Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shortbread and Jam Bunting

Hi there, I'd like to share some pics from this mornings diversion crafting...........the things you do when you really should be doing something else.

Yeah, you know what I mean?
Good then I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this.

These little embroidered hearts were started oooh, about 2 years ago and then tucked away in the sewing box until today.

It's bunting, yay.............. not quite finished.
Well, I thought I had and was just about to sew it onto the ribbon when I decided to hang it up to check spacing etc.

No. 1 said I needed to add a couple of more hearts and give it a bit more length, doh........

Ok, I have to admit he's right.
So a little bit more snipping and stitching needed and then I can hang it up.

He also said it reminded him of shortbread hearts with a jam filling.

Yum, that sounds delish.

I originally started making this having been inspired by some red and white Scandinavian embroidery that I had seen and this was my take on it.

I love the simplicity of the colours.

I'm also enjoying the roses which are blooming their beautiful heads off at the moment.

A bunch of Camp David roses on my bedroom dresser..............

Straight from the garden, beautifully scented and a gorgeous, rich, red.........

Let's back track to Tuesday morning and a beautiful, cloudy morning ( you know how much I like rainy, days !!)

There were two or three 'holes' in the cloud and the sun's rays shining through.

By the time I had found the camera it had changed slightly but was still beautiful.

You might get a better view by clicking on the pic to enlarge it.

So nice to get up early to see this sort of thing.

It looked like we were in for a stormy day, but the weather was teasing.
Black clouds, blue sky, black clouds........... nothing in the way of rain.

But, in the last 24 hours the heavens have opened up and most of the state has had a good drop of the wet stuff.

We had 60.5 mls (almost 2 ½ inches) so it's quite damp underfoot.
Fortunately, not too much water entered the garage (this time) but there was a 'mini tornado' in a township 40 mins away and some houses lost their roofs or part thereof.

Must've been rather scary for them, but no one was injured which is good.

Our berries will be enjoying the drink, we appear to have a bumper crop and they are plumping up nicely.

The 'undergardeners' have been put to work as the green shield bugs are back, sucking all the goodness out of the berries.

We don't spray, but pick them off by hand.

I think they smell like coriander when squashed, but I would prefer to feed them to the girls than squash them.........

I wonder if they'll lay coriander flavoured eggs?...............

A quick trip out to the shrubbery to snap a pic of

Gladiolus Cardinalis

which is flowering a the moment.

The heavy rain has bowed all the blooms, but they are beautiful and creating a lovely display.

A shovel full of bulbs from my mum's garden has multiplied quite a bit.

They always look elegant to me with the flowers borne on long stems.

Had to show you this pic taken 3 weeks ago when No. 1 and hubby were heading over to Adelaide for the Fleurieu Folk Festival..............

In the middle of nowhere (hmm good name for a blog!)
No. 1 decided it was a good place to break the drive, stretch the legs and go for a skate, as you do!!!!

Obviously there was no traffic around, but it does remind me of the Magilla Gorilla cartoon.

Remember, Magilla driving along in his little car and when it conked out he opened up the boot and took out a smaller version of the same car and when that conked out he opened up the boot and took out a pair of roller skates and strapped them on..............
Mind you I don't think Magilla had a top hat on and a guitar slung over his shoulder........

I'm heading into Albury to visit the Twilight Market which is on this evening.
I had put in an application to be a part of it, but it seems they have enough stall holders selling childrens goods.
I have to say I was quite disappointed as the concept is great.
An evening market centred around a lovely grassed area, live music,
food stalls and a craft market selling the stall holders' handiwork.

I understood their reasoning but.............
Oh well, next time I will just have to be a little quicker off the mark.

Hope you are all enjoying the week, whatever the weather.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and leave a comment, so nice to hear from you all.

Till next time,

Claire X


  1. Well hello Miss Claire, I was just thinking those hearts looked so Scandinavian and oh a little further down...there you go...exactly what you were thinking too. What a gorgeous shape that mirror is and with a bevelled edge too. I told Craig you called the chooks the "undergardeners"...we laughed. I love the photo of R. it would make a great album cover I think. This market will be a good opportunity to suss out who is going and what they are buying and then....maybe next time...Love to you my dear.

  2. Just loving your heart bunting. I'm sure you'll have some extras whipped up in no time at all.
    Your roses and gladys are gorgeous and it's good to see the chooks earning their keep.
    I love the photo of No. 1 skating down the highway, he's such a free spirit!! :)
    Anne xx

  3. Thanks for visiting me! I am enjoying reading your blog very much and I absolutely love your wonderful felt bunting - very inspiring indeed! I think I may have to whip up some brown and white shortbread or gingerbread decos too!

  4. Tha storm was a cracker!
    Your berries look so good. Mine are just newly planted and still so small!

  5. Hi Claire, I love those hearts, simple but effective. Beautiful flowers and mirror. Liz :)

  6. Love the bunting, and your baskets too!

  7. The hearts are really pretty - it doesn't take much to distract me from what I should be doing - in fact, I should be working right now, but it is more fun reading your blog!

    Pomona x

  8. Que bueno que somos muchas las que no hacemos lo que deveriamos es mas divertido, me encantas tus corazones para esta navidad serian ideales en el árbol ,que alegría encontrar trabajos que dormían y uno les da la vida, un beso.

  9. Beautiful Bunting and you`ve given me an idea for some shortbread!
    That pic of the boy is one for the album, Claire, it`s just so CLASSIC! It would look great on your Christmas cards too!
    Great to `see` you and little glimpses of your beautiful garden.x

  10. Those roses look gorgeous and I love your shortbread bunting!

    Fabulous photo of No. 1.

  11. Those little hearts are so sweet perfect for bunting and i just love your baskets.We had a mini cyclone out our way and lost lots of trees,thankfully not on any homes.

  12. I am loving the heart bunting, so pretty and simple, and those glady's are gorgeous and so too are the roses...actually, I like everything in this post!

  13. The heart bunting looks great, kind of a Scandinavian Christmas look to it. Lovely! The flowers look gorgeous too. Sorry to hear about the local tornado, that must have been awful for those in the town. :) x

  14. Hello love your heart bunting, I like to see something a bit different from the norm.

    Love the irises in your previous post too.

    My wrist is ok thanks, I just need to rest it :(

  15. First off...did someone say jam filled shortbread?!? And that has GOT to be Rich's album cover's perfect! ;0)

    Hearting that bunting missus x
    Loves and hugs and email underway...eek! ;0)


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