Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket

Hi there and thanks for dropping by.......
I'd like to introduce you to my latest Softies...."Moonbeam Babies"

I have been wanting to make another softie for quite awhile, but wanted to keep it simple.

For the front I used some lovely woollen fabric that Sandra sent to me earlier in the year and used pale blue polka dot cotton fabric for the back.

I'm rationing the woollen fabric as it's so lovely..............
(I still have to stitch a couple of 'bottoms' up, thus the slightly lopsided look !)

When I made the first Moonbeam Baby, I was just thinking the face was more like a sleeping child till No. 1 said how much he like the and thus Moonbeam Babies were born.

The trees are made from recycled woollen jumpers with felt trunks.

I machine stitched "Wish Upon A Star" and handstitched some stars using metallic silver thread...............

They give it a nice sparkly touch.

A quick visit to the Op shop yesterday yielded a fabulous woollen blanket.
It's pure wool made in Australia (yay) by Onkaparinga, good quality stuff.

I remember my sister decked out her room in purple when she started working full time and bought one of these very blankets, along with a purple beanbag and purple chenille bedspread!!
She also had a Starsky and Hutch Jacket...........

We're talking quite a few years ago folks......

Anyway, back to the blanket.
I will use it for some more Moonbeam Babies and as there's plenty of blanket I won't have to ration it.....

I can't believe it, not one but two wonderful o/s parcels have made it into my letter box this week.

The second was a giveaway I won over at Tweed Delights.

Alison sent me one of her gorgeous egg cosies and also added some lovely hand embroidered buttons, a bookmark (already in use) and a swatch of some Harris Tweed in beautiful blue and green.

All beautifully made and much appreciated, thanks Alison.

If you haven't paid her a visit yet, click on the link and have a look at all her wonderful makes and read about life in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

After many months of saying 'we must catch up' I finally had morning tea with Lindy, a lovely friend and neighbour.

She's a great cook and whipped up a delicious orange and poppyseed cake for the occasion and presented me with a beautiful birthday pressie.

This little birdy ornament is one I have admired in a local gift shop, so imagine my surprise when I opened it.........

She knows me very well.

I'm starting to amass quite a flock of varied birdy ornaments and each of them has a special memory of the person who gave it to me or the occasion on which I bought it.

My first was given to me by my mum when I was 21.

The Weeping Cherry outside Lindy's front door, was putting on a magnificent display.

I just had to take a pic to show you all

It's like a waterfall of delicate, blossom .........a hint of things to come.

After a pea soup fog this morning it has turned into a beautiful, sunny day. So I better get the freshly laundered blanket on the line so it can start drying and finish sewing up some 'nether regions'

I have a market in Bright on Saturday and it's out doors, brrrr.....

Am I crazy or what? No, please don't bother to answer, I know what you'll all say.

Hope your week is going well, thanks for popping by and don't forget to

"Catch a falling star
and put it in your pocket
never let it fade away.
Catch a falling star
and put it in your pocket
save it for a rainy day"

sung by Perry Como

Till next time, take care.....

Claire X


  1. I love your Moonbeam Babies Claire. I see your creative mojo has come back full force! :)
    Parcels in the mail are always nice. You get that excited feeling, the anticipation of what's inside.....
    You birthday birdy is very sweet,I love his red feathers.
    Good luck with your market stall on Saturday and rug up well.
    Anne xxx

  2. I love the moonbeam babies, they've got such lovely faces.
    The cherry blossom is gorgeous, that must be a welcome sight for you.

  3. Claire, those little moonbeam babies are so cute!! I'm sure they will fly out of your stall on the weekend! Might have to order one for myself! Lucky you with your lovely pressies, it's nice when your birthday goes on and on isn't it! haha.. Good luck at the market, hope the weather is good for you. have a great week, Julie :)

  4. The moonbeam babies are gorgeous! They will sell so quickly - you always make the most beautiful things! Lovely birthday presents, isn't it great getting post? I'm always so excited when we actual have something in our post box! :) x

  5. Hi Claire - thankyou for the lovely mention :) Your moonbeam babies are so gorgeous - constantly in awe of your beautiful 'makes'! Good luck with your fair - wish I could visit it, hehe :)

  6. What beautiful moombeam babies you have made, just adorable xox Penelope

  7. Hi Claire, love your Moonbeam babies. So original and just lovely !!
    Hope you have a good market this weekend.
    Jacquie x

  8. I just love those Moonbean Babies. They are so beautiful and have a real ethereal glow about them.

  9. Thanks for your lovely encouraging comments about the Moonbeam Babies......

    I think you may be right Anne about my crafting mojo returning.
    I'm about to pack the car for tomorrow's market, shall throw in an extra jacket, gloves and beanie, just in case.........

    After a heavy frost this morning, the day has been absolutely beautiful, so I imagine it will be the same tomorrow too.

    Have a great weekend,


  10. Moonbeam babies awwwwwwww. They are gorgeous, love their sleepy little faces.

    Is there really a place called Bright? that's a great name. Hope the market goes well and that you don't frfrfrfrfreeeze.


  11. Hi Claire, thanks for popping by and leaving your great comment about moving to the country. Am still dithering!! Your moonbeam babies are gorgeous, such sweet, calming faces. Wishing you luck for the market, I'm sure you'll sell your beautiful creations quickly!

    Kate x


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