Saturday, September 14, 2013

This, That and Something Else...........

Spring has arrived in all her glory as she is want to do.....
She has beguiled me with her beauty and turned my head.

When I returned from Canada I created a corner under my 'new' birdbath.
I placed a couple of pots with bulbs in them and waited for the explosion of colour and scent.
I certainly wasn't disappointed.

The mini Daffodils bloomed first and I was happy to discover they actually had a perfume.....somewhat citrus like.
Then the Hyacinths put in an appearance and their perfume is one of my favourites.
The rather late planted Tulips are yet to flower but they will bring the curtain down in a blaze of glory.

I removed all the grass/weeds and am not sure whether I will put some plants into the ground or maybe have a seasonal display of flowers in pots.
 I'm thinking 3 or 4 different varieties of Lavender might make a nice Summer display.
Given my bad habit of forgetting to water pots, I'm a little apprehensive......what do you think?

The Crabapples on the bank above the birdbath are dressed in their finest and are now a foaming sea of pinks and green.

Someone must've been spring cleaning as I spotted this tin at our local op shop last week......
There's chickens, guinea fowl, ducks and mmm, geese I think  around the side.
It's an Emma Bridgewater product, I was very happy to purchase it for 50cents.
Perfect for my button collection, the best thing being, there's room for lots more buttons, yippee.......

I've also been busy stitching and trying my hand at different things.
I recently discovered the work of Linda Miller and wanted to try something similar.
It was a lot fun, but I think I would need to have shares in a thread factory as you certainly go through the stuff.

Spring has also inspired some bunting....surprise, surprise.
I loved putting this together and the polka dot bias binding which I had purchased some time ago, was the perfect choice.....

Daffodils, birds nest with eggs, 
"Spring would not be Spring without bird songs"
 Frances M Chapman
Violets, Blossom, A bird and Bluebells

Hanging on the Manchurian Pear.

I fancy making some Autumn/Woodland themed bunting.
I'm thinking, toadstools, oak leaves and acorns, a Badger, a hedgehog.....something along those lines.

I also made some more brooches,
They're a fun project, when I need to restart my crafting mojo. 

Out in the garden everything is starting to take off....including the weeds!!
The bees love Borage....

 Manchurian Pear blossom

Grape Hyacinth

Prunus Elvins on the right and Loropetalum (Fringe Flower) on the left.
Two different pinks, both stunning.

Guess what gourmet delight I was looking forward to when we arrived home from Canada?

Hot buttered toast and a cuppa made with tea leaves in a tea pot.
"Just perfick....."

Life has resumed it's routine since we arrived home.
I've been busy in the garden, trying to keep on top of the weeding. 
I haven't had another market stall yet, not sure if I will.
I'll just play it by ear and see what happens.
Second day of Spring, I discovered a brown snake near the house.
I wasn't happy to see it.....but a good reminder to be on the lookout and to trim any long grass.
The weather warmed up quite quickly and it was t shirts for a couple of weeks and I didn't need to light the wood heater in the evenings.
 I wasn't impressed as I love Winter and the cooler 
 But we had a cool change last week, so I was happy to cosy up by the heater for a few more nights.

The chooks have started laying but sadly Mr. Whiskers paid my small flock a visit....the first time in 11 years of having chickens. 
He killed my rooster and a beautiful Barnevelder.

This happened the evening after we returned home.
I was horrified, but glad it wasn't while friends were looking after our animals, that would've been too much......

So life goes on and I now have a new rooster who is settling in well with his little flock.

Well, that's what's happening here.
I hope I haven't put you all to sleep, I will try and post every week, so they are not so long winded!!

I hope you are all well.
 Sorry but I have missed replying to some comments on the last couple of posts, but thankyou for visiting. I read and appreciate everyone of them.  
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.......

Take care,

Claire X


  1. Fall is taking its time getting here. Enjoy your spring! The crabapple is glorious! Love your stitching. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Thanks for visiting Linda, lovely to hear from you. The Crabapple is always a picture, we atually have 4 of them and they almost make me giddy with their beauty. The bees love them too.
      I love Autumn colour I hope you are enjoying some.
      Enjoy your weekend,

      Claire :)

  2. What a lot you've been doing. I do love the bunting, and the broaches.

    1. Thanks so much Ginx, bunting is a fun make and so nice to hang it up somewhere when it's finished.
      Brooches are like a blank canvas waiting for a picture, another fun make.
      Enjoy your weekend,

      Claire x

  3. Dear Claire,

    I so admire your beautiful embroidery work! Wish I could make such pretty things. LOVE your brooches! They are enchanting!

    While summer is coming to an end in Holland, I enjoy your colourful spring photo's!

    Happy Sunday,

    Madelief x

  4. Dear Claire,

    This is my first visit to your beautiful space...I've come a long way, you see, from France! I am very much in awe of your delicate, beautiful embroidery and I'm hugely impressed by how prolific you are! As dear Madelief wrote above, I shall look forward to catching glimpses of your spring world as we plunge into autumn.

    Warm wishes from your most recent follower,


  5. Glad you are settling in back at home again. Tea and toast sounds so food to me right now. Your garden is really BEAUTIFUL!!! (I'm sorry about your chickens.) I LOVE the pretty spring bunting you made.

  6. Springtime - how lovely. It's a bit dark and gloomy here and the nights rapidly drawing in. Love your pictures. Your garden is beautiful.

    1. Hey Molly, wish I could send you some sunshine to brighten things up a little.
      My sister and BIL are visiting from the UK and enjoying an Aussie Spring at present.
      Thanks for visiting it was lovely to hear from you, enjoy your weekend.

      Claire x

  7. Hi Claire. Love the seasonal pot idea, but if you are really worried about forgetting to water, why not try a succulent display in stead.Then you can move them under shelter to protect them from the winter frost, and have a winter display instead.

    Sorry to hear about the unwelcome visits from Mr Fox. Not fair!


    1. Hey Megan, thanks for the idea of the succulents......
      Hope you're not feeling too sore after yesterdays working bee at the community garden.
      It's certainly coming along in leaps and bounds.
      Yes, the fox attack was a shock, he's always watching and waiting for an opportunity.....

      Enjoy today,

      Claire :)

  8. Welcome home, Claire. Canada sounded amazing.
    I see you've wasted no time settling back at the sewing machine (your bunting is so, so sweet). Love the Spring colour in your pretty country garden, BUT aren't the weeds a battle at the moment!
    Not happy to hear about the brown snake so early, I must keep a watch on the dogs, don't want a repeat of the red-belly black snake incident last year (nor the resultant Vet's bill!). Sorry about your rooster, so sad to lose a handsome fella!
    I should have made a trip (or three) to the local Op Shops while you were away! Love that tin, love-love-love it!
    Susan x

    1. Thanks so much Susan, yes, the weeds are an on going chore, particularly the ground cover stuff that you have to pull every piece out!!
      Dogs and snakes are not a good combination , neither are foxes and chickens!!
      The tin was a great find, I don't think it had been there long at all, I was more than please
      to give it a new home. You must let me know when you are visiting over this way next and we should have a coffee.

      Claire x

  9. so lovely to have you around claire!!!!!!
    I don't know where to start, but everything is so beautiful!!!! Your bunting is so sweet and relaxing to look at!!!!
    so sorry for your chick and rooster......maybe your cat wanted to let you know how upset he was for your long absence......I don't know, but this happened just when you were back and not before : he wanted to show his "anger" to you, maybe!!!!
    love, xxxx Ale

  10. The combination of sunshine & colour in the garden makes Spring such an uplifting time don't you think? Your pots look lovely!
    And oh that Spring bunting is so sweet! :)

  11. Your Spring embroideries are refreshing, the garden is looking lovely. Manchurian pear blossom looks like a wonderful bee magnet, a lovely inspiring post that will motivate me to plant my daffodil bulbs in hope of a colourful Spring - here in the UK we are sinking into Autumn steadily. Betty

  12. You do such lovely needle work with your machine ,sorry to hear about the chucks .Autumn has arrived in England ,quite a shock ,just over night the heating was needed . Tricia

    1. Hey Tricia, thanks for the lovely comment.
      After such a warm Summer, it would be a shock to head into Autumn so quickly.
      I hope you get to enjoy some beautiful colour at least.
      Have a great week,

      Claire x

  13. I'm getting back into it after a break. I have started with stitcheries and hopefully by nest autumn I'll have enough done to turn them into a quilt.

    1. Hey Angela, thanks for visiting and all the best with your stitching.
      Next Autumn seems like a long way off at the moment, but the way the months
      fly by!!
      Have a great week,

      Claire :)

  14. Busy busy lady! Your broaches are really fab. You are so talented.

  15. Lovely post Claire. Sorry to hear about your hens, we don't seem to get foxes here in Wensleydale. I think we're too high up.
    The blossom on those trees is wonderful and I love the little brooches especially the little robin. Your work is going from strength to strength. Lovely!

  16. You're a stitcher after my own heart.....your bunting and brooches are so lovely! And all those woodland them to bits. :)

    I went and had a look at Linda Miller's book - was so excited to see the reference to it - but the few, less-than-glowing-reviews made me think twice about buying it. I think I'll try it on my own - mess about a bit with my own little designs. You have inspired me. (And your chicken in the garden is FAB!)

    A bit jealous of your Spring - so nippy here now in the mornings and evenings...bah! Enjoy the coming of warm weather - I shall try to embrace autumn too. :)

  17. You have the promise of blossom and we have the fruition of that promise ... I picked some crab apples today :)

    So many gorgeous flowers and pretty stitches in this post ... lovely :)

  18. Snap! I seem to have many similar plants and trees in my new garden. My baby Prunus Elvins is flowering, underplanted with borage - so pretty! My crapapples are coming out and my double flowering ornamental peaches are just opening their blossoms. Such a beautiful time of year. Your brooches are stunning!

  19. Claire you makes are always so fantastic, you really do know how to paint with thread! Love those pops of spring colours! :) x

  20. Your blog is such a find - I've loved your photos and your work. Amazing to see hyacinths in bloom - I'm just planting up bulbs for next Spring, as we approach Autumn over here, with the fire on in the evenings and more crocheted blankets on the bed overnight! We're right on opposite sides of the seasons - enjoy your Springtime.

    1. Thanks for visiting Adaliza, lovely to hear from you. Spring bulbs are just beautiful, so nice to see their colour emerge after Winter.
      Evenings by the fire and crocheted blankets, just my cup of tea........:)

  21. What a great catch-up post! I always look forward to seeing what you've been making!

  22. Its lovely to see your spring emerging as we are cooling down for autumn.

    Lavendar is pretty resiliant so should manage to survive with sparse watering.

    Your stitchery is lovely, you have brilliant skills :)

  23. Hi Claire,

    The vintage baskets on top of your cupboard are just like mine - we couild be craft sisters. Thanks for popping by the bloggy with your wise and comforting words.

    1. Hey Denise, thanks for popping an old basket or two or three!!
      Not sure about the wise, but you gotta know you've got a lot of people who love you and what you do .......X

  24. Hi Claire, lovely to finally have a moment to stop in at your blog. What a gorgeous photo of your blossom tree and old gate leading to the hills. I could swoon around there for hours!!

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  26. I am in awe of your lovely stitched projects. I am trying to figure out what you stitch on- is it recycled blankets or felt? You are very talented! How do you find time to do SO much?! I am glad Pinterest led me to your blog. I have enjoyed many of your posts!


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