Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Million Dollar Day

It might be a humble cheese sandwich for lunch but with a lovely china cup and saucer a pot of tea, a favourite magazine and a beautiful view I feel like a millionaire.
Shame about the bank account, hehe..............

Weeding, chasing chooks out of the vegie garden and pruning roses is the perfect way to spend a sunny Winter's day.

There was a doozy of a frost this morning, but you can guarantee a gorgeous, sunny day will follow.

Out in the sun, it was T shirt weather but the cool breeze reminded you that there's still a few more weeks of Winter to go.

Sitting out in the sunshine getting my daily dose of vitamin D the only sounds I could here were

Sheep bleating
Crows cawing in the distance
Magpies arguing over something
A Blue Wren unhappy to share his territory with me
Frogs croaking down at the dam
The creak of the clothesline turning slowly in the breeze
The wind sighing in the trees
Ibises 'honking' away, I thought some geese had decided to come and visit.
The hum of a distant car

It was pretty near perfect except you weren't there to share it with me.
I would've pulled up another chair, grabbed another china cup and saucer and if I knew you were coming I would've whipped up a batch of scones.............

Now I have to eat a HOOUGE slice of humble pie here and publicly apologise to my 'girls' who I have been complaining bitterly about. Saying that no one was laying any eggs and I have had to buy eggs from the supermarket for the first time in oh, nine years!!

On Monday, I decided to go out and pick some Jonquils and............

There behind the Jonquils was a lovely nest full of beautiful eggs.

Berthilda ( I know, how on earth did I come up with the name?!!) had been escaping from the chook run and making her way over to this secluded spot to lay.

Bertie hatched last December and I had been eagerly awaiting her first egg.

There are 9 in total all nice and fresh ( I checked). Now I have somewhat of an excess of eggs, so it's been egg sandwiches for the last day or two.........

So to Molly who commented a couple of posts ago about the girls obliging me with a freshly laid egg in the front garden...........I got more than I hoped for Molly.

Last but not least a rare picture of our Tigger and his 'friend' Mrs Kafups sitting and staring at their tucker bowl, because obviously the longer you stare at it the more chance there is of food suddenly appearing...........


I'm pretty sure there will be another million dollar day tomorrow, so I will once again don the gardening gear and get a bit more weeding, pruning and chook chasing done.

I hope whatever the day brings, it's a good one for you too.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have a moment I would love to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hello Claire,
    What a gorgeous day you have had today. It certainly was frosty down here too this morning with ice on the car window. Nice to see your day was followed by beautiful sunshine and finding a cache of eggs. He, he, those sneaky chooks.
    Your cats look very content and how I wish mine were like that. At the moment they are both under the weather, with cat colds and other yucky things we won't mention. Needless to say I've been scrubbing floors, washing cushions and sofa covers (thank goodnes they are slip covers) and cleaning carpet. The joys of having pets!
    I'm off to the get the wig attended to tomorrow, I so don't do gray. :) Unfortunately I've developed a sore back and shoulder which I can only attribute to the slip I had the other day. Mud glorious mud!! :)
    I hope you have another wonderful day tomorrow.
    Anne xx

  2. A perfect day. Great egg find!

  3. What a wonderful Winter's Day. I have been doing 'Winter Wednesdays" . I have put a link from my post to your's today. Hope you don;t mind. It is just that it sums up Winter so beautifully.

  4. Claire that little clutch of eggs is glorious! Lovely days you are having...a lovely post.

  5. Oh lucky, lucky, lucky you. We are in high summer here - you are very lucky that your chooks lay in the winter.

    My tummy always does a joyous flip when I find some hidden bantam eggs in my garden - always a surprise, but I have to do the float test to see how old they are as they are tucked away in all sorts of places for a long time sometimes

  6. Sunshine in winter - that doesn't seem fair! It is summer here, and we are not getting any sunshine at all - it is so depressing. And eggs in winter, too - it must be all that lovely sun.

    Pomona x

  7. I just got chickens again for the first time in over a year. Yet to get eggs so I am green eyed at your clutch!!

    Stunning view, what I'd give for a cheese sandwhich, damn diet!

  8. I would love to sit outside and have a cup of tea and sandwiches with you!! Your view is so beautiful.

  9. You have such magnificent scenery round you and it looks a glorious day.
    What a great find the hen's nest was.

  10. Hi Claire, have been catching up with all your news. Love that teapot cosy on your pot, did you knit that one? I have recently joined the Ravelry knit group for teapot cosy enthusiasts, just love looking at them. So many designs.
    You are really emerging as an artist with your embroideries and finding a very distinctive style. The wool hand work is lush next the machine free. They are sure to be winners.
    I liked Neil Young back in the 80s but I agree, he is far more professional and controlled now and I like his music probably more now than before.
    So I was also wondering how do you encourage a new layer away from her questionable choice of nest and into the nesting box?
    Love your daffodils, not quite time here though we have had a few jonquils. We have been having some beautiful sunny still days of brilliant blue skies. Lots of snow on those endless mountains. Winter is still a long way from finished here. Still we are harvesting lots of greens from the garden, egg production has kicked up a notch and the garlic seems to be loving itself silly and growing great guns.
    Next weekend though is dedicated to a poodle clip...they look like woolly sheep!
    Lots of Love

  11. Hello Clair
    thanks for stopping by, I've just become a follower of your blog so I will be back often.

  12. Gosh, I love jonquils. I have the pale yellow ones in my garden. A countless amount of them, in fact. I didn't plant a single one, but each year they keep on multiplying and I don't mind one bit. ;)
    Happy winter to you!

  13. Hi Clair,well that certainly is the best ever view to enjoy a cup of tea!!! New to your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts and all your creative ideas,looking forward to keeping in touch.Cheers.

  14. Love the photo of the eggs in amongst the jonquils.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and I will put you on my blog roll as yours looks very interesting.

  15. Hee Hee! Cheeky chickens! Ours are also notorious for laying eggs EVERYWHERE around our little farm. Apparently our nesting boxes are nowhere near as good as under a sprawl of raspberry or under the house.

  16. Naughty Bertie hiding her eggs from you! It must be great having your own eggs! :) x

  17. Award for you over at mine if you want it! xxx

  18. That is a most luscious teapot cosy Claire !
    What a view, and what an abundance of eggs :)
    Lemon curds ? Meringue ? Mayo ?


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