Saturday, April 27, 2013

She Was A Curious Little Creature.......

Hello girls, how's your weekend going? 
Are you enjoying some lovely, Spring weather
 or the delights of Autumn?
It's been a lovely day here, blue skies, a few clouds but a pleasant temperature.
My camera/computer has been giving me the run around trying to upload photos, but finally it's behaving despite the first pic!!

I've had a lovely day stitching, snipping and finishing off a little project, I've been thinking about for a while.....

You know how much I love Autumn and all it's glorious colours.....

Beautiful, scarlet rose hips and coppery leaves

'She was a curious little creature.
Her blue eyes full of wonder,
Her heart full of love and her arms outstretched to
help others'.....

I needle felted some wool into the Oak leaves, to add a touch
of colour.....

Just need to hand stitch her closed and she's finished.
I'm quite happy with the way she's turned out, although I wanted her hat to look a little more 'slouchy' but hey,
 first time 'n all that.

I've called her Fenja (love that name) she lives in the forest and has a natural affinity with all the woodland creatures.

A visit to local gallery on Wednesday saw me buying 2 bags of wool tops. 
I've never bought them before, but the wool is so incredibly soft and the colours are just stunning.

 Coppery reds, green, many different colours hidden away among the folds.

Blues and purples, the colours in the pic aren't quite true....but I'm sure I'm going to have some fun with some needle felting projects soon.

Out in the garden one lonely Hollyhock spire is reaching for the sky in a last ditch effort before frosts arrive.
I watched it shooting upwards, wondering if it would manage to flower......

The sky was a dramatic, inky blue yesterday morning when I was feeding the chooks. 
Had to race and grab my camera and snap away before  it all changed.

It looked a little stormy but there was no rain forecast.......

The Chrysanthemums are starting to bloom.
The long, hot Summer almost killed them, but thankfully they're tough.....

Tig has done his contortionist impression and made himself comfortable in the box Ted arrived in from Devon.......
Fortunately Ted had long vacated it and made himself comfy elsewhere.

He's settled in nicely and thankyou all for your name suggestions.
Mrs Micawber thought it should be something suggestive of faded splendour and Annie @ Knitsofacto felt it should be something with gravitas so that's the direction I'm  heading in.
 I'll keep you posted but if you have any more suggestions along these lines, please let me know.

It's been a big week for celebrations here.

Hubby and I celebrated 20 years of marriage on Wednesday
 He took me out for a lovely lunch and had bought me some very thoughtful gifts.
 It's hard to believe it's 20 the blink of an eye!!

Tomorrow No.1 celebrates his 22nd. birthday.

He'll be away, working on his birthday,
 but somehow I don't think he'll mind!
 He's doing what he loves so what more can you ask for.

Well I think I can stay awake long enough to do another round on my granny square blanket. Takes that little bit longer each round, but I am getting there......slowly.

Thanks for the lovely comments you all left on my last post.
I have some new followers so  welcome to all of you.

Have a great weekend girls and thanks so much for coming over to visit...... 

Claire X 


  1. Claire, Fenja is amazing, so full of wonder and beauty. You are so, so talented. Happy Anniversary and a Happy Birthday to your 20 year old. Have a great day,

    1. Thanks Meredith, really happy with the way she turned out and thanks for the anniversary and birthday wishes, I will pass them on.....
      Enjoy your weekend.......x

  2. Wow, your embroidery is so beautiful. The view from the back would be good enough with acorns and hips, and then the lovely melancholic face on the front.

    1. Thanks Ginx, Fenja was a fun little project and I'm happy with how she turned out........
      I imagine there will be more made as my head is bursting with ideas, hehe......x

  3. Your stitching and artwork are wonderful, I always think so. Love the little glimpses of your beautiful and colourful garden.
    Congratulations on your 20 years together.

    1. hey Anne, thanks for visiting and your lovely comment........
      Another beautiful morning here, blue sky......I should be out in the garden BUT, hehe....

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend....x

  4. How lovely to come across your delightful blog (via a fb link). Gorgeous cat! I have three, and your fluffy ginger reminds me of my first cat, acquired in 1966. Our ginger female we named Cumin, ( we pronounce it cue-min) so as not to confuse it with a command to "come in!"

    1. Hi there, thanks for finding your way here and commenting......lovely to hear from you and glad you enjoyed your visit.......

  5. The blue of the sky is beautiful - it has real depth. Congratulations on your anniversary x Jane

    1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Jane......lovely to hear from you.
      Hope you'll be back soon........x

  6. She is lovely and Tig looks so cozy.

    Luv Jane xx

    1. Hey Jane, thanks for the comment and coming over to visit.......
      Hope your weekend is going well.......x

  7. Congrats on the 20 years, it does go in the blink of an eye doesn't it! (20 years for Mr M and I in Jan this year!) That pic of the holly hock is pure magic, as is the lovely Fenja.

    1. Thanks Laurel and congrats to you and the Mr. look back on the time and it's hard to believe so much has passed.
      Isn't the Hollyhock beautiful, I couldn't believe it was sending up another spire so late in the season. Must be enjoying the cooler temps and a little rain.
      Have a great weekend,

      Claire :}

  8. Hi Clare, I just love your new little person, you are just so good with that machine embroidery, are you going to sell these? I'm jealous of your zinnias and hollyhocks, mine carked it ages ago, I'm about to plant a heap of bulbs today for some extra flowers in spring. Congrats on the 20 years, great milestone, we are up to 20 years this year too, must do something special for it! Have a great week, Julie x

  9. Hey Julie, thanks for the lovely comment, so nice to hear from you. I may be selling these 'dolls' jus thinking about it. She took a long time to make, but the first one always does. may make a smaller version, but will play around with it for a bit.
    Can't believe your Zinnias are done and dusted already. I will reluctantly pull mine out next month. They must be enjoying the cooler temps. Still producing flowers, although somewhat smaller blooms.
    I got my bulbs in last week......finally, bit slow getting around to it as they arrived a month ago!!
    Thanks for the anniversary wishes, where does the time go?
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Claire x

  10. I think your Fenja is just beautiful! x

  11. Congratulations and happy b-day for your big one!!!!
    I love your Fenja, too!!!!
    Is it arrived the parcel from JK??????
    xxxxx Ale

    1. Hey Ale, thanks so much for the lovely comment.
      No your parcel from JK hasn't arrived yet, no doubt it will this week.
      Thanks for visiting and I hope you had a great weekend.

      Claire X

  12. hi claire, happy wedding anniversary!

    does ur son have a website or any places online where i can hear his music?im really keen to have a listen! xx

    1. Thanks for the anniversary congrats Mezz.........still can't believe it's 20 years!!!
      If you go to Youtube and type in Richard Perso alot of stuff will come up. The
      'Main Street Sessions' are studio recorded, so great quality sound etc. the other videos are all
      recorded at gigs.........
      Hope you have a great week,

      Claire x

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  16. Happy wedding anniversary Claire and congratulations to your son! Love the autumn lady you made. She matches the season you are having.

    Happy week,

    Madelief x

    1. Hey Madelief thanks so much for the good wishes......lovely to hear from you and yes Fenja is matching our Autumn very nicely .........Bit hard to go past Autumn tones with that green blanket, I just love it.
      Hope you had a lovely weekend,

      Claire X

  17. Hi Claire, your Fenja is beautiful. Congrats to you all. Liz xx

  18. I absolutely LOVE the look of your new doll ... the colours you used are so cozy, she looks very wise and knowing in the ways of wood lore, and the way she's holding onto that owl must make him feel very safe and loved ;) Congratulations on your anniversary and on your son's birthday! Amazing how fast the time flies by! Your garden still looks stunning, and that shot of the bright flowers against a menacing sky is impressive. Have a great week Claire! Wendy :)

  19. Gosh I just love Fenja, and the owl, well so beautiful. Those flowers, how I wish they were in my garden! :) x

  20. I love your little woodland sprite so much! What a sweet face! :-)

  21. "Fenja" is the perfect name ... did you make it up? If so that is another creative skill to add to your already impressive list! :) She is lovely. Around here the last few weeks have looked as much like late Autumn as early Spring ... still so many oak leaves on the ground and berries left on bushes. But all that is about to change with the warm spell we're enjoying right now.

    Your garden looks so bright and happy against that dramatic backdrop of sky. And Tig looks very comfy in his snug box.

    I have been thinking about your bear's name. For some reason "Arthur" keeps coming to mind, though I don't know that it has the required gravitas.

    Happy Anniversary, and also Happy Birthday to No. 1!

    P.S. That wool roving is like a treasure-box of colour.

    1. Hey Sue, no I didn't make up the name, actually I saw it on a blog "Ramblings of a Cotswoldgent" and I just loved it and filed it away to use another day. Now I am in the process of making another little woodland creature and will have to come up with a name. May not be quite so easy this time, hehe.....
      Glad you are finally getting some warm temps to enjoy.
      Thanks for the good wishes, I will pass them on and yes the wool roving is a treasure box of colour for sure. I'm going to have alot of fun.
      Thanks for visiting.........x

  22. Your Fenja is so wonderful. Love how she cares for the woodland creatures. My youngest sister really enjoys needlefelting. I have not tried it, yet. Your fall garden is still looking really lovely. Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  23. Hi Claire : -)
    Fenja is GORGEOUS!!!! Wow, she is beautiful, and I love that she is hugging an owl. You are so talented, my friend. And Happy Anniversary!!!

  24. Hi Claire,
    Fenja is beautiful and looks like she was a joy to make.
    Enjoy playing with those wool tops!
    Have a great day

  25. What a beautiful work of art, Claire - I love it! I like the woodland creature theme - very magical :) What will you do with the wool tops?
    Alison x

  26. Fenja's lovely, I especially like the felted oak leaves.

    How gorgeous is that sky behind the hollyhock? I love it!

    Tig's really squeezed himself into that box hasn't he?


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