Friday, April 16, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Finally a photo of the pincusion I made for the challenge that Kate over at organised. Thanks for all the work you put into it Kate .

This is my first swap and it was alot of fun, although having a few things on the go, time slipped away, but I managed to pop it into the letterbox a couple of days before the deadline and it has arrived at safe and sound. Phew!!
My 'Camp David' roses have been putting on a wonderful Autumn display and I have being picking bunch after bunch of them to bring inside. They have a beautiful oldfashioned rose perfume, and we all need to take time out and smell the roses don't we?

This little beauty popped it's head up recently. I didn't think I was going to get any Dahlias flowering this season and this one is very late, but the tubers have been slightly neglected, so this was a lovely surprise. More so because it came from my late mums garden.

A little bit of tea cosy sewing taking place. People are stopping me in town and asking when they are going to be available so the pressure is on to get creating. "Oh, what a chore!!"
"What does washing have to do with a tea cosy?" you ask
Well, I would rather sit down and have a cuppa any day than hang out the washing, wouldn't you?

There has been alot of sewing taking place this week , due to a market on the weekend which I had completely forgotten about. Never mind, I always have plenty of stock on hand but like to make some new bits and pieces and keep my stall looking fresh and interesting.
Crochet hook rolls seem to be the flavour of the month and with Mothers Day just over the horizon, I know there are lots of mums out there who could do with one of these rolls to keep their hooks together. I love my crochet hook roll, don't know why I didn't make one a long time ago!!
More photos next post as Mr G. and his computer expertise is away for the weekend and I need a little bit of help sorting a couple of things out.

Till then, take care, enjoy the weekend and the lovely weather we are having at the moment.

Claire X


  1. Gosh you are so very creative!!! Love the pincushion and the tea cozy inspire...;-)

  2. I am the lucky person who received the pincushion! I love it!! Thank you Claire.

  3. That pincushion is so pretty, you certainly have the 'eye'.
    I like your take on the coat hanger. It's a bit fiddly crocheting the underside of the hanger isn't it?


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