Sunday, April 18, 2010

A mixed bag of goodies

Guess what turned up in my letterbox last Friday?
Was I excited?
What do you think?
Questions, questions, questions!

Tucked into a 'straw nest" was my pincushion from the lovely Amanda of, who also happens to be a chook lover.
Hidden in the straw was a yummy Kinder Surprise egg and a little container of pins with bows on the end of them and some buttons. Thankyou Amanda, I just love it.

Here she is. Amanda has made her completely from recycled fabric and thread. The wings have a beautiful cross stitch picture on them. The stitches are so tiny, I would have gone crossed eyed trying to do them. One wing has a bird on it and the other wing (pictured above) has a flower on it, beautiful embroidery.

Just look at those teeny tiny stitches.
The swap has been alot of fun and thanks Kate for all the work in organizing it.
One problem - I don't think I can bear to put a pin in my beautiful pincushion!

I would love to have a flock of these girls if they all laid chocolate eggs

Market day today, the trees are putting on their Autumn colours and are just beautiful. The weather was perfect for the market and people came and went all morning.

This photo is taken looking up the street, just after everyone had set up.

Also at the market today were Skye Flamme and her partner Chris, from Bird and Blossom Skye sells lots of wonderful things, toys, retro clothing, jewellery ,cards all sorts of lovely goodies.

She doesn't have a blog (yet) but does sell vintage and retro gear on ebay if you want to have a look.

Here is the latest, creation, finished last night, while I watched a very old episode of Midsomer Murder, which I had seen twice before!! I just love the scenery so will watch any episode.

The flowers were cut from the one jumper and I wouldn't have thought to put these colours together, but they have turned out really well and I was very happy with the final product. It's not until you add the stitching that it all comes together and it can be hard to visualise the end result, so it's always a bit of a gamble. But this one has paid off.

I decided to keep the other side simple and just embroider the design. The saying reads " A single rose can be my garden. A single friend my world'

The lovely Ella who has been after a cosy for some time, turned up just after I had set up my stall and snapped this up quick smart.
She got a bit teary when she read the little saying, obviously it touched her, so I was happy that she was happy.
So it's off to it's new home and I am sure she will be boiling the kettle and warming the pot ASAP as she puts this little number to work.

Here is my stall, (click on the photo to enlarge) the tea cosy is in the back RH corner behind a few others, which are looking for homes as well.

I had a good morning and there was less to pack up which is always a good sign, so more sewing required during the week.Don't get me wrong , I'm not complaining at all!

The last major event of the week, No1 son had his hair trimmed.

It's been over 2 years since he set foot in a hair dressers, but decided he needed a trim to get rid of all those pesky split ends.

I made the appointment and I had some rope handy just in case I needed to tie him to the chair!

Fortunately it wasn't needed, the hair was trimmed and looked much neater afterwards.

I think the look on the face says it all - "how much longer do I have to sit here?"

You could almost smell the fear!!
Is it a nightmare, am I really sitting in the hair dressers?!!

Of course I couldn't miss this photo opportunity as it is one for the records as they say.

What would a post be without a 'garden' snap, last week the butterflies, were invading my Zinnias in the nicest way possible. I couldn't believe how many there were, so I had to race inside and grab the camera. The plants have really put on a show and are about a metre or so high. Still putting on plenty of flowers, but they are getting smaller as the season comes to an end. It's certainly going to leave a huge hole in the garden when I have to pull them out.

Well, I hope you have all had an enjoyable weekend and all the best for a creative, inspiring, rewarding week ahead.
Till next time,
Claire X


  1. Your tea-cozies look great!! And the pincushion your got in the swap is so wonderful with the crosstitched wing!
    Every time my son comes home from college I tell him he needs to get his hair cut, and he always replies that no he does not. Sigh. OH well.

  2. HI Claire,
    thanks for visiting my blogs and your fabric storage tips. Where is that market? Looks nice. I am jealous that your son has so much more hair than me and I love that cosy, it's very gorgeous.

  3. Claire, it's hard to email you back when you leave a comment because it just says 'no reply', if you go into blogger and get into 'edit user profile' you should be able to add your email which makes it much easier to respond to. I am vaguely in your neck of the woods- near Shepparton.

  4. wow, that pincushion is awesome! what a score.
    That tea cosy is sweet, I can see why it was snapped up quickly. x

  5. I love Amanda's chooky pin cushion. I'm not sure I could stick pins in it either though. And fancy it laying a chocky eggs on its way to yours, lucky you. Thanks so much for playing.

  6. Hi Claire, your work and blog are beautiful! Is there anywhere I can purchase from you other than your stall? Online maybe? We will be in Daylesford 14-18 oct will you will be at a market nearby?? I'm coveting everything!
    ps. and I love the word "autumnal" too :)


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