Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's Flower Power People ✿

Hello there and welcome to my garden..............I wish.

It could almost be my garden as it is directly across the road from my home.
For a few weeks each year ( if there are no heavy Spring downpours) I get to enjoy the
amazing array of Irises, without having to do any of the work, hehehe......

I went for a wander recently and snapped a few pics to share with you.

If you click on the pics, you will get a better view of the colour and markings on some of the blooms.

The variety of colours are amazing and I have to confess, I do have one or two Irises in my garden.
I mean, how could I possibly wander around and not order some for my very own !!

If you look closely you will see a beautiful golden haired, bathing beauty amongst the flowers.
I had to strategically position myself to take this photo so as to preserve her modesty!!

I love the way the trees frame the view of the nearby hills.
The sun was shining over in the distance, lovin' those big fluffy clouds..........

A sea of pink, blue and yellow with gorgeous roses at the edge of the garden.

So many colours, so hard to pick a favourite....

I did spy these chooks in the garden, fortunately they weren't escapees from my chook run.

I don't think they were doing much harm, just looking very cute.

Shall I tell you a secret? Promise not to tell?

Some years ago when these new neighbours moved in across the road.
My chickadees used to free range far and wide.
They liked to play 'chicken' and cross the road to get to the garden on the other side.........
I was rather horrified when I discovered they had scratched up all the mulch on newly planted carpet roses lining the driveway.
I raced home and grabbed the rake to quickly put all the mulch back in place and tidy up before the neighbours came home and discovered the mayhem my girls had created.

Needless to say, I kept a closer watch on them after giving them a stern telling off and forbidding them to play 'chicken' again.

Here's the real deal posing amongst the flowers.
Not too manly to have his pic taken in the garden.
Showing his more sensitive side hehe......

Been very quiet on the blogging front recently, not alot to say and not much taking place on the creative side, apart form the usual makes for my market stall, hence the silence.

But all is well........the weather continues to warm up and the Roses are blooming their heads off.
The perfume from plants in the garden is amazing, you can smell them across the other side of the yard........and we have a large house yard.
No 1 and I have been busy outside whipping the green stuff into submission getting ready for the coming bushfire season and short grass makes it easier to spot unwanted visitors......

This fella was enjoying a dose of sunshine on the nature strip on Monday, it's a red bellied black snake.
They are venomous but not fatal.
I have heard they eat baby brown snakes and sometimes their own.

It was quite happy just basking in the warmth and not particularly perturbed by my presence.
It's only the second snake we've seen here since we moved here 9 years ago, so that's not bad going .


Before I say 'ooroo, I must tell you about a lovely giveaway with a Hebridean twist that Alison is having over at Tweed Delights.
Think cute little croft houses, sheep and then something with a bit of sparkle on it.
Pop over and say 'hi' and put your name in the hat, the giveaway closes on November the 10th.

Ok, now is there anything else that I have to tell you before I go?
Nope, all's good.

Anyway, thanks for popping by, it's nice to hear from you all.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Love your photo's of the Irises. Very pretty colours.

    Leah x

  2. Claire,

    So gorgeous, and right across the way!
    You live in such a wonderful place.

  3. sharp intake of breath - oh wow, Claire, those iris are fabulous. I loved your chooky story, I can just see you sneaking across the road to resuscitate next door's garden :0)

  4. How lovely to have those Irises just across the road from you. They look beautiful.
    I hate snakes with a passion. I suppose that comes from the dangers of snakes being drummed into me by my Mum while growing up in W.A. I know they have there place in the animal world, but preferably not in my backyard. :)
    Anne xx

  5. Hey Claire,

    I've missed visiting with you...I have been so busy. Love the iris beds. We used to raise them and the aroma was divine.

    The chilly weather is really overtaking us lately...30's tonight. But I love it!!!!

    Headed to check out Alison's giveaway!

    Cheers...Janet xox

  6. What gorgeous photos.

    I had to laugh at the thought of you rushing over the road to tidy up after your hens!

  7. That's a lot of Iris flowers! Enjoying your spring pics very much - my cold feet are vicariously enjoying the sunshine!

  8. Beautiful pics, but my fav is the roo showing his sensitive side!

  9. You are amazing! I loved all the flower photos and you lead such a wonderful life in your beautiful part of the world. I appreciate you visiting my blog and I will be following you. I dream of the time when I retire and live on the back of Lookout Mountain and wake up each morning to nature, not a neighborhood.

  10. Your neighbors iris gardens are beautiful!! I bet your hens had a great time playing in the mulch!
    I watched a snake eat another snake once, so I know they do. Hope your wiggly friend eats any Browns that come around.
    I have a Aussie friend who went out to her shed a couple of nights ago and stepped on a snake... it was getting dark and she didn't see it. She is so lucky she didn't get bit.


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