Thursday, September 26, 2013

Four Seasons In One Day.........

Hello Girls, it's been the most windy, blustery, showery Spring day here.
 I stayed inside and had some one on one time with my Janome and finished off my latest little stitchery.

Some of the things I love about Spring.......

It's now finished and ready for sale on my Facebook page.

Ok, let's head out and see what's happening in the garden.

The wind has blown alot of Crabapple blossom onto the ground and at a brief glance it looks like snow.
I hope we don't lost all the blossom, it's been divine, the perfume and the hum of the accompanying bees, make weeding in the garden....dare I say enjoyable?!

Anyone like to use the petal strewn birdbath?

The Hellebores have also put on a wonderful display and are well past their best, but I still love the colours and markings.

I'm happy to see lots of little Hellebores have come up and hopefully they will form a bit of a carpet in the Wild Wood....

On sunny days the Tulips are positively glowing.

These Camellias are form a friends garden, I love the pink tipped petals......

Last Saturday was the community Vegetable swap.
It's always interesting to see what people have growing and there was no lack of greenery on the table.
I had potted up some Rhubarb cuttings, Larkspur and Zucchini seedlings.
I came away with a freshly picked bunch of celery, a lovely piece of pumpkin and a bunch of Silverbeet.

I also managed to cut enough flowers to make a sweet little bunch.
I picked Linaria, a spike of Snapdragons and some Stock thanks to  Megan for the seedlings she gave me earlier in the year. 
I added some May flower, Broccoli and Parsnip leaves for some greenery and contrast......

Hopefully it won't be long before I'm picking bunches of flowers to bring inside...... 

Once every 3 months as part of the vegie swap the pizza oven is fired up. People can take along what ever they like to cook in it, from roasts to muffins, pizzas and everything in between.

Somehow, I think the oven was a little on the warm side when the door caught on fire!!
Luckily a CFA volunteer was on hand.....

Lauren is actually laughing NOT screaming!!

I happen to love rusty, dilapidated, deserted old buildings.
One's with a bit of history and character about them.

This dairy is just down the road from where I live.  
I love the patch work look of the corrugated iron......I wanted to photograph it with the trees in full blossom and Tuesday was the most perfect day for doing just that.
There are a few more old sheds around the district.....
 I think I know what I might be doing when this windy, chilly weather disappears!!

I hope you are all enjoying the beauty a new season brings wherever you are.
Thanks for dropping by and all the lovely comments on my last post.

Hope you've had a great week,

Claire x


  1. I can see where you got the inspiration for your spring stitching! The trees are just beautiful in bloom! Love the bouquet, too! You should get all the shed owners to put quilt blocks on them. ;-)

  2. Just love all the little details in your stitching.

    1. Thanks for visiting Ginx, lovely to hear from you.
      I enjoy making these stitcheries, although small they do take alot of time.
      Have a great weekend........x

  3. Beautiful photographs. I can see where you get your inspiration for your stitchery.

    So nice to see spring time blooms when we (in the midwest section of the U.S.) are just now going into the fall season with garden beds being cleared out, fall planting and dividing of perennials going on, and the trees beginning to turn colors. Just about time to rest and dream about spring projects outside that may or may not materialize once our springtime arrives once again.

    1. Hey Vic, thanks for visiting and yes, Spring, brings lots of inspiration with it. Sounds like a busy time in the garden in your part of the woods.
      Hope you are enjoying the lovely Fall colour.........x

  4. Oh Claire, that piece on your header is so wonderful! Really like the sort of story quality to it and the way you have done the earth in front.
    Your life sounds very idyllic at the moment; the pizza oven, swapping veggies, petals in the birdbath for a scented splash for the avian set~ those gorgeous blooming trees........

  5. Claire, I love your beautiful stitching and I am so glad Spring is coming.

  6. We, too, have many little sheds out where we live. If I were a good photographer, I could fill a book with those shots. Hmmmm. Maybe I should try a few photos. Thanks for the inspiration. As for me, I will wait until November when the trees have shed their leaves. Enjoy your Springtime! Linda @Wetcreek Blog

    1. Hey Linda, I hope you get out there with your camera and start snapping away.
      Fall would be a lovely time to capture some beautiful colours too.
      Thanks for dropping by......x

  7. Love your new stitchery - everything you'd want spring to be. the flowers are so beautiful. Hellebores are my favourite flowers. We are having a bit of an Indian summer here which is good too. Though the evenings are definitely getting cooler. I lit the Rayburn tonight - so nice and cosy with the kettle singing away on the hob.

    1. Thanks so much Molly, Hellebores are just lovely......can't wait till the seedlings grow and form a carpet.
      How lovely to have your Rayburn going, "the kettle singing away on the hob' is one of my favourite sounds. Makes a house a home........x

  8. Wasn't yesterday the most frightful day. Amazing that any blossom still hangs on. Your Snapdragons & Stocks are more advanced than mine. No sign of flowers for me yet.

    Gary loves old sheds too. You should compare notes. He's always off taking shots.

    1. Haven't had a day like that .........hmmmm, as far as I can remember. The wind didn't stop. I'm surprised there aren't branches and limbs down on roads etc. The wind bought down my Broad Beans which landed on some of the flowers, grrr! Oh well, everything is OK, just a little bent and bruised!!
      There's some great sheds around the place, I image Gary would have lots of great shots. He should enter some in Fresh and Unframed.......
      Enjoy your weekend.....:)

  9. Claire, you stitching just gets more glorious every piece you work. I missed your last post and just went back to look. Oh my, what beautiful work.
    It kind of nice knowing Melbourne is the only place to experience four seasons in a day. :) Have a lovely weekend.
    Anne xx

  10. look at that blossom!!! and I love your new creation, of course!!

    hey, I know lauren!! what a small world! she used to run the Numurkah music festival which I went up and played a couple of times. what a great woman, I though her and her hubby did an amazing job at it!! probably one of my favourite festivals experiences, shame its not still a music festival in the same way it was..

    loved reading another sweet birdy love post!!

    mezz xx

  11. We've had one of those days again today, no doubt you are also experiencing the same there, "up the hill". Love your latest stitched piece, so much detail in it. You are lucky to live in vibrant community, a vegetable swap is a great idea. x

    1. Yes, definitely cold and blustery here.......Spring.....
      I'm watching the grand final and stitching away.......
      It's a great little community here as I'm sure you have 'down the hill' too.
      Lovely to hear from you.

      Claire x

  12. Lovely veggies...beautiful flowers and you know your stitcheries make me swoon!!!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  13. Hi Claire! Love your Spring stitchery, especially the crab apple or cherry blossom, the cheerful chookies pecking away, and that gorgeous red rhubarb!

    Who wouldn't want to take a bath in that blossom-covered water?

    The veggie swap sounds wonderful, and I like your nosegay. It's always fun to add veggie and herb leaves to bouquets.

    I'm with you on the old buildings - luckily we have plenty here in Wisconsin. The only bad thing is that they eventually fall down, and when that happens it's like losing a friend.

    Enjoy your Spring!

  14. Oh that stitchery is so clever.
    It is a shame the blossoms don't stay around long when the wind visits...I guess they can look just a s pretty on the ground as on the trees. xxxx

  15. WOW - that stitchery is simply AMAZING!!! You sure are one extremely talented lady... :)

    Its been a windy, dusty day here today too. I've loved the glimpse into your life in this blog post Claire and look forward to returning here again soon...

    Take Care... :)

  16. Hi Claire, great to hear from you, Just LOVE your latest stitchery.................your garden is looking lovely with all the spring flowers, what a joy it is to have a vase/jug of flowers in the home.
    How are the boys ? happy to be home and no doubt planning the next trip............New York, Canada............maybe Daylesford.
    Happy stitching X. hey what date is November's market in Bright ?

  17. Lovely to see that you enjoying nature's spring bounty just as we are her autumn offerings.

    LOVE your latest stitching :)

  18. Claire...I I do believe you are a kindred spirit of mine. I loved your garden pics and your sewing. So glad you came to visit visit me...come again

  19. Love the stitchery Claire - sorry I've not been 'around 'comment-wise' so much recently, just getting back into the groove recently with my 'smaller' family set-up! I'm with you on the dilapidated out-buildings - love this one - nice juxtaposition between old and new!!
    Alison xx

  20. Hi Claire
    Thank you for visiting me so I could find your blog. I do love your embroidery they are so bright and cheerful. Your photos are brilliant too. I will drop by again. Sarah

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