Saturday, March 1, 2014

Goodbye Summer hello Autumn.......

 Hello there, well it's time to turn over another page on the calendar and welcome March......which means Summer is over and we now move into Autumn.....
Of course we can still experience warm weather throughout March, but days of temps in the 40's are well behind us thankfully.

This morning I headed over to Beechworth to visit the Farmers market and check out the op you do!
I picked up this mans jacket, I've been after some fabric like this for a while. I have a project in mind, but for the moment I've pinned my little vintage van brooches to it.
I made these this afternoon and I have to admit once started it's a bit hard to stop stitching them....

I've been waiting patiently the last two days for some rain. 
I could see it was falling around us this afternoon and I could smell it and eventually it headed our way.
 Not much probably a couple of mls if that, but it was still lovely.
You can see how dry things are.

This week hubby has been heading down to the new property we purchased to do some weeding in the vegie garden.
The garden was set up quite some time ago and was very productive, but hasn't been used for some time.
A good drop of rain would make the job alot easier.
We've uncovered herbs, Rhubarb and Asparagus growing in it.
He's enjoying getting away from the computer and spending time outside.
 It's lovely seeing him so enthusiastic about it as it's a big job and it's alot easier now that the hot days are behind us.

Thursday evenings' sunset.....what a beauty.

There's also an established orchard on the property, just look at these beauties.....

They were absolutely delish eaten straight from the tree.  Despite nets being over the trees, the birds know how to find their way in and get to the fruit.
I lightly cooked some of the softer peaches with a Vanilla Bean, but they didn't last long.....surprise, surprise!!

These most definitely aren't the fruit eating culprits but some interesting visitors from last weekend.
Gang Gang Cockatoos have an unique call which sounds very much like a creaking gate.
The male is the brightly coloured of the two.....
The first time I've ever managed to photograph them.

 Another stitchery finished this week.

'Through the Hedgerow'

It's now winging it's way to it's new home in Devon......

I found another little nest to add to my collection. 
It was in the Chinese Star Jasmine in the front entry.

Unfortunately, the birds chose the wrong spot to build as our coming and going through the front door always startled them and eventually they abandoned it.
 It's such an amazing construction and has blue  baling twine and lovely green moss in it.

Would love to know how they actually start it off......such clever little things.

March is shaping up to be a busy month here, with lots happening and of course there's the Folk Festival from 21st to the 23rd.
We'll be billeting one of the performers so I'll have to turn my sewing room back to a bedroom of sorts for the weekend. At least I've got plenty of blankets for visitors!!
We've also got to get moving on our house plans and make some decisions.
  My head is full of ideas......things I want to sew, house plans, vegie garden plans etc. etc.
Just need to take a deep breath and not get overwhelmed by the 'To Do' list........

So what have you all been up too.
Any exciting discoveries or plans being made?
Do tell......and thanks so much for visiting.
It's always lovely to hear from you.

Claire Xx


  1. You've captured some spectacular scenes there, Claire. While living in the hollow on the eastern side of a small hill spares us from the worst of the late afternoon sun in Summer, I do miss the sunsets we enjoyed during our 13 years looking out over Lake Macquarie.
    How exciting to be planning a new home, and still in that lovely neck of the woods! Looking forward to you sharing the journey with us here. x

  2. Oh Claire, a peach orchard? Looks like acres of gold in the making at your feet~
    Can't wait to see the progress there. Love your hedgerow stitched piece.
    We're in the middle of a rainstorm here, so badly needed and all of a sudden the frogs are a croaking and all is turning green overnight!

  3. Your photos are spectacular today. I still think it is strange that you are heading into Autumn as we hopefully are heading into Spring. Love the birds, the love pins and all that fruit!
    Hugs to you,

  4. I also was thinking it odd about the seasons, as I have been out spotting the first signs of spring today. I do like your vintage caravan badges, and I have been thinking I might try to knit something similar. I thought the curves might lend themselves quite well to knitting. I really like the sparrow embroidery too.

    1. Hey Ginx, it would be great if you could knit up a little caravan. You make such amazing things.....
      I can imagine how much you would be looking forward to Spring as I am looking forward to Autumn.
      Have a great week,

      Claire :)

  5. Like a stroll through nature. What a lovely post with such gorgeous photos. Love your cockatoos, we don't see them at all. Looking forward to following through with your new house project. How exciting Claire! Is it further down the hill from where you were? Lucky you being so close to Beechworth, I just loved that town when we did our road trip. Had a lovely meal at that place down the little lane - was it a brewery, can't remember. What a bonus to have all those fruit and vegies. You're going to have much fun this year - enjoy! cheers Wendy

    1. Lovely to hear from you Wendy.......the new block is less than 1 km from where we live and we actually look at it from our house.Yes, the orchard is wonderful, there must be close to 20 trees there.
      Yes, it was the Brewery you went to, I love Beechworth particularly on a wet, grey day, such wonderful atmosphere. Don't forget if you ever head down this way, let me know in advance so we can catch up......
      Have a great week,

      Claire x

    2. You're such a sweetie Claire - how I wish we were heading down that way. Maybe one day, but it won't be for a little while. The Yack fesitival will be wonderful I'm sure. (I loved that little art gallery in the main street too). All the best. cheers Wendy

  6. I love your new creation winging it's way to Devon - it's so very pretty. I see your new garden involves some raised beds - I remember these from my allotment days, they nearly killed my back with all the digging - but were so rewarding. Looks like you have a fabulous new garden but very challenging conditions to work with, the thought of growing peaches is rather spectacular and I feel a small amount of garden envy creeping in! Betty

  7. I am seriously inlove with those caravan brooches...are you selling them? Im heading to the folk festival with Mezz in march so very much looking forward to that. My wedding anniversary and birthday are also this month so i am very excited about march. Taz

    1. Hey Taz, how exciting you're coming to Yack Folk Festival as well.......I look forward to meeting you too......
      Sounds like March is a big month for you. If you would like to tell me which brooch colour you prefer I can give it to you at the festival, as a birthday gift........lovely to hear from you.
      Have a great week,

      Claire Xx

    2. Thanks for replying to my comment :) Im looking forward to meeting you mezz''s sis in law and my hubby is playing with Mezz at the festival. Your very kind offering a brooch, I am more than happy to buy the green and white one off you when we meet!

  8. Those brooches are so cute! And I never cease to be amazed by bird's nest ... so fragile yet so strong!

    My head is full of plans too, but very frustratingly of the kind it is hard to progress ... we'll get there though, eventually! Good luck with yours x

  9. So many lovely pictures, I don't know where to begin! I love your nature pics, the yummy peaches and the Cockatoos?! That's really special! Those brooches are too cute, I really love them~!

  10. Hey Lily Razz, lovely to hear from you, thanks so much for leaving a comment.
    Have a great week,

    Claire :)

  11. What a lively post Claire - so much going on! Love the vintage caravan brooches - too cute! We're heading into Spring - thank goodness :) :) Longer days at last!
    Alison x

  12. What a sweet little nest! And a beautiful sky.

    My new piggy could turn over the soil in that vegetable garden for you! :)

  13. Hi Claire, you are busy girl (well, busier!) these days.
    What fun your husband is having finding all those lovely things in the new vegie patch. An orchard too - what a bonus.
    Love your stitching work, those little vans are gorgeous and the Devon lady will be thrilled when she opens her parcel.
    Isn't that bird's nest simply lovely - so intricate. I do enjoy watching a pair of birds flying back and forth gathering things for a new nest. Shame they abandoned it. I'm sure you'll get a lot of enjoyment with it in your garden.
    Enjoy the Festival. Cheerio for now :D)

  14. Dear Claire,

    I am so happy for you and your husband, to have found that piece of land. Imagine having your own peach trees :-). What a delight that is!

    Your needlework looks beautiful as ever. Such pretty birds!

    Enjoy your autumn. It's almost spring in Holland!

    Happy week ahead!

    Madelief x

  15. Lovely blog....eating fresh apples, yum! Over here can't wait for spring and the apple blossom!

  16. Hello hello there. A new visitor but what a lovely time I have had browsing your little piece of Blogland. Your pictures are really inspiring. I too put out all my scraps of wool for the birds and we sometimes find nests lined beautifully with scraps of our cotton rugs and tails of wool.
    Thank you for letting me visit.

  17. Love the little brooches and the hedgerow scene. you are one talented woman. Hoping you get rain soon.

    1. Thanks Kate, I enjoyed making the brooches and the hedgerow scene, lots of fun putting it all together.
      Rain, hmmm, they keep telling us it's coming but, it seems to skirt around us. It's been so humid today, meant to get something but nothing yet!!

      CLaire :)

  18. Dear Claire,

    My overriding emotion on reading your beautiful post is how wonderful it is to see your natural and stunning surroundings so very different to mine. Such beauty. And you capture it in your own sweet, unque way with your stitches.



  19. Oh I wish autumn meant cooler weather ...not on this died of the country. How exciting all the discoveries and plans for your new home....look forward to seeing the journey. Xxxx

  20. I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland here, reading about your hot, dry weather as you move into autumn, when in England we have had a winter of discontent and floods, and are just moving into Spring! I found you on Middle of Nowhere and have really enjoyed looking at all your images and stitchery :-) JJ

  21. How great to have all that fruit and veg growing already. I like your bird picture, I would love to create a picture from stitches. I will have to practice more. Happy stitching.

  22. Lots happening out your exciting a new home to plan ! good to see you already have hubby working in the veggie patch and what beautiful views from there.
    I'm sure there's been a bit of rain out your way by now and the paddocks have greened up and looking fresh. New home for us this year too......were moving to Metung ! (long story) and I can hardly sleep at night with plans and ideas rolling around in my head !!! Only a drive across the mountains via the Ensay bakery to Mt Beauty and beyond................
    Will have to check out the op shops this side of the mountains for you !! XX

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