Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's Make A Deal.........

Cooee Possums, sorry have been watching an interview with Dame Edna.....

Well, Sunday evening and I'm yawning my head off, time for bed.
It's been a hectic weekend with 2 early starts and I'm a tad wearyo..

My first market stall for 2012 in Bright was a rip snorter ( a success!!).
It started off cold, grey and slightly gloomy, but that didn't deter my excitement as I do enjoy running my little market stall.

I set up and sorted,played and primped and and then waited for people to get out of their nice warm beds and head out into the bracing morning and come down to the market.

My little Owlies were sitting patiently in their little case wondering if they were going to find a new home.......

A bunch of beautiful Zinnias brightened up a corner of the table until the sun decided to show itself.
The lovely yellowy, green foliage are actually Parsnip seed heads.....
They were growing up next to the Zinnias and I couldn't resist the striking contrast of I snipped a few heads off.

I know I've been productive when I can stack up my makes ready to pack for the market......

A few of the hottie huggies I hope will find new homes and toes to warm in the cold evenings........

......and they did, so it will be back to the sewing machine and hope that I have enough blanketing left to whip up a few more.

It was great to be back at the market, meeting new stall holders and chatting to customers.
Bright is a beautiful tourist destination and I spoke to people from all parts of the countryside who were there on holidays

They head up to Bright to enjoy the mountains, the beautiful Autumn colours and in Winter the nearby ski resorts........

Heading home the warm car and sunny afternoon, had me feeling quite weary, so a 15 minute power nap was needed to keep me going past 8.30pm.
Plus, I had another early start Sunday morning as the first Makers Market was being held in my town this morning.
I arrived bright and early and snapped a couple of pics...

Sunlight, shadows and no one in sight.......beautiful.

Having sold quite a bit of stock at the Bright market I needed a little something to fill an empty spot on my table so I whipped up some sweet birdy brooches Saturday evening, while I could still keep my eyes open!!

The other stall holders were all crafty locals and Judy the organiser of the market makes some beautiful stained glass pieces as well as jewellery and other wonderful things.

Check out these two gorgeous pieces.....beautiful Blue Wrens.

Arent' they just stunning and as I stood there mouth open in awe I just knew that blue glass piece was coming home with me, hehe.....

Unfortunately, our windows are of the wind out variety so I can't hang it so the sunlight shines through BUT I have found a spot on the wall where it can be admired and as Judy pointed out if you don't place it directly against the wall you will get a lovely shadow.....
Anyhoo, Judy and I conducted a little business transaction....she acquired an Owlie and a hottie cover and the little Blue Wren is now hanging on my wall..........

I also conducted another of these business transactions in Bright, Sandy from another craft stall was after one of my 'Bgurk' brooches so I swapped for one of her knitted phone socks. It's lovely and colourful, so hopefully, I will no longer have to search too hard for my phone......

Continuing on to me were Lauren and Chris from Indigo Ink.
They make screen printed, hand bound journals amongst other things
They have an etsy shop and you can click on the link to have a look at some of their wonderful makes.
It was interesting sitting there watching them fold and stitch paper for pages for more journals. They run bookmaking bookshops, think I will have to sign up for one of them......

Round the corner was Megan selling her wonderful crocheted beanies, washcloths, cushions and the most gorgeous baby blankets. Love those granny squares with their beautiful colours. Megan blogs over at Indigo Midge and she tells the story behind this fab cushion in her latest post.
Pop over and say 'hi'
Little did I know that there was another blogger living nearby, so it's been fun chatting about our fave blogs and wonderful things we've seen on the net.

Once again another little transaction took place.....I now have a beautiful, blue crocheted wash cloth and Megan has one of my Sewing Needle books with an Autumn leaf and saying on it......

Another great market and although there were only a handful of stall holders you know what they say 'from little things, big things grow'
When we weren't laughing, drinking coffee and scoffing yummy bikkies, we were all working away at our individual crafts.
A true Makers Market.....

So that's my weekend in a nutshell.......tomorrow is meant to be a day spent in the garden. The whipper snipper is now back in working order, so I can't put it off any longer and have to whip those weeds and edges into submission.

Hopefully, a little later in the week there will be time for some stitching fun and then next weekend is the annual

We're looking forward to a weekend of great music, fine weather and lots of fun.

I hope whatever your week brings it's enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post, it's always great to hear from you.

Take care ,



  1. Hi Claire, It looks like you've had a wonderful time at your markets selling and swapping. Have fun with that whipper snipper.
    Anne xx

  2. Hi are a your owls...

  3. Hi Claire - your markets sound fab - so glad you came home empty-handed, hehe :) I like your 'bartering' system - sounds great! You're making me feel a little more encouraged about my upcoming local craft stall - still a little nervous about how it will go :0

  4. It looks like you had a super time at the markets!
    Swapping goods sounds like a great idea! :-)

  5. Glad your 1st market day at Bright went well. Love the owlies!
    I used to run a market stall until I got a bit long in the tooth. You do have to roll out of bed at some unearthly hour, but it's good fun (if it doesn't rain)

  6. Wow that all looks so fantastic . you are so clever, your things are just gorgeous. Do you sell online? I wish I lived closer.

  7. You are all so talented! Wish I could visit your craft market! Those owls are adorable!!

  8. Wow very excited for you having success at the will have the bug now I am sure. x

  9. Claire, I'm so happy that you had such a good market day. It looked like the weather was prefect and your flowers were lovely on the table, parsnip greens, how clever. I'm so looking forward to pretty weather here . . .I love going to our local outdoor market. Stay happy your devoted follower, Connie

  10. Sounds as though you've had a successful weekend. How sweet your owls are. I just love little markets like that.

    Happy Crafting
    Fleur xx

  11. Great to hear your weekend markets were a success(not surprised at all your ran out of stock)and you had beautiful weather too!!
    Enjoy your time in the garden...................

  12. It really was a lovely market on Sunday, wasn't it - a good day for sitting in the sun with friendly, clever people and chatting (and bartering!). I'm particularly enamored with your hot water bottle covers (the rabbits in the moonlight, and the chooks).

    Lovely blog, anyway! Here's hoping we see you again at next month's market. 'Til then, enjoy the folk festival.

    Lauren (from Indigo Ink).

  13. I've never heard of a whipper snipper before. Is it your pet name for something or a term that everyone uses over there?

    1. LBM, we say that in Canada too, but also say "weed whipper" and "weed whacker!"

  14. Gosh, you've been soooo busy, all those lovely makes and craft markets. There seem to have been a lot of special transactions too, lol. Especially loving the hottie covers.

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway :) now I get to follow you, love your blog you make some gorgeous things, particularly like the birdy brooches, Have a wonderful weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. Every thing looks absolutely adorable! Love the bird brooches. Karen

  17. Claire, it all seems so idyllic. It really does, you live in a lovely place and make such charming things. How is your garden doing?

  18. Hi claire, glad you had such a good market! All your makes are gorgeous! Wish we had something like that down here.
    How was the music festival? I am sure you would have had a great weekend !

  19. Hi Claire, I just adore your little birdie brooches, just gorgeous...


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