Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Got a Minute?...........

Hello lovely people and welcome..........

A little bit of what I have been up to this past week.
In preparation for my first 2 markets of 2012 which are being held in Bright next Saturday and in Yackandandah on Sunday morning, I have been stitching away.
I needed a good break from markets and from making the usual things to recharge the creative batteries.
Now, I think I'm ready to jump back in.....

Of course leading up to Winter, I wanted to make some Hottie Huggies.
Finding unloved blankets at the op shop bringing them home and giving them new life in a different form has been alot of fun.

I have a little stack of them just waiting to be stitched, but this little vintage caravan is the latest offering........

"Wherever I park my van, that's my home"

You can't see inside the door, but let me tell you in this little 'home on wheels' there are crocheted blankets, a handmade cushion or two, red and white polka dot mugs for a nice hot cuppa.
Lots of crafty mags, a bag of beautiful, bright yarn and a crochet hook, plus lots more wonderful things...

Oh well,a girl can dream can't she?.........

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I would have a go at making an Owl softie.....

I'm quite happy with the outcome, but have tweaked the pattern a little and changed the wings (sorry no pics).
Much happier now and hopefully, some owls will be flying off to new homes over the coming weekend.

I discovered this floral fabric at Spotters recently and at $4.00 a metre, I couldn't go past it. I do love pink and red together.
The hearts are filled with polyfill and homegrown Lavender.
The little hangy thingy was once used for cutlery. Give it a coat of cherry red paint and it's ready for it's new role.....


The sewing continues this week, finishing off the Hottie Huggers, stuffing and stitching, hooking a little bunting goodness and maybe some more hearts...........

Sunday afternoon, driving home from the last gig, we pulled off the road so I could take a few pics.

I looooove seeing rows of mail boxes on the road side......this would have to be the most I have spotted.

Love the shadows created.

I do think they need to be a little brighter, perhaps a splash of red, yellow or blue paint !!

20 in total.

There's something about them all lined up waiting expectantly that really appeals to me.........

The Delatite River at Mirimbah Park, at the foot of Mt. Buller a beautiful spot to hold 'Picnic in the Park'.........

There were 100's of people some of them mud splattered and lycra clad having competed in a mountain bike event.
It was great to see large groups of people with their picnic tables set up with gourmet goodies, all relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather and stunning surrounds.
Food and wine stalls catered for others and the lineup for the icecream stall snaked around the grounds.

I was tempted, but we decided to head back to Mansfield for some refreshments when he was finished.
Best decision as we found an icecream shop in the main street, no queues and yummy icecream too.

I had forgotten that Monday was Labour Day hol and hubby would have the day off .
My plans were to sew, sew, sew, but I quickly changed tack and we headed out to Ceccanti Winery for lunch.

A small family run winery situated in the Kiewa Valley, not too far from Mt. Beauty.
It's off the beaten track, you have to drive up towards the hills along the dirt road, winding your way among the gum trees.

We sat outside so we could admire the view and watched a pair of eagles soaring on the thermals........

We admired the food, before we devoured it, hehe.......

Fettuccine Carbonara, absolutely delicious. In fact we all chose it as a main.
Hubby started with the Antipasta platter but No. 1 and I decided to save room for sweets.
I had the most beautiful ricotta cheesecake, lovely and light and still warm from the oven. No. 1 ordered the chocolate tart, mmmmm.

Surprisingly we only needed soup for tea!!

My only gripe would be, as we are not drinkers and yes, I realise that being a winery they want to make their money from the sale of wine.........the only drinks we could get were lemonade and there was one diet coke left!!
Bit of an afterthought........alot of wineries now do food, hopefully they are catering for the non drinker who would like also like to enjoy good food!!

A tasty finish to a busy but enjoyable weekend and there was still time for some sewing when I got home......


It's back to the usual routine today, the weather is still holding out in fact I think we are heading towards 30deg. today before some rain later in the week.

Next week, will be spent outside in the garden, the Zinnias are still holding their own, the trees continue to colour up. The mornings are cool and dewy and there's another blanket on the bed at night.

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying the change of season.........
Whether it be slowing down and moving into Autumn or gearing up for the delights of Spring.

Take care and thankyou for popping by for a visit,

♡♥ Claire ♥♡


  1. You have been busy Claire. I love the caravan hottie cover and the description inside your caravan sounds just like Connnievan belonging to one Lucy of Attic 24. Don't you think?
    Your owl is cute too. Loving the fabric from Spotters. How is it I never see things like that when I visit? You must have the eye!!
    Thos roadside mail boxes are definately in need of a paint. They look so bland and well.... very ordinary. How about a bit of yarn bombing Claire, c'mon, you're up for it aren't you? :)
    It's a shame about the winery not providing anything much other to drink than wine. Sometimes I just don't feel like partaking in alchohol so I would have been disappointed too.
    Have a good week and happy gardening.
    Anne xx

  2. What a wonderful day you had. I just realize why I love the look of your land so much , it reminds me of California.
    And the 'gums' we call eucalyptus and they are so wonderful and I love them, they are everywhere and they came to us from your country!!
    That is just about the sweetest hottie cover I have ever seen.

  3. I was going to suggest a bit of yarnbombing for those letter boxes too. Anne has beaten me to it!.

  4. I do love your creations Claire, you are so creative. I bet you have a wonderful time at the markets. Lunch looked delicious and that holiday sort of crept up on me too, or should I say didn't really sink in and register.I needed Mon to clean up the kitchen after so much preserving. Take care dear Claire and expect a parcel early next week...

  5. ooooh what a gorgeous and exciting post!
    i adore your work....how i would love to live in that little caravan ;o)
    amazing post box photo...love that!
    good luck with all your markets
    love jooles x

  6. Love the little hottie cover!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. So many lovely things. I particularly like the mailboxes and the picnic in the park and winery photos, it looks a beautiful part of the world.

  8. Hi Claire,

    The hot water bottle cover is adorable - love the caravan. Mr Owl is very cute indeed. You have been busy. Good luck with the markets, I am sure you will do very well.

    The letter boxes are fab, they do look like they are all queueing for the post - love it.

    Spring is round the corner, we have had a couple of sunny days to make us believe that it is not far away but today is grey again!

    Keep sewing.

    Liz xx

  9. Love the photos of the mailboxes and the shadows created by them! Love the owl too!

  10. I love your new 'makes' Claire and your acute observations - who else would notice the shadows cast by the mailboxes - that's pure genius! I really believe that's what's inside the little caravan - it must exist somewhere, hehe! Have fun :)
    Alison x

  11. Your owl is adorable!!! I love the ENORMOUS owly eyes!!! :-)
    Love the mailbox photos too!

  12. Gorgeous photos and that pasta looks so tasty! I love the mail boxes all lined up along the road, but you're right they should be painted bright colours!

    The hot water bottle is lovely and the owl is gorgeous, they will sell so well. Everyone seems to love owls just now.

    Good luck at the sales!

    :) x

  13. Hi Claire, love your hottie cover , so cute :0)
    The park and mailboxes look amazing and that pasta .....yummy !!
    Hope you are enjoying the change of seasons and hope the markets go well.
    Jacquie x

  14. Love your owly cushion and your hottie, Claire. We are just starting to shrug off Winter here.

  15. Your dinner sure looks yummy and the park looks like a lovely spot to celebrate! I like the mail boxes that look like little houses. :-) Your owl is adorable! I don't really fit in to the winery scene either, as I don't drink. But DH does. So he samples and I do the driving. It works. :-)

  16. Labour day! So thats why noone would answer the phone last monday when my husband was trying to ring Melbourne.

    Hot water bottle covers are something always in demand in our neck of the woods Claire.
    Come winter, out come the hotties.

    Glad you are getting and organised for the markets.
    When you were talking about markets in your previous post, I had a mad thought that I might do some, but have quickly given up on that idea.

    I do agree, mail boxes look great lined up like that.
    I always thought they would make a great painting, and took a photo of a row of them down the road here, but my painting friend said how she loved them, so I gave her the photograph so she could paint them - a generous moment.

    We've had some nice days for a change, and I noticed today how much the Canadian Maple has turned already. Some of its leaves are positively red.


  17. You are on such a roll with your stitching.....I love seeing what you are up to next. xx

  18. Hello I'm becky and a follower! I love all the handmade things made especially the owl and I love the hottie huggies! ;) I own a campervan and it looks super cute! I love that you live in America, I'm a english girl, hehe! We don't have mailboxes in england. Lovely blog, from a 14 year old blogger!
    - Becky x
    I also have a blog www.theyellowbuttercup.blogspot.com :)

  19. I too love the caravan hottie and the lavender filled hearts.
    One of our favorite areas to visit (friends in Towonga) and so pretty at this time of year, great photo of the letter boxes!
    Winery and food sound delish although i couldn't drink wine in the middle of the day i'd fall asleep.

  20. Loving your blog and all the fun and creative posts!
    Your hottie cover is great and love your wooly owl!

  21. I love all your new makes, especially the hearts which look so good on their little stand.

  22. Love the photo of all the mailboxes. We have nothing like that in the UK. Once saw a TV program where one community had all its mail left in a deserted car. Couldn't help thinking that they would have to change the arrangement after the program went out.


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