Friday, January 25, 2013

About Flowers, Feathers, Food and Friends......

Hello girls how are you all, I hope you've had a good week and are looking forward to a well deserved rest over the weekend.

I've been a little quiet on the blog front this week, not for lack of things to show you but sad news early in the week left me with a heavy heart......more of that later.

I have been busy, stitching and making more Patchy Daisy designs for tea cosies and pincushions.
I love playing with the fabrics to get it just right, but it certainly takes quite a bit of time....

A successful trip to the op shop on Wednesday where I found 2 woollen blankets...yippee

Love the contrast of red and white.

Since taking this pic I have added a ladybird to the area on the I'm happy...

Remember the blue banded native bee that visited my garden recently?
Here it is on a pincushion....just waiting to be made up.

The last tea cosy design....seed heads....
I couldn't resist putting the turquoise and purple together.
A little more subdued than the daisies but I love it just as much.

Now I have to crack on and finish them off.
I have to admit I'm a bit naughty as I love playing with the design, that's the fun part, but putting the layers together and stitching them, that's not quite as much fun.....

I've also been working on some more birdy wall hangings.
Bright colours and an appropriate saying.

'My favourite weather is bird chirping weather.....'
Terri Guillemets

It's for sale on my Facebook site, just click on the badge at the top of this page.......

There have been lots of picturesque snowy photos on blogs recently along with wonderful Red Robin paintings etc. on Facebook, so I just couldn't help myself.
 You know how much I love red Robins....
It will be another wall hanging when finished.

'O, wind, if Winter comes can Spring be far behind'
Percy Bysse Shelley

More bright colours, but not fabric this time....

This is Tanya's beetroot and carrot salad in the making...
 recipe over here.

I wasn't sure if hubby and No.1 would enjoy it, but they certainly did.
Hubby is a confirmed beetroot hater BUT he asked me if I would make some up so he could use it in his lunch during the week!!
I think that says it all......
I would make it for the colour combo alone....


More colour inspiration from the garden...Zinnias.
They haven't been as prolific this year....I let them self seed and they came up all over the place. In the gravel paths and outside the garden bed and a few sprinkled around in the garden bed. I had to pull quite a few up as they grew in inappropriate places.
 They are blooming beautifully, but I won't be picking lots of bunches to bring inside or give away to friends, but I am enjoying them anyway.

Back to the sad news I mentioned, please take a minute to read the following.....

What would you do if the person you loved and relied on most in all the world suddenly died?
Most of us would turn to our support systems -- parents, siblings, church groups, fraternal organizations.  But what if you didn't have those sources of support?  Then, I think, you would turn to your friends.
Gretel Parker is a talented artist, illustrator and artisan needlefelter who lives in the county of Shropshire in the United Kingdom.  She's also my friend.  Perhaps she's your friend too.  And right now she needs some financial support.
On 21 January, Andy Macauley -- Gretel's sweetheart and life partner of 21 years -- died.  The two had just moved to Shropshire and had bought their first house together, a place they christened "Bodge Cottage." Andy died without a will, and it will likely take many months for lawyers to determine what, if anything, is left for his sweetheart.  Meanwhile, life does go on and there are still bills to be paid -- funeral expenses, mortgage payments, electric bills, trips to the grocery store, and all the other costs of daily life.
Andy's job helped pay for things, but now he is gone and Gretel's situation is financially precarious. Although Andy's family is dear to her, Gretel has no living parents, no siblings, no one from the usual support system to help her get through this.
But she does have us. We can help her.
As mentioned, Gretel is very talented.  She has written and published several books, has been featured in the British craft magazine Mollie Makes, and has held several seminars to teach others the craft of needlefelting.  Her blog, "Middle of Nowhere," is a window into everyday life in rural Britain and has helped her meet and befriend many people around the world.  I have absolute faith that Gretel will get back on her feet when the time is right, and that she will be able to keep Bodge Cottage.  In the short term, she could use some financial assistance.
Any amount you could donate would be welcome -- and if you can't donate, you can still help by spreading the word about the Gretel Parker Project on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  Tell your friends and family.  Let as many people know as possible.  Please, help us to help Gretel.
Thanks for your time.

You may  know Gretel from her blog Middle of Nowhere, you may have already read this sad news....if you can help whether it's just a couple of dollars or more please do so.
Every little bit helps and at this moment Gretel certainly needs it.
I have made a donation and would really appreciate it if you were able to help as well.
It's very easy using Paypal or a credit card.
Click on the link and then click'll get there.

This blogging world is supportive, encouraging, inspirational and I love being part of it.

Thankyou for visiting and thankyou for your comments ......
Hug those you love and have a good weekend girls,

Claire xx


  1. Done! thank you for letting me know about Gretel!!
    Have a happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  2. Thanks for sharing, I love to help our blogging family. I know they are always there for me too. x Happy Australia Day Claire. Keep loving those zinnias and you will have a smile on your face.

  3. Oooooh! What amazing colours in your beautiful makes! These photos injected some colour into my snowy, white day!
    Happy weekend to you!

  4. Your wall hangings are so beautiful and unique. I really love them. Really put a smile on my face on this dull dark day.
    But such a sad story about your friend. It is true, bloggers and crafters do always stick together and offer great support in times of need.
    Rosie xx

  5. Love those wall hangings!

  6. Thank you Claire, for sharing this. The wider we cast the net the more help we can offer. Thank you to all your lovely readers for supporting.
    With love Charlotte

  7. The beet and carrot salad looks delicious and the color matches your gorgeous zinnias! All of your daisies and birds look so pretty. I love that first photo of the daisy with the bees in particular. I am so sorry about your friend. Life as she knows it has come to an end and things will have to change. But what a lucky person she is to have such supportive friends to help her through these sad days.

  8. Claire, your sewing is subliminal! I was admiring the polkadot robin hanging and I thought, I recognise that tartan when it suddenly dawned! It looks fab with your beautiful robin perching on its branch. been over to FB but can't seem to find any prices? I;ve got some Zinnia seeds to sew this year, if the winter ever ends here!Have a great weekend.

  9. Beautiful makes, sad news about your friend, glad she has friends to turn too :) x

  10. thank you Claire for your comments over at my blog. Your applique work is amazing, I would like to know how to do this properly! Heather x

  11. Beautiful creations Claire - I love the birdy ones particularly :) So sorry to hear about your friend's news.
    Alison xx

  12. complimenti, i tuoi uccelli sono bellissimi. Sei molto brava, ciao

  13. You never cease to amaze me with your machine embroidery, they're all so lovely!

    I'm sorry to hear about Gretel, but it's heart warming how the blogging community is so supportive.


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