Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot.......I think that says it all!

Hello girls, how are you going with your new year's 
resolutions /goals?
Sticking to them, or is it a waste of time?

I'm keen to get my first pair of knitted socks underway, so when in Albury on Friday, I thought I would drop in to the local wool shop and check out some yarn and patterns etc.

I was keen as mustard, motivated, focused.
 Even drove around the block a couple of times looking for a's busy....holidays.
So when I finally got  to the shop and found it SHUT till 15th? of Jan......
I was a little deflated, I can tell you.
Guess there's not too much call for wool and sock/jumper/beanie patterns in Summer!!
Never mind, I will put that goal on hold for a week or two, but if you have a good sock pattern for a beginner I would love to know about it.
In the mean time, little birds are keeping me happy....

See it's beautiful spotted/polka dot feathers, how sweet is that?
It's a Diamond Firetail, a member of the finch family.....

We've had temps hovering up around the 40+ mark since Thursday, so while I was still in town I bought another bird bath.
I already have 2 terracotta ones which belonged to my mum, but this is mine and I love it.
 Nice and deep and a lovely sea green/blue colour.
I had it in one part of the garden, but I think it was too exposed so this evening I moved it. I want to be able to see it from the great room and watch birds splashing around in it.I'll have to place some sticks in it for the smaller birds to perch on.
Fingers crossed I've got it in the right spot now...... 

We have a Magpie family of 3 who call our yard their home......

They bring their one and only offspring and spend the day here wandering round looking for food.
 It's lovely to watch them and hear them chortling away.
This pic was taken through the window this afternoon, so a little blurry....

Another pic taken yesterday afternoon, I was hiding behind the curtain so as not to scare it off.
Quite amusing to watch, it eventually plonked itself directly into the cats water dish to really cool off......

I found this brochure on Woodland Birds while I was searching through a cupboard on the weekend.......perfect.

A great little reference....think I might be stitching a few of them.....

Not sure if any of them live in my neck of the woods, but I'm keeping an eye out.....

Have I mentioned it's been hot here?
Everything is tinder dry and when the wind springs up, it sends a bit of a shiver through you.....remembering the terrible Ash Wednesday fires.
There have been bad bushfires in Tasmania with a number of homes lost, fortunately no lives have been lost.

I much prefer the cooler weather, but there is a beauty with each season, sometimes you just have to look a little harder....

Thankfully, we have air con and it certainly makes a difference.
A pack of icy, cold Paddle Pops in the freezer also helps you to stay cool......I don't think the boys have found them yet!!

Hubby and No.1 were away over the weekend,so I got to play to my hearts content. Unfortunately, the heat has a rather draining effect despite the air conditioning, so only a couple of ideas were stitched up.
I had fun ripping and tearing then stitching......working on ideas till I get them to a point where I'm happy.

Outside the poor garden is looking very sad.
 Leaves curled and crisp on some plants and buds burnt, but my 
Pineapple Lily/Eucomis is growing nicely.
3 bulbs were given to me by a gardening friend and although appreciated, I didn't have room for them in the shrubbery, so they were put in rather haphazardly.
 Obviously they are tough plants and thriving happily.
I'm keen to see the flower spike shoot up...another reminder of my garden loving mum, who grew these interesting bulbs.

Beautiful blooms of Gertrude Jekyll,which are shaded a little, have survived the heat.....

The Buddleia is once again covered in  beautiful
purple blooms, with their wonderful honey scent.

It was fun stitching up ideas over the weekend but today it's back to sewing for the local gallery......more Little Hoots are needed, so I must get back into production mode....
If I stay on task I might be able to have a little play time later.....hmmm!!

Things are a moving at a slower pace these hot, Summer days.
Poor Tigger in his fur coat, looks for the darkest, coolest spot, which is usually under No.1's bed.
The chooks certainly feel the heat and although there is plenty of cool, clean water to drink, I rarely see them doing so.
I usually take out some bread crusts soaked in water or some lovely cold water melon which they devour with gusto. 
Hopefully, this will help to keep them hydrated in the heat.

Well, here we are 7 days in to 2013, I hope it's going well for you.....
Welcome to my new Followers, thanks for joining me here......

I hope the weather isn't too extreme wherever you are girls  and thanks once again for visiting.

Just want to say, I love reading all your comments and finding out which part of the globe you hail from...
Never ceases to amaze me the blogging connections that are made.
I prefer to reply to all comments via email, but if you are set up as a 'no reply' blogger then I can't contact you. 
Please don't think I am ignoring you.....

Have a great week and thanks for visiting,

Take care,

Claire X


  1. Hot indeed ...I too was watching the little birds frolic in our water feature tonight keeping cool as the sun went down. We lost a poor chookie a couple of weeks ago i think the heat got to her...her mate is hanging in there trying to make her drink water just to make sure. Our garden is looking rather sad ...just too hot to get outside and tender it ...just look out the window from the air conditioned house.

    Love your summer hot weather crafting though. xxx

  2. It's lovely to see sunny photographs, the weather over here in the UK is grey and miserable and I can't wait for summer. I also love the fabric you make you little hoots and the fabulous tea cosies out of. It looks so fluffy and cosy. Do you buy that locally or is it available over the internet? Kay xx

  3. It is great to hear about what is happening on the other side of the world - so different from rainy Scotland!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Gosh, it does look hot and dry with you. I love the photos of the view of the hills in the background and the agapanthus in front.
    You're welcome to some of our rain, any time!

  5. I had to Google your temp to see how hot it was in F. WOW! That is really, really hot. Here in the US (Tennessee) we are having temps of upper 30s to mid 40s F and it's COLD! I'm not much of a cold weather person. It does look awfully dry there. The birds are great. I have feeders and love to watch the birds here. Take care and try to stay cool.


  6. Claire, such a busy person you are these days. I love the bird with the dotted feathers, you captured he/she beautifully,

  7. Wow! Did you stitch that little birdie??? It's amazing!!!
    Please can you send a bit of dry and a bit of hot our way???

  8. Hi Claire, -7C here and some icy pellets stinging the face ... does that help with your heat?! I was in Italy last summer with temps at 40C, so although I've experienced it, I still prefer the cold (even the really cold!). I'm always stunned by your magnificent view of the mountains! What a pretty spot you have there.

    I love it when you show us the plants that used to be your mother's. My mother too had a green thumb and tended her plants like they were her children. When she became ill and we had to sell her house, my siblings and I took as much care in digging up and sharing her plants as we did her finer things. It's like a living memory to see her green children visit me again in the spring. Wendy

  9. Just been watching the news about the fires in Tasmania. Claire, I think the high temperatures and the fires are far worse than the endless rain that we've had. I bet the birds love the bird bath and the water melon and wet crusts. Love the picture of your agapanthus too.

  10. Ah yes. We are expecting that heat today. So far it's been tolerabl, in the 30's but we have run out of water. Today it's to be in the 40's. Best get out there before it heats up and move what can be moved into the shade. Love your little finch.

  11. We received a bird feeder for Christmas and I can see it as I walk towards the front door. Love watching the birds having a bath and wishing we had something outside to splash around in!!

  12. Your new bird bath is gorgeous, the colour wonderful. I love having water out for the birds, love seeing them drink and splash around on hot days.
    Lots of crafty goodness going on at your house Claire, the little bird is amazing.
    Have fun and stay as cool as you can, oh and hide those Paddle Pops. :)
    Anne xx

  13. Love that polka-dotted bird - the real and the fabric version both. And the birdbath is very lovely. I was mending a pair of socks this morning and enjoying all over again the little needlebook you sent me, with the NYC pigeon pecking away at his little bits of grain. :)

    I mentioned this in another comment, but I'm thinking of having a sock knit-a-long on the blog. A very simple design - mostly ribbing. It's found in Elizabeth Zimmermann's book "Knitting Without Tears" and is really more of a formula than a pattern - which just suits me.

    Your terrain reminds me very much of California where I grew up - there's a sort of savanna look about your photos, and the hills have just that dusty green that our California ones did. Hope you get some cooler weather for a bit of refreshment!

  14. So very hot indeed, but it looks as though you've plenty to keep yourself busy (I absolutely love the Diamond Firetail - beautiful stitching!). :)
    Stay cool!

  15. Back from holidays!!!!
    Doing some catch up!!!
    Love your owls!!!
    xxx Ale

  16. Glad that some of your plants are thriving in spite of the terrible heat. The bird brochure looks like a very valuable resource for you. I can't wait to see all the birds that you are inspired to stitch.
    Most of our snow has melted, only a few small patches left in shady areas. This has been a fairly mild winter so far. I think we are supposed to get rain later this week, which is good news. We are still trying to catch up from the drought last year.

  17. Wow that is hot! If it was like that here I would be sitting about doing nothing (except complaining!).
    It's been 5 degrees here today and pretty grey. We've got snow forecast for next week.

    I love your polka dot feathered bird.

  18. I had a similar situation as you: I decided to take the kids to get fish and chips and it was CLOSED until 15 Jan! Don't they think that people might want fish and chips during the holiday season? Bad business move that one!
    xXx Helen


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