Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My corner of the globe and a little crochet to boot!!

I have been inspired by Fi's crocheted coathanger covers over at http://www.marmaladerose.blogspot.com, she has just posted a tutorial on how to make them. In the mean time I decided to have a little "play" with some wadding, a woollen blanket and of course some lovely crochet cotton. This is as far as I have gotten and I am quite happy with the result. I must admit it was a bit of a fiddle crocheting the shell edge as I had the coathanger inside the cover. Have picked up a hint or two from Fi's tutorial and the next cover will be made quite differently.
I will crochet a small bouquet of flowers to put at the base of the hook, that's tonight's little task sorry no pics yet.
Some wonky stitches going on so perhaps best not to look too closely !!

I thought I would like to show you our driveway which is lined with Canadian Maples -October Glory. They started changing way back in January, ever so slowly. This year they seem to be taking their time which is fine by me as it is well and truly worth the wait.
They start off a very dark red and change to a bright scarlet, which is just stunning. I love this time of year, hopefully we don't get too many storms and the 'colour spectacular ' lasts for quite a few weeks.

The above photo was taken standing out on the road ,looking down our driveway, there are about 10 trees all up.

The Zinnias are still putting on a wonderful display, some of the flowers are a little smaller, but the colours are as vivid and vibrant as ever.
I actually planted them in the vegie garden as it was the only space available, I can see a few silverbeet leaves to the left of the photo, which make a lovely contrast in colour.

As I wandered around the garden with my camera I thought I would take a snap of this gentleman. He has been a fixture under the Wisteria walk for a few years. I did a mosaic course some time back and really enjoyed it. I went on to make a few more stepping stones and they are placed in the gravel walk way leading to my chook house.

You see the fox is chasing the rooster, handsome devil that he is and ..............

The rooster is chasing the hen. Thankfully none of them have actually caught up with their victim!!
This little lady was the very first mosaic piece I made, so you will have to forgive her slightly unusual appearance. The fact that she doesn't appear to have any feet is because she is standing in some lovely , long , lush grass!!

When we got a dog some years ago, I had intended to do a mosaic stepping stone with him in it and he would then be chasing the fox, but sadly he passed away and I think my mosaic -ing days are behind me now. Give me a crochet hook or plug in the sewing machine and I am in my element.

I hope you have all had a lovley break over Easter and enjoyed your time with family and friends.
Make sure you give those people you love an extra special hug , you never know what's around the corner. One family in our communtiy no longer have a father and husband and the sadness touches everyone whether you knew him or not.
Sorry to end on such a sad note, but it's times like this that make you stop and take a look at life and re-evaluate things.
From my corner of the globe to yours, take care and a quote from my favourite James Taylor song "Shower the people you love with love" (I can't find his CD to check whether he actually wrote the song ,but the words are great anyway!!)

Till next time,
Claire X


  1. I like the mosaic stepping stones you made! We have a little Fox family that lives here in the neighborhood. For a couple of years they made their den under the neighbors back deck and it was fun to watch the kits play.
    All the trees along your drive are very pretty. Sorry to hear about your neighbor. Our time on this earth is limited and we never know when it will be up. Best to live each day to the fullest and love all we can.

  2. HI! the package arrived... I wasn't home much on Saturday, so yesterday (Sunday) my husband said... "Did you see the package that arrived?" Well, no I didn't, but I do now. Anyway, I had a great time opening it! I LOVE the book cover! ! It was so sweet of you to send the little egg cozies too. And your birdy card is lovely!
    I have had such fun looking through the little travel brochure you included. I am a "geography nut". I can spend hours looking through an atlas or travel book.
    And I just posted some pictures to my blog. :-)

  3. I enjoyed browsing through your blog.

  4. Your mosaic tiles are so pretty but I understand why you like to crochet better.

    How nice to hear your son will be in NYC to work! That will be a wonderful adventure for him!


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