Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You're Surrounded

I'm surrounding myself with creativity this week,thanks to a couple of parcels that found their way to my letter box.

One parcel contained a CD I won over at Mezz Makes Stuff.
Mezz Coleman is a singer, songwriter extraordinaire.
So while I ripped and stitched and sewed today  I listened to some wonderful tunes......

 Another little birdy stitchery with a quote from
 Vincent van Gogh.

"If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere"

Finished and ready to hang....

It's for sale over on my Facebook page.
Just click on the button on the side bar.
Bit tricky to get a good close up
 and not cut out half of the pic!!

Thanks to Julie and Alessandra for their help 
in getting the FB badge happening....

Here's what I found waiting for me when I checked the mail today.
Mezz's CD, a lovely note in 'Granny Chic' card....
(You know the book put out by Tif Fussell aka Dottie Angel and Rachelle Blondel aka Tales of Ted and Agnes....)

Some magnets and sweet little badges Mezz made to advertise her music.
I played the CD through a couple of times....she has the most beautiful voice.
 I'm thinking melted chocolate, sweet, smooth, yummy and you just can't get enough.....
Hope Im not embarrassing you Mezz!!

I loved it and I will be playing it over and over again.
She goes under the Indie/Pop/Jazz genre and she reminds me of Sara Bareillis (American Singer songwriter/pianist)who had a hit back in 2007 with Love Song.
Head over to Mezz's Myspace where you can listen to some wonderful tunes and find out a bit more about her.
You can also visit her blog and see what she's been up to as well.
She certainly is one very creative gal

The other package which ended it's journey from the UK in my letter box, is this wonderful book by Mark Hearld.
I have admired his work for quite some time and so when I saw this book, I knew a copy of it had to come and live in the SBL household.

I'm certainly not disappointed......

I removed the dust jacket to see what, if anything was on the hard cover and surprise, surprise this wonderful image was hidden away.
The cover is more a golden, buttery yellow, the photo has washed it out.
Mark is an artist working with collage,
print, textiles and ceramics and some of you might have seen him  featured in a recent English Country Living.....

The book is divided into different nature related themes
such as Allotments, Farmyard, Winter etc......

There are 188 pages of wonderful pictures and text......
I'm going to be busy reading, perusing, drooling over this book,
(not on it hopefully, hehe)

I should've started this post a couple of hours ago, it's late, past my bedtime and I'm a little weary.
Today has been a good day weather wise, we had a cool change come through after a horrific day yesterday...high winds and temps....a dangerous combination in bushfire season.
I will need a blanket or two tonight to snuggle under.....
Insert happy, smiley face the way where do I get those things from?
Anyway, girls, thanks for popping by to see what I've been up to.
If you're on Facebook head over to my page and say 'hi'....

I hope there's some creativity taking place where you are,

Take care,

Claire X


  1. Sooooo jealous! I wanted the MH book for Christmas, but didn't get looks gorgeous! I've 'liked' your page in both my FB profiles, if you want to be 'friends', the pic of my with pink elephant is my personal profile. Love the bird hanging too :0)

  2. Claire, your work is so beautiful. Stay safe down there in the heat, I am glad you are getting a slight reprieve.

  3. You are really welcome Claire, even though my help was really really little indeed!!! ;oD
    The book that you have just received seems so so beautiful!!!
    Good "drooling"!!!
    xxx Ale

  4. Some really wonderful parcels there! :) x

  5. I'm glad your temperatures have cooled down (as ours have risen to 0'C!). The Mark Hearld book is beautiful - what great illustrations! I do the same thing with dust covers ... love to be rewarded with a little 'secret' illustration (and do you rub your hand over the embossed images?). Your stitched bird seems to pair up with Mr. Hearld' illustrations perfectly! No wonder you admire his work, it's so similar to your own. Enjoy your day ... sending a little snowy weather your way .......wwooooooshhh!! Wendy ps off now to listen to some music via your link!

  6. Aaaah! I love that hanging - especially the birdie and the fact that you hung it from a stick. So pretty! :-)

  7. You are so talented. The bird on the hanging is amazing. I love it. Cx

  8. only a little bit embarrased claire!! thanks for sharing me with your readers xoxoxoxo

  9. Your bird hanging is so sweet Claire, your stitching of the quote wonderful.
    Anne xx

  10. Isn't Mark Hearld's work wonderful! The book is one of the things I decided to buy with my Christmas Amazon voucher.

    Lovely parcels you've been getting lately :D

  11. Just beautiful ... All of your post inspired me!

  12. Lots of creativity going on Claire! Lovely package from Mezz too - I love her blog :) I might be tempted to come out of Facebook hibernation, hehe! Love the bird stitchery and the book looks fab - enjoy!
    Alison x

  13. You've got some lovely parcels there, and you bird is just perfect!

  14. Hi Claire, I LOVE your bird hanging,It's just beautiful and the quote is perfect.
    Your big pictures look great, You can adjust your margins to stop them going into your side bar. It's under advanced settings. Think you get there via "Layout"
    Jacquie x

  15. Hi Claire, I've never heard of Mark Hearld but wow! what beautiful work. Must be a lovely book to linger over.
    Another lovely stitchery : -)


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