Monday, October 3, 2011

Afternoon Delight

What can make a beautiful Spring day even more enjoyable?

A letter
with a Royal Mail post mark on it,
one that has travelled thousands of kilometres across the ocean
a hand written letter from my sister in the UK...........

As this is a special occasion, I decided to set up an afternoon tea tray take a break from my sewing and head outside into the garden and enjoy the letter with a cuppa and something yummy.........

My sister and her family have just returned from a holiday to Tuscany and included with the letter was a lovely, little fridge magnet.

I love the picture, blue skies, sunshine, Sunflowers and a beautiful Villa..........
oh, I think I am a little envious.

I had been busy sewing another Sunflower tea cosy when the post arrived.

A moment of serendipity..................

While I'm outside let's 'take a turn' around the garden shall we..........

October and daylight savings has arrived.

The Wisteria is starting to open up, in a week or so it should be a mass of purple.
I think there will be quite a few cuppas had while sitting on the garden bench.

The perfume from the Crab Apples nearby is divine but what's that I can detect mingling with it?
Hmmm, Dynamic Lifter.............

Viburnum Plicatum, always puts on a beautiful display.

Crisp, white flowers line the branches, reminding me of snow on the boughs of trees.

Further along the shrubbery in the foreground is a Loropetalum .
It's a member of the Witch Hazel family.
It's pink 'shaggy' flowers and purple/green foliage contrast against a white May.

The roses are all in leaf with buds appearing.
Shouldn't be too much longer before I can pick a few flowers to bring inside.............

Around the corner is a Forest Pansy tree.
It's been covered in pink/purple pea like flowers for over a week and the recent rain hasn't dampened it's display, although there is a carpet of pink underneath it............

Let's take a closer look...............

In a few weeks it will be covered in heart shaped reddish purple leaves.

Throughout the drought it hung in, didn't grow all that much but has now put on some growth and looking so much happier.

Go Cats.............

While the AFL Grand Final was being played out on Saturday.
Tig was a chillin'........

Maybe he knew something we didn't !!

The boys were home for the weekend which is unusual for this time of year, so we turned on the TV, No.1 made 'killer Nachos' and we watched the Grand Final.
Well, I was sewing and watching, No.1 hung around till the food disappeared then went off to play some music and hubby was fully committed to the game.

Things have been a little quiet here this past week or so.

It's been very wet, typical, changeable Spring weather and I have found some of the grey, gloomy days haven't been the most inspiring when it comes to being creative.
Hopefully, this week will bring sunshine and the sewing machine will be whirring away once again............

Thanks for popping by and saying 'hello' .
It's always lovely to hear from you.

Till next time, take care..........

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire, It's lovely to see your photos with the Spring blossoms; the carpet of pink petals under the Forest Pansy tree looks as though it's growing there (the carpet that is, not the tree which obviously is!).

    We've had a bit of a heat wave over here this weekend which has been lovely; better than Summer was.

  2. Hey Claire, I love your tea set with that beautiful cup! It was a great day for lounging around in the sun wasn't it! A friend of mine came round today and we sat out in the sun and had a good chat, very relaxing! Gorgeous sewing as usual, and your garden is looking great, I love springtime and how everything just bursts into growth, I'm going to take some pics of my garden soon too. I'm sure your creative spirit will be up and running in no time, have a good week, :) Julie

  3. Hi Claire - how lovely to `see` you again. I LOVE your tea cosy and while your beavering away with all that beautiful,sunny material, we`re all clicking or hooking away with loads of wool in anticipation of the impending doom and gloom that will be our Winter. Totally jealous of your Spring turning into Summer. Great pics and love your new header. I`m making great use of those darling little pins you sent me for blocking my woolly makes!Have a great week, Claire. Much

  4. Glorious blooms and vistas. Beverley Nichols would heartily approve!

  5. You need some of our blazing sunshine! (Due to end tomorrow they say). It does all look very pretty and what better way to enjoy a precious letter?

  6. Handwritten letters are a joy, aren't they? And such a beautiful setting to read it in...
    Emily x

  7. Nothing like a beautiful piece of mail to brighten up a day. I do miss handwritten correspondence. So sweetly personal. Love your banner! The handmade by tag is too wonderful!

  8. Is that my beautiful tea cozy? I 'm so excited!!! Spring is so lovely there at your place. The pink/purple blooms against the backdrop of green is really gorgeous! I wish I could join you for tea in the garden.

  9. A lovely post, I thought what a great idea to set up an afternoon tea tray to go with your letter. My sister (who lives in the same city as I do) sends my girls letters with little bits and pieces she collects for them (Miss Two's favourite past time is pasting so we are always in need of coloured paper, pictures etc for her master pieces). Your garden looks so peaceful, sitting under Wisteria in a little while will be a lovely way to pass some time.

  10. Thanks for showing me the Forest Pansy Tree. I clicked on both the shots and zoomed as much as I could. The flowers certainly put on a good show. However....I will also need more photos when it is in leaf too...LOL I do so enjoy a walk around your garden Claire. xxx

  11. Can't remember when I last got a handwritten letter - luxury! Lovely blossom pics but I'm really eyeing up your tea tray, hehe! - looks very inviting :D

  12. What a thrill to receive the letter. Definitely something to make a nice occasion out of.
    Your pretty garden puts a smile on my face, as does that delightful tea cosy.
    Cheerio for now :D)

  13. Lovely blog and post , its lovely to recieve hand written letters especially nowadays when emails are sent instead , your garden looks lovely x

  14. When I got letters from my daughter when she was overseas, t do a similar thing. Find a nice place with a cuppa and sit quietly to devour the news. Your place is looking beautiful in the spring glow.

  15. Your garden looks beautiful Claire. I love the wisteria. I've got a white one and managed to take a cutting which looks as if it might actually grow. We had some lovely sunny days here but it's gone quite cold an stormy today.

  16. A gorgeous garden! Lovely to receive an actual hand written letter, so rare these days. That wisteria would smell gorgeous in full bloom!

  17. My goodness.. what part of paradise do you live in?
    Such views!


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