Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another Slice.......

Hello girls, hope you all enjoyed the Easter break.
It was a very relaxed time in the Sweet Birdy Love household.
The weather was perfect, although I did find it cool enough on Saturday that I needed (most definitely needed, hehe) to light the wood stove for the first time this it.
And the biggest thrill of all was spotting the first Flame Robin of the season. Actually there were 3 of them, 2 males and a female.
 I had to look twice, they're rather early, but very welcome.
In fact there were several sightings over the weekend.....
I also watched some of the 'Cranford' series with Judi Dench and I think this, along with the cooler temps has influenced my latest little stitchery......

'As the harshness of Summer gave way to
mellow Autumn days she found
 herself dreaming of evenings spent
by the fireside with nothing 
more than a ball of yarn
 and the rhythmic clicking 
of her knitting needles for

Guess what I'm going to be doing soon?

This gorgeous, green blanket is one of my latest op shop finds.
 The green is somewhat brighter than the photo shows.
I couldn't resist making a little sewing needle book in between other projects today.

My bulb order arrived yesterday, prompt service I must say.
I'm quite pleased that I got my order in before it was too late.
I ordered Hyacinths, Tulips, Daffodils, Freesias, Dutch Iris and received a bonus of some extra Daffodil bulbs.
Now I just have to figure out where I am going to plant them all, but I think I'll find room!!

Our little op shop has moved into a larger room and seems to be getting quite alot of attention.
It's open 3 days a week but hours will increase when there are more volunteers to man it.
I picked up this sweet little leaf dish for 20c, it's fine china and made in Japan.

After a long, hot Summer, the cooler temps and recent rain have made gardening an option.
 So, Easter Monday, armed with my rusty I mean trusty secateurs I got busy and once I started pruning, I couldn't stop.
Green against green it's a little hard to see how much I cut off the shrubs, but there were 3 groaning barrow loads taken out to the paddock.......
I certainly felt alot better after spending a couple of hours in the shrubbery.

Cattle moving from one property to another had me watching carefully as they wandered along the verge.
We planted 2 young Liquid Ambers as part of No. 1's 21st. birthday pressie last year and I was a little concerned these rather large beasts would take a liking to the greenery.
Fortunately, they weren't interested, but a well placed hoof would've been all it took to do some serious damage.
I love the times when the local farmer moves his stock.
 Often he is on horse back and cracking his whip.
 The noise alone keeps them moving, but he had roped in family members home on holidays to help out.

The Camp David roses are putting on a final Autumn flush.
Can you smell the perfume?
It's intoxicatingly beautiful.
Think I might have to bring  a couple inside so I can enjoy their beauty......

I also managed to crochet 3 rounds on my granny square blanket which I started oh, about 2011 I think.
It's been slow going I know.
A bout of RSI due to my over enthusiastic crocheting technique calmed me down at the start.
 I hope to finish it in the next few's large enough to throw over my legs, but I want to curl up and snuggle underneath it, so more work required...

So a little bit of crafting, gardening, relaxing and chocolate eating has been going on here....and now here we are in April...

So what did you get up too over Easter?
Did you eat too much chocolate?

Thanks for coming over to visit, it's always nice to hear from you......

Take care,

 x ♥ x

P.S. my latest stitchery and sewing needle book are for sale on my Facebook page if you are interested. Just pop over there for more details.....


  1. We are beginning to warm up slowly as you are cooling down. What lovely finds and I really like the bird on your needle case.

    Love to you in Oz from not so freezing UK

  2. Hi Claire, wasn't the weather perfect in our region over Easter! Seems the same things excite us .. I saw my first flame robin of the season while cycling down the forest track yesterday (trying to burn off the chocolate damage!) .. is this a bit early for these robins to arrive? They come back to the same clump of saplings each year, but I don't usually see them until late May down here in the "lowlands". We've not needed the fire yet, but it wont be long. The chill in the air has had me delving into the yarn stash too, over recent days. Love fireside handcrafting. Your stitchery is beautiful, its so fresh and unique.
    Susan x

    1. Hey Susan, it was a lovely weekend.......I usually see the Robins arrive around May although sometimes late April. I usually note it on the calender, just out of interest.
      Thanks for visiting, lovely to hear from you . I have he number for the 2nd hand shop, if you would like it to check opening times. Just send me an email......hope your week is going well.

      Claire :}

  3. A fire! Oooh, I'm going to miss a fire this year - we don't have one in this new house, but I have plans..... x

    1. Hey Samantha, lovely to hear from you. Can't beat a wood fire for atmosphere, but they are a bit of work.
      Wouldn't be without mine though.........have a great week.

      Claire :}

  4. I first had to look up flame robin on google. We are also welcoming back American robins here for Spring! I always first look to the birds to herald in spring as they are the sure sign that weather will be warming up permanently now. I was wondering what you would do if the beasts came close to your tree ... would you stand in front of it?! Enjoy your wood fire, and stay cozy! Wendy

    1. Hey Wendy, I was wondering that question myself. I was prepared to go out there and be a human shield, but fortunately they were moving fast and not inclined to stop.
      It's lovely seeing the seasonal birds about and I intend to enjoy the wood fires int he coming season.
      No doubt you are well and truly ready for Spring.......Cx

  5. you start to get cosy and snuggly......have fun with your blanket!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  6. I love the knitting wall hanging, if shipping wasn't so expensive to the US, I'd grab it in a second. I love, love, love it.
    Glad your Easter was so wonderful,
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thanks Meredith, lovely to hear from you......
      FYI P&P for the hanging comes in around $7.00.
      Hope you enjoyed the Easter break too.......Cx

  7. I've been going a bit mad in the garden too! It will grow back! Love your little birds! :) x

  8. Ooooh yikes, those cows did get a little close to your trees! Your garden is looking very nice, with her new haircut. And will be even prettier next year with the additional bulbs. I need to get out in mine and do some spring cleaning, now that the snow is gone. (hopefully for good this year.) I like your little leaf shaped candy dish and the dogwood tablecloth it's sitting on. The mid century look is so cool. All your stitchery projects are wonderful. I especially love the little bird needlebook. Hope you have a great week, Claire!

  9. Hello Claire
    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, lovely to meet you. I can appreciate you looking forward to cooler months, I on the other hand cannot wait for our Summer time and swimming in the sea! I love your birdy needlebook, just gorgeous xox Penny

    1. Hey Penny, thanks for coming over to visit......
      I can imagine how much you are looking forward to warmer weather, it's been quite a long
      and drawn out Winter for you......swimming in the sea, sounds wonderful, wish I lived a little
      closer to the coast.
      Hope you're having a great week.......Cx

  10. Who can resist lighting the first fire for the season ! just love the smell of woodsmoke and an excuse to curl up on the couch......after working in the garden that is!!
    Busy easter with all 3 children visiting and my 2 daughters wanting to learn how to quilt,we spent an evening going through my material stash a morning visiting Maldon quilt shop and then the rest of the time sewing, oh and of course eating lots of chocolate!!
    On our recent holidays hubby and I brought beautiful woollen blankets at an op shop, I paid $4 for mine and of course hubby got his for $3 !!
    Just love your birdy sewing book.... off to market soon ?

  11. Hey Claire, I love your new stitchery, that green is wonderful, the knitting and little bird gorgeous.
    It's always great having a good prune in the garden, things look neater and we get some fresh air into our lungs as well.
    Have fun with planting your bulbs, your Spring garden is going to look wonderful.
    Anne xx

  12. Our robins have recently shown up too ... which means the ground MUST be thawing soon. A sure sign of Spring.

    Is that quote your own or someone else's? It's perfectly lovely - "the rhythmic clicking of her knitting needles". And the little banner is just perfect.

    How fun to see the cattle drive. It sounds just like something out of a Western.

    Your rose is gorgeous and I can just about smell it from here. Enjoy those bulbs - what a show they will make.

    P.S. Had my needlebook out the other day and of course I thought of you. It's so beautiful AND useful ... William Morris would have approved. :)

  13. I love your little stitchery!
    M xxx

    1. Thanks for visiting, so lovely to have you visit over here.
      Enjoy your weekend......Cx

  14. Sounds like you've been having a nice, albeit busy, time.

    I know what you mean about the cows. One of the funniest experiences Ive ever had was chasing cows out of my neighbour's garden (with the neighbour) that were munching on her trees and flowers. We were both wearing jammies, dressing gowns and wellies at the time.
    A nice pot of tea was had after for recovery.


  15. Ooh, I love that stitched piece!

    I am very wary of cows. Aged 7 or so I was happily helping our farmer neighbour with the move from milking shed back to pasture, walking well away from the herd, when a cow slipped on the wet tarmac of the lane, fell, and slid toward me totally unable to stop ... I was inches away from being squashed!

  16. The cows and calves look lovely, love that th farmer herds them on horseback, we always used a quad bike, as do a lot of our neighbours, our farm dog was supposed to be a help, but generally got far too excited and would be a hinderance.

    Love your new stitchy things, you are clever.

    Looking forward to the warmer weather here, altho have been out in the garden yesterday....such a lot of work, bu feels so good when you do.

  17. Hi Claire
    Love your new makes. The quote is just perfect for the stitchery. Oh for some cool nights to snuggle into. x


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