Thursday, April 3, 2014

Woohoo it's Festival time again......

Welcome to April......Autumn....cooler days and even cooler evenings.
We've had lovely rain these past 2 weeks and the warmish days have seen mushrooms popping up in the paddock.
I cooked some up with garlic, butter and parsley this evening, absolutely delicious.

The respite from the heat and dryness of Summer has been refreshing. The garden has revived somewhat, the clover is shooting and the surrounding hills are covered in green.

The vegie garden is putting forth the last of it's produce.
 I'm cooking up pots of tomatoes, making veggie soup and enjoying the last of the pears and apples.....

There's still some stitching going on and I've enjoyed making some cards.
 Small projects.

Plus a little hanging, inspired by lots of lovely Spring pics I've seen on UK blogs...... 

Up at the new block, trees around the dam are colouring up beautifully.
 Love the contrast between the greenery, the dry grass and the Autumn colour.
The previous owner had a wonderful plan and started planting English trees when he purchased it 12+ years ago.
We now get to enjoy the beauty of his foresight. 

Old gate at the cattle the splash of green.

There's a fair bit of work to do fixing fences etc. but they'll hold up for a little longer.
We're going to be busy for a while

Hubby has been busy weeding the overgrown garden beds.
It's been a time consuming chore, but he's making headway and the recent rain will definitely make the rest of the job alot easier.

The cockies have been enjoying, the berries in the Chinese Pistachio tree.
 They've eaten the berries and nipped off the sprigs dropping them on the ground.
They can be quite destructive and noisy birds, but I do love seeing them take flight with a stormy sky behind them.

Well 2 weeks have passed since our Folk Festival.
This was the main street on the Thursday before it all kicked off.
Fairly quiet, not too many people around and lovely weather.

Come Friday along with the visitors, the storm clouds rolled in to town.

We had it all, heavy downpours, wind, thunder, lightning, blackout and even a fire started by a lightning strike just down the road.

But the marquee went up, people pitched their tents at the camping ground and the sun showed itself in time for the opening parade.

Richard enjoys playing for a home crowd, but does find it a bit nerve wracking.
It was great to hear the new songs he'd been working on.

Love the 'guitar face'.....

This year we had the gorgeous Mezz Coleman (on the right) from the blog
 Mezz Makes Stuff playing at the festival.
I have been enjoying her CD since I won it in a giveaway she had some time ago.
It was so nice to see her actually perform.
She's one talented gal with such a beautiful voice, lovely personality, generous spirit and check out those gorgeous red sandals.......op shopped of course.
Also joining her over the weekend was Taz her SIL who blogs over at Butter and Buntings
. Taz is wearing a thrifted vintage tablecloth' skirt she made.....gotta love a pair of red sandals as well.

 I'm holding the 1st copy of the great,little magazine they produce called 

Mezz was also kind enough to run a ukulele workshop for the festival......her first ever workshop and if she was at all nervous she didn't show it.
 Everyone had a great time at it and got the opportunity to perform with her at her last gig.

Thanks so much Mezz and Taz and the gang ( Byron, Pete and the super cute Percy) for coming up to Yack for the weekend.
It was great to meet not one but two bloggers and share my little piece of paradise with them........
I hope you'll come back and play again Mezz.....

The weekend was a huge success, our biggest festival in the 17 years it's been running.
It takes alot of time and effort to put these events together and it's all done by volunteers.
A great effort for such a small community......

So now that it's behind us, what's been happening?

Well, we've had rain and it's been lovely.
Beautiful, gentle soaking rain.
Autumn is really starting to put on a show for us, I love it.
I have my 2 nieces from the UK coming to stay in a week or so.
It's going to be alot of fun, there'll be family dinners, day trips here and there and lots of laughter. 
They're only here for a week, but it will be a rather busy week, with Easter in there as well.
There won't be much stitching done, might have to pull out my granny square blanket and finish it off to get my creative fix.

So what's been happening in your neck of the woods?
I would love to hear about them?

Thanks so much for popping by to say 'hi'.....
It's always great to hear from you.

Take care,

Claire Xx


  1. Looks like a lovely time was had. I love the photo of the cockatoo. We are just getting started with Spring here in the US and it will be a much welcome relief after the winter we have had, if I can get through the allergy season.


  2. Lovely!!!!
    nice to have you here after a long time Claire!!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxx Ale

  3. Hi Claire! Look at that downpour - but how lovely that it all cleared in time for the parade. You must be so proud of your son, even that 'guitar' face!! Looks like a great time had by all in Yack, lucky you. Mezz looks like fun, I'll have to jump over to her blog and say hi. Have fun with your nieces there for the whirlwind holiday, lots to do around your town. We have had some rain, but could do with more before winter. Your vegie gardens are shaping up, I'm sure you're going to have a lovely home on your new block, espec. with all those things in place already. Have a great Easter break too. cheers Wendy

  4. Hey Hey Claire, it's been too long! That's not a garden you have, it's an estate!!lol What a lot of work for you but in such beautiful surroundings and I love those trees which make a lovely view. It's supposed to be Spring here but still grey and miserable this week. Good job there are lots of daffs around to cheer the place up. GREAT to hear from you Claire and apologies for not keeping in touch as much as I should have been. Always have my little needle case to hand though to remind me about you. I love those new cards you've been making too. My bobbin's certainly been full lately but with all the wrong stuff! Glad the boy's still happy at is craft too. Lots of Love xxx

  5. Bloggy friends meet ups are great aren't they! That's some serious veg patch you have there, yep springtime for us....I'm soooo ready, love those daffodils of yours! :) x

  6. Lovely to read your post Claire - you've been such a busy bee. Great news about the Festival - rain is always welcome but thank goodness it cleared in time for things to get underdway.

    Love reading about the new block too and that photograph of the English Trees is superb - what a view and, yes, what foresight. Beaut vegie plots as well - oh, but I can imagine the hard work that has gone into weeding them.

    Nice to have caught up with you once more. Cheers now and it is lovely at this time of year, all that heat has gone thank goodness :D)

  7. oh it really was the best meeting you! i had such a lovely time.yackandandah is heaven on earth, the festival is excellent and YOU are quite lovely!! hope to see u again soon! love mezz x

  8. Great catching up with your news Claire. So glad you've had some refreshing rain even if it did have to tip down on the Folk Festival.That was a bit of a shame. We are having some very welcome spring weather over here and all the hedges are starting to green over. Love your pictures especially the one of 'May your bobbins always be full' and I have to say 'Likewise:)'

  9. How fabulous to see all you lovely ladies together! Love Mezz's blog too :) Folk festival sounds like a great success - hope you have a lovely time with your UK nieces :)
    Alison xx

  10. Oh, so nice to read your post, ive been looking forward to this one! Was just delightful meeting you and staying in your town. I loved everything and love wearing my little brooch, reminding me of the wonderful weekend. Percy had a ball, so we will definitely have to come back! xoxoxo

  11. As always, lots of lovely things to catch up on....garlic mushrooms, yum! I love the photo of the trees, so pretty, as you say the person who plants has to have a lot of patience and foresight, that's quite a skill.

    Your festival sounded just perfect, music, craft and friends, what could be better!

  12. That festival sounds wonderful, and how fun to meet up with some bloggy friends! I was surprised to see your autumn-coloured trees - for some reason I always think they require frost to change colours but obviously some don't.

    The mushrooms sound delicious and so does the soup. And your makes are (as always) delightful - especially the "bobbins always full". Anyone who sews would like that blessing to come true. :)

  13. It looks and sounds like you're as busy as ever! You must have your nieces with you soon if not already ... have fun!

  14. I like your sewing pictures especially the home sweet home one. Sounds like a busy time for you in the kitchen.

  15. Life is full and fun as ever in your neck of the nice to have dome soaking rains and those garden beds will be divine when you are finished with them xxxx

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  18. I came across your lovely work on Pinterest. What type of fabric do you work on is it Wool Felt? Absolutely gorgeous!


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