

Just wanted to show you a pic of where Mrs Kafups likes to spend some of her day...........
This is the underneath of the Wisteria.
She's in there, if you click to enlarge the photo you can see a little, green eye, peering down at you.
She blends in very well, doesn't she?

Just another little interesting fact for those of you who live in Victoria.
The bakery in Lancefield sells the best Vanilla Slices in the state, according to a sign out the front of the shop.....................
So, of course Big Sis and I had to buy one.......... to share.
Really didn't think we needed one each.

It would have to be one of the best I have eaten and I have eaten a few over the years.

I did buy one for No. 1 Son as well.
It's sitting on the kitchen bench taunting me................arrghhh I wish he would just eat it!

It's nice to go away, but even nicer to come home.

Hope you've all had a good weekend, whatever you did.

Thanks for dropping by , love reading your comments, so if you have time, please say 'hi',

Until next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. I'm a fan of feijoa's Claire - its the waiting for them to drop that bugs me - keep killing them here - but one day .... and then honey loquets :)
    Your flooded creek is just amazing - it didn't look that bad last floods - you Vics have really copped the rain. We only had 70mm last week - and gale force winds, which probably saved us.
    Cheeky cat - an excellent photo - i had to really stare to figure it out.
    And crochet - ha ! knew you'd get back to the darkside - after your detour to embroidery :)
    Hope you'll have a lovely week and the rain packs it in.

  2. The feijoas sound intriguing! Beautiful colours though and match the crocheted flowers exactly. Looking forward to the next test match,sounds like your lot have had a few problems finding a team! ;)

  3. Oh yeah, we are feijoas lover in this house. I buy them by the box full in season. Sound like you had the perfect little break in our town. The other day me and Bren spent our anniversary lunch in the window of Cliffys and let me tell you it is the perfect place to knit. Next time you must.
    Let's cross our fingers for not much more rain this weekend.


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