Thursday, January 31, 2013

One Down, Eleven To Go........

Here we are about to fall off the edge of January into February....
How has the first month of 2013 been?
Are you keeping up with your resolutions and goals?
I've had mixed success, but that's about par for the course.
Things are going well so far and my little sewing machine has been whirring away again this week and I've been able to tick some things off my 'to do' list.......
A friend asked me to make her one of those bags in which to store recycled plastic bags.... a simple project
She likes bright and colourful and doesn't want to store it in a drawer.
So a 50cent tee shirt from the op shop has been re purposed.

European folk art influenced. 
I love the designs and bright colours......something a little bit different

I've also had a bit of fun playing.....
A Julie Arkell inspired watch added to  some inspiration from Trudy over at Playing In The Attic.....
After I had started stitching the numbers I realised they were on an angle....I figured it adds to the quirkiness of it!!

We've been enjoying some cooler temps this week which has been lovely, but a good drop of rain is needed to give the garden a satisfying drink.....

Hard to imagine that there are floods up in Queensland when we have bush fires down here in Victoria........

I'm just managing to keep the garden going, there's not much flowering, but the Pineapple Lily/Eucomis is opening up beautifully.

......and of course the Zinnias are creating a splash of colour.
They are hardy plants.....excuse my foot there in the picture.

My favourite colour this season... 

I couldn't resist putting some on a teacosy.....

I've working on the last few orders from 2012.....yes, I am a bit behind but I am getting there slowly.
I aim to clear the decks which will then allow me to work on all those ideas which keep popping into my head.
Plus I still have to organise my sewing room... ahem!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the 

This blogging world is very supportive and it's been great to see the tally growing daily......

If you would like to contribute or share this on your blog or Facebook site please click on the link to find out more.

Thank you all for caring,

Big hugs to you all,

Claire X


  1. Great projects!
    I haven't been doing all that good with my resolutions, I'm afraid - my sewing machine is at the repair shop! :-(

  2. Claire, I didn't know about the terrible thing that has happened to Gretel. Thank you so much for posting of it and the links.

  3. Wow - those Zinnias are amazing! I adore all of you work - so pretty.

  4. Oh Claire those flower photos are just gorgeous, as is your work of course. Always nice to read your bright breezy posts! cheers Wendy

  5. Love your makes Claire and those Zinnias are stunning....must get some seeds :0)
    Jacquie x

  6. A busy start to the year by the looks of things at your place Claire, loving all your colorful projects, my pick the seed head tea cosy !!
    Oh those zinnas put on a show........
    First month of the year has been busy just keeping the gardens alive and guests comfortable, livestock feed and watered and of course hubby fed! Ha
    A little time for reading and sewing...........
    Finally a lovely shower yesterday(none for 8 weeks) only 6mls but enough to freshen the gardens, hopefully it will arrive up your way and help with the fires. Happy sewing. X

  7. Forgot to say LOVE the watch broch and thanks for sharing link to Trudy's blog, another clever lady !

  8. beautiful little projects!!! the little clock is so funny!!!
    I love zinnias, too!!!
    xxxx Ale

  9. It is really nice seeing an image of your inspiration next to the tea cosy, it makes you really appreciate the design. It looks lovely too.

  10. Wow, that last photo looks amazing! :) x

  11. 'Those are powerful hot pinks', as my grandfather used to say about the vibrant colours of zinnias and such. And the same could be said about your lovely cushion :)

  12. Just been catching up on your goings on since I have been refreshing to see you stitching and oh those lovely flowers. xxxxx

  13. On Saturdays my indulgence is "rabbitting" on the internet (blog hopping!) SO glad I found your site. Today is Ground Hog Day here in the States - he didn't see his shadow so yay, an early Spring! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Jan

  14. Love the drawstring bag and the fabulous watch Claire! Those zinnias look great on your tea cosy.
    Alison x

  15. Hi Claire, love your watch brooch!! So, is 4 o'clock a favourite time of day for you? : -)

  16. I love how your stitching brings those zinnias to life!

  17. Claire you've been a busy little bee. Love the bright red zinnias on your tea cosy. Oh and that hollyhock - it's just gorgeous.Our weather is the other end of the scale to yours. Here, it's been tipping down all day.


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