Monday, October 24, 2011

Its A Wild, Wild Life.............

Hello there and welcome to Monday, a little late in the day here but Monday all the same.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I certainly did despite having to work Saturday.

I felt I needed some smaller 'makes' for my stall, so today I have been drawing, snipping ironing and sewing up some yet to be filled Lavender Bags.
First up I snipped into an old doiley and mixed it up with some polka dots.

I love the combination of, blue and yellow, very vintage looking.

The rest of the Lavender Bags have wee houses on them, click on the pic to get a better look.

Lots of nice and bright,eye catching polka dots.

Sorry about the pants pic.............

Another three to be made up...............

So, after a bit of playing it's back to the usual 'makes' for my stall.

I'm thinking of doing another market next month, so I better stop talking about what I'm going to do and get on with it..........

I'd like to introduce you to a little visitor I found womble- ing around my yard today.

It's an Echidna, or Spiny Anteater.
I had spotted it out in the paddock yesterday and today it has come into the house yard.
It might be small, but it's certainly not slow.
They have very powerful legs for digging and they're like a mini tank barrelling along and not letting anything stop it ...........well almost.

A baby Echidna is called a Puggle ( although there is some dispute about this) I think that is such a cute name.........

I don't think our rooster was too keen to see it enter the chook run.
It followed the fence line till it found a space under a gate and disappeared into the orchard.

Wild life of a different sort.............
The late flowering Crab Apple is covered in a frothy, sea of beautiful blossom and some little beetley critters were enjoying the bounty.

No idea what they are, but there were quite a few of them, on the flowers and flying around and not just by the Crab Apple but in other areas of the garden as well.

If you have any idea what these beetles are I would love to know.
I did a search online, but couldn't see anything resembling them.

The roses are starting to bloom at long last and this beauty is Abraham Darby a stunning David Austin rose.

Wont' be too long before I can cut a few bunches to bring inside.

Fresh flowers in the house, on my bedside table and in the bathroom...........

There have been a couple of interesting visitors recently.

I found this young Magpie sitting in the garden Sunday morning.
It wasn't moving and it let me get close enough to touch it.
Obviously, it's just learnt to fly, but was struggling a bit.

It was still covered in alot of down with a few wing feathers.
I couldn't see mum anywhere and was worried that it had been abandoned.
I rang a friend who's a Wildlife Carer, Jo advised me to just keep an eye on it.
She said the Magpie mum would be around somewhere, but it was a warm day, so I put a dish of water next to it.

Mum eventually showed up and the baby followed her around the yard. I had to go out and when I returned a few hours later they had both disappeared.
It's nice having these interesting visitors, I much prefer them to the long, brown, slithery kind which can be found at this time of year !!


It's been fairly quiet here in the Sweet Birdy Love household, with the boys being away for a few days but they will be home in a couple of hours which will be lovely.
I have been busy doing all those houseworky things that I have been ignoring for a little while, lol.......

It's been a dull, overcast day here and trying hard to rain. We haven't had any decent rain for close to a month and with the warmer days the garden is drying out. I don't want to start the watering regime just yet..............
I even did a load of washing and hung it out hoping that might help the clouds drop their load and give the garden the drink it needs, but sadly they didn't and the washing dried, hehe........

Well, I have some Lavender Bags to fill, so I'm off to do that now.
Thanks for swinging past to check out my ramblings, it's nice to have you come visit.

You know I like interesting visitors.......

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

P.S. It's raining, woohoo...........finally.
I can hear it running down the spouting, but more important I can hear all the plants enjoying a drink, hooray.........


  1. I love your Lavender bags, they are so bright and cheery. The rose looks beatiful, the colour is so pretty. I'd be hanging out to have enough blossom to cut to bring inside too.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  2. If you need rain then have some of ours, please! Your stitching is so neat on your lavendar bags, very pretty.

  3. The spiny anteater is so cool!! ANd I love the magpie too. :)

  4. Don't you love the sound of rain! Your little houses are polka dots and your sweet Blog...thanks for visiting me! Hugs.

  5. Your lavender bags are lovely and the winter scene wall hanging they're on is really nice; is it metal?

  6. Glad your plants are getting a nice "drink". The echidna is very cute! Glad the Momma bird came down to help her baby figure out what to do. Ugh to long brown slithery things that come into your yard. I hope you keep very very long handled gardening tools handy. Your lavender bags are really lovely. And that rose is gorgeous!!

  7. Hi Claire! Just found your blog and loved it! There are so many pics of flowers that i haven't seen before. Nice to meet you and your blog and also i will be happy to be followed by you!

  8. Love the polka dots! you must be very busy now so close to Xmas.Must admit i'd rather an echidna visiting than a snake!

  9. Hallo! I loooooooove thepicof your huge rooster staring down the puggle! (puggle? Seriously?!). Echidnas are my favorite native creature so darn cute!

  10. I have never seen an echidna before! All we get are rabbits - not very exciting. Hope you have had a good week.

    Pomona x

  11. How cute is that little echidna?
    It must have been lovely to watch it - the only ones I've seen of late have been flat on the roads.
    The rose is just gorgeous, and the little maggie was lucky to find you Claire! cheers Wendy

  12. Thanks for leaving a comment and becoming a follower! Just looked through some of your previous posts and had to do a double take - your ginger cat could be our very own cat, Milhaus!

  13. gosh you have been a busy bee...hope you get lots of sales :o)
    Puggle is very cute x
    love jooles x

  14. Beautiful makes as always, Claire, and thanks for posting the pretty rose pics - we still have roses blossoming now, would you believe but I understand that all that`s about to change weather-wise from next week so getting my thermal `bloomers` out of hibernation in preparation!!!!Loving that mural on your wall...did you paint it? Have a good weekend, Claire. x

  15. Hello Claire!
    Your houses are so cheery, the colors you selected are beautiful. I love garden visitors, I have never seen an ant eater in person. I love the long thin nose so cute. That rose looks like such an English Classic, does it smell really good too? I have yet to make roses grow in my England garden sadly and I miss them! HUGS Lorraine

  16. clair those lavender saches are adorable, houses are my favorite. Thank you for the sweet comments. I love your creations.

  17. Super Awesome! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sorry it took so long to comment back.
    I've gotten some great ideas from your sweet blog.
    Cheers, Camille from camillecreates

  18. Awwww, your roses are beautiful. Mine are frost in this holler over a month ago.

    I've never seen a little critter like that one. I thought at first it was a baby porcupine.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful weekend!!! :o)


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