Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clearing the Decks........

Hello girls, how are you all?
I'm watching the first episode of the new series of Downton Abbey.
Obviously not giving it my full attention as I am typing this post...... 
Have you been caught up in it or not?
There is a cool breeze blowing through the windows and I can smell smoke, hmmm........must check out the CFA website to make sure it's nothing too close.
I assume it's from the fires up near Harrietville which is a way off from here, so no need to put my fire plan into action.....

 This week I  finished off some more tea cosies which had been sitting on my sewing table for far too long.

I've managed to find quite a few blankets at the op shop recently..... so my blanket stash is growing somewhat.

Gotta love red and white

I certainly agree with you Mr. Wordsworth.......

A couple of little budgies made a brief appearance and will be flying off to the USA to live with Liz.....
Hope it's not too chilly over there....

I also whipped up this card for a friends birthday.......
A moment of inspiration followed by 20min of faffing and stitching.
A personal note on the back a piece of trim for hanging and there you have it.......
I resent forking out huge amounts of money for cards.
At some stage they will be thrown away....
This will be the year of handmade's more personal and it gives me another reason to play, create and have fun.

I had a quick trip to Melbourne, last weekend.
No.1 and I saw Keith Urban in concert
 ( you know, Nicole's hubby!!)

Great show the hair.

 On Monday morning No.1 played chauffeur whilst I ducked in and out of a few op shops.

I spied this fab Cake Box, it's made of hard plastic and in great condition.
The base is pink, so cute.....thought it would be great for storing trims, ribbons or buttons but I really needed to use it for it's original purpose first.
So.......I whipped up my favourite chokky cake, slapped on some awesomely chocolate icing and then the final touch...
rainbow sprinkles. 
Don't do crunchy 100's & 1000's
Well, the cake was a hit and it's all gone, so I can now fill it
with sewing goodies. 

The warm weather has returned this past week and the cherry toms are ripening nicely.
They are so full of's hard to stop at one

The Hollyhocks are still flowering and I love this beautiful pink bloom. Reminds me of a ball gown, layers of beautiful, soft, floaty fabric........thought you might like a change from Zinnia pics

So I have been 'clearing the decks' here....

I've almost finished the last orders from 2012 and am not taking on any more new work. I have a couple of things I need to work on for an exhibition in March and a lot of ideas I want to try out.
 Tidying the sewing room is taking far longer to get around to then I thought, but it can't be avoided forever....can it?!!
I'm scared I'll uncover far more UFO's than I thought I had!1

Hubby and No.1 son will be heading off to Canada shortly and I want to use the time they're away to work on some new projects....

That reminds me, must search for Winter jackets as they'll be in for a shock. Temps in Canada have been in the minuses! for some time. Certainly a lot colder than the Winters we have.

 I have been absent from my blog for a little bit I've been playing over on FB and having lots of fun.
Come over and visit if you like, just click on the button on my side bar.

Don't forget if you would like to donate to the 

there are only 22 days left to do so.
Funds are trickling in and the total is growing, but it's a long way short of what they were hoping to raise for her.

I know I said it last post, but a



to bloggers who put their hand in their purse and gave.
You know who you are  and so do I thanks guys....

So what have you been up to?
Are you a sprinkles or a 100's & 1000's kinda gal?

What would you fill the cake box up with.....besides cake!!

Do tell.....

Thanks for visiting always great to hear from you .

Hope you all have a fantastic week,

Take care,

Claire X


  1. My goodness do you ever sit down? Thanks for keeping the word on Gretel going.
    I would have to fill that cake box with wool tops, only because I can't have cake if I am trying to shift the pounds. Your choccy slice looked lovely

  2. I would love to write about so many things as you always do!!! It's a gift, I know!!!
    I'm following you constantly on FB!!! ;oD
    xxx Ale

  3. The smell of smoke must be unsettling. We smell smoke on the cold days only from neighbours' fireplaces (and ours). Your stitching is beautiful as always, and I agree that all cards should be handmade. I always tend to leave the making too late! It's warming up nicely now after the big snowstorm on Friday ... only -10'C and clear sunny skies. It's supposed to be +7'C tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I feel it! (I'm just outside of Toronto). Enjoy your week :) Wendy

  4. Those little budgies are lovely, hope their wings don't ache too much flying over! :) x

  5. Hi Claire, what a lovely colourful post - missed you over here! Oh, you lucky ducks going to see Keith Urban - he's on the panel of the new American Idol which started recently. Lucky Nicole!!
    I think the cake box would be filled with 'Sylvanian Family' stuff - it seems to be the toy-of-choice around here at the mo!
    Have a great week, Claire.x

  6. Hi Claire,

    You have been busy! Your tea cosies look beautiful! I enjoyed watching Downton Abbey very much. Can't wait for the new series to start.

    Have fun watching!

    Madelief x

  7. That ladybird has finished off the tea cosy nicely and I love the budgies!

  8. Lovely photos! All of them! Choc cake is my favourite so Id probably have one a week sitting in the tub..with sprinkles! Otherwise ribbon could go in there or fabric scaps. Ive been crocheting alot and opshopping. Oh and planning some more homemade clothes!

  9. Some yummy goodness going in to today....I am sure anyone would be in love with one of your homemade cards.
    Not heading off to Canada too? Not sure I could do that cold but we are heading into three or four days over 40 so perhaps I could be tempted.
    Have a lovely

  10. Oh, I watched Downton Abbey too last night, brilliant episode! Love your budgies, so cute. I think I'd fill the cake tin with ribbons : -)

  11. I'm a Downton fan. I tell people I watch it for the clothes, but that's only part of it. If you red, green and white tea cosy hasn't sold, I'd love to buy it.

  12. Thanks for calling out across the pond, glad you liked my cake. I love your style, budgies, flowers and sunshine... oh for some sunshine! Don't bother with 100's and 1000's, I take my chocolate neat! Eco Ethel xx

  13. Lovely stitchery Claire - love these cute budgies! I think I would just carry on filling the box with cake, hehe!! :) :)
    Alison xx

  14. I just now *found* your blog through another blog's sidebar reading list and became a new Follower. While reading I found things of similar interest and I really enjoyed this latest post. Just wanted to stop in to say Hello. :)

  15. Your teacosy, complete with ladybug, is just gorgeous :D

    A Canadian winter will be a shock after an Australian summer!

  16. I love your cards, Claire. No one would EVER throw them away!!

  17. Hello Claire, you've been busy creating beautiful pieces. Hope the smoke has died down up there, we receive a bit too now and then, depending on the wind. The CFA website is topnotch this year isn't it.

    Your handmade cards are superb - and so much more personal too.

    Lovely to read all about your doings, oh yes, those tomatoes look delicious. Can taste them already!

    Cheers now xx

  18. Decidedly sprinkles.

    Gorgeous red and white tea cosy, and I'm with you on handmade cards. I never have any truly great card ideas like yours - mine tend to be a rectangle of cardstock with a smaller rectangle of a coordinating print paper. Occasionally I rise to great heights and add a crochet flower. :)

    Absolutely beautiful hollyhock, and I think I'd put more cake in the cake keeper.

  19. love ur post!so nice seeing what ur creating,finding,baking and growing.i love ur tea cosy and look forward to putting in an order when ur ready to make more!

    my relationship with downton borders on it.a bit too much mr. coleman thinks!

    hope u don't miss ur boys to much and can use ur time without them well!

    mezz xx

  20. Just found you! I love your sewing style... Love the budgies.. I had two when I was a kid: Pinky and Perky... I'm a sewing newbie yet to have success with this free style machining... have you any tutorials to get the knack?... I've an old cub 4 machines... really can not see how it is possible to actually write using it. Smiles Cass xx


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