Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Markets and Gardens and Everything in Between..........

Hello there, how are you all?

Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front, but not on the sewing scene.

I had two market stalls last weekend so leading up to them, I was busy sewing up the proverbial storm.......

My 'new' sewing basket made an excellent display stand for some pincushions.

The markets were a lot better this month which was reassuring after the last two duds.

I whipped up quite a few Blanket Bunnies and Moonbeam Babies thinking they would last me quite a while................not so.

The little 'white' flecks on the Moonbeam Babies are stars, sewn with metallic, silver thread.
The writing 'Wish upon a star.....' is sewn in 'glowy' thread which glows softly in the dark.

The little egg cup which has tipped over in the photo was one that No.1 hand painted when he was very young. I used it to prop up the egg cosy.

My great auntie Ellie owned the little brown case, she kept her piano music in it and I've had it sitting in the cupboard for some time.
Not sure why I kept it, but it's certainly come in handy now.

Let's take a 'turn around the garden' shall we?
My late planted Poppies, have started to bloom.

Their beautiful, bright petals are so far only orange Poppies have bloomed, I hope I get a variety of colours.

They are quite a splash of colour out in the garden.

Ah, Lilac.........I absolutely love it and this variety is dark purple with a white border.

The Irises are blooming, putting on a wonderful display........

You can see those little maroon leaves of the Forest Pansy tree, are a good match for the Iris.

Lots of sweet,
shaped leaves, which will increase in size over the coming weeks.

As you can imagine the Wisteria is a mass of purple and the perfume is heavenly.

Our trellis is completely covered with this and I have to walk under it several times a day to feed the chooks, get to the vegie garden and potting shed so I am certainly enjoying this display.

Racemes of flowers hang down from the trellis, creating a floral curtain..........

A well placed garden bench, provides the perfect spot for a relaxing cuppa.

I decided to have a little play today and came up with this 'Wibbly Wobbly' town tea cosy. I would have finished it only I misjudged the measurement of the lining fabric and after sewing it on I then had to unpick it...........the whole three rows. grrr!!

Oh well, you have those sort of moments......don't you?

Well, the weather has started to warm up quite a bit and a drop of rain would be nice or I will have to start watering the garden soon.........

Monday, No.1 and I spent outside mowing and raking and turning the green stuff into something resembling lawn.
It was a beautiful day and we were certainly happy to count our blessings as we enjoyed the beauty of the countryside.........

I'm off to a local craft night tomorrow night.
It's being run by the local community centre, gold coin donation and bring along a project you are working on.
I thought I might pop along and see what's going on, should be interesting.
Not sure what I will take, probably some crochet, so I can sit and chat as I hook.

Speaking of crochet, have you seen Jules wonderful blanket over at Little Woollie.......

She had her 'Ta Dah' moment this week, when she finally finished her beautiful blanket. She's been posting regular updates about it's progress and I think you will love the colour and design of it.
Pop over and have a look for yourselves.

Well, that's it for me, Tigger is here on the couch sleeping as cats do and I'm about to do the same.

Thankyou for coming over for a visit and sorry, I've been away for so long.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Oh there's nothing more annoying in this world than having to unpick something - it's my number one pet hate!!!! Your stand looks lovely though, you've used your props really well, it looks great, hope you sold lots! xxx

  2. Hi Claire, Thanks for the lovely words about my blanket, you are too kind! your pin cushions look great in the red basket, glad the markets are picking up for you, I love those moon babies of yours, so cute!! The garden is looking great, that wisteria is gorgeous! Hope the craft night is fun! Have a great week, Julie:)

  3. Wonderful makes, Claire
    and that wisteria.

  4. Beautiful garden pictures, Claire.
    Looks like you have been as busy as the garden!

  5. Oh Claire! All so beautiful. The garden is an everchanging postcard. The tea cosy you are working on has a beautiful 50s feel. Did you sew the metalic thread by hand or machine on the moonbeam babies? Love it all.

  6. I'm glad the markets went well for you this time, I liked the way you'd set your stall out.

    I've never seen a lilac like that before, it's really nice.
    Oh, how I wish it was Spring here!

  7. I love your market display Claire with the sewing box and the suitcase. Your craft makes are lovely too.
    Your garden is looking glorious, the Wisteria is heavenly. How clever to have it planted so you must walk through it to visit the chooks and vege patch. I think I'd be out every five minutes checking for eggs. :)
    Anne xx

  8. Your little red sewing basket and the vintage suitcase really do make nice props for your booth!! I did pop over to your friend's blog to see the blanket... really fun stripes!! Your wisteria is beautiful!

  9. Hey Claire,

    You know I love your creative stitching and your garden is simply stunning. That wisteria...GOODNESS!!!!

    We are diving into Fall here in Virginia.

    janet xox

  10. I just love the stuff you make - so cute! And your flowers are amazing.

  11. Hi Claire! Your stall looks perfect - I really like your 'props', especially the suitcase :) The 'wibbly wobbly' town is really cool too.

    Hope you enjoy your craft night - I would love to do something like that :D

  12. Giggle, that cozy was worth it in the end! It's funky and cute as can be. Your Moon Babies are SO darn cute.

    I have never done a art/craft fair or a market, but I am planning on getting in on the May Twist art/craft fair in Northampton, which would be my first.

    Lorraine :-}

  13. Hi Claire, my commenting seems to be working properly agin ...hurray. This means I can tell you how much I've been enjoying your posts. Spring look heavenly. That wisteria is stunning !!
    I love you table at the craft market...such a beautiful display and the scrabble words a a lovely addition ...glad sales are picking up again ...especially in love with those moonbeam babies :0)
    Have a great weekend .
    Jacquie x

  14. Pleased the markets went well Claire. I love the poppy, reminds me of my grandma in law, she used to grow vast beds of them each year, they were spectacular. Your garden is looking good and I love the 'wibbly wobbly', show us again when it's finished won't you.

  15. Lilacs and wisteria - sounds wonderful. So nice to read of things blooming round the other side of the world, in 6 months time it will be our turn again.


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