Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's Get Cosy............

It must be time for a cuppa.............anyone like to join me?

I finished the "Wibbly Wobbly" tea cosy today, so here's a photo to prove it, hehe.

It sat on the 'to do' pile for a few weeks but with a market coming up on Saturday I thought it was a good time to finish it off and see if anyone fancied a wibbly wobbly tea cosy!

I found the best light in the house for taking photos was in my bedroom so here it is on top of my dresser............

Here's the back view with it's wibbly wobbly verse..........

I love my little cup with it's bluebird. I bought it at a market when I lived in New Zealand back in the 90's.

Hmm, definitely time to pop the kettle on.
Ooh and I think there might be a banana and date muffin hiding in the cake tin too.......

Another beautiful bunch of roses to grace my dresser.

I have a mixture of Old Fragrance or Old Stinky hehe.......
as my friend Mabs jokingly calls it.
Mabs gave me a cutting off it a couple of years ago and it has grown like topsy even through out the drought and just before you start to has the most delightful fragrance.

That beautiful old world perfume that makes you swoon..............and I just ♥ the deep pink.

It would have to be one of my favourite colours, not that I wear it or have anything in my wardrobe in that shade.

Oh, almost forgot, tut, tut, David Austin's , Lady of Megginch is in there too.

See the heavily quartered flower at the front that's her.

Isn't she beautiful?

Whilst out in the orchard picking off the shield bugs I let the girls in so they can eat them, but unfortunately some of them are finding the berries much more appealing even though the lower ones are far from ripe.........

Our rooster Noddy, is quite a tall chap and when he stretches his neck he can reach quite a way up the canes.

Hmm, I don't mind sharing but.........

He's definitely airborne here........feet off the ground, trying to impress the girls with his acrobatics.

I think the grass needs a bit of a mow don't you?
Somehow No. 1 son seems to forget
this area as it's tucked away behind the wood shed..............

Red, yes........edible, no.

Don't even think about it !!
Won't be long before we are picking lots of beautiful berries.

Berry iceream, jam, sauce, muffins, hmmm.

I'm already out of ideas.....any suggestions.


Well, I hope you are all having a good week wherever you are.

My little Janome has been whirring away all week and there has been plenty of stuffing and stitching taking place.
I'm off to my fortnightly craft night and will be finishing off some stuffing and stitching, along with lots of chatting and laughing no doubt.
It's great to get together with other crafty ladies and see what they are all busy making.

I also received a packet of Sunflower seeds in the mail today.

Tanya from Suburban Jubilee sent them to me as a fundraiser for the Nettlefold Foundation which helps people understand and cope with depression. They also provide opportunities for life changing experiences for young people.

For $3.00 you will receive a packet of seeds which will bring sunshine into your life when they flower and you know how much I love Sunflowers..........

It's a great idea, pop over to her blog and read the story behind the foundation, it's very touching.

Righto, what was I going to do now, oh yes, time for a cuppa, so are you going to join me?

Okay, maybe next time, thanks for stopping by to say "hello" lovely to hear from you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. That tea cosy is soooo sweet! It's great to be in rose season again x

  2. Beautiful tea cosy, and beautiful roses too!

    Those naughty chooks, those berries must be nice YUM!

  3. What a beaut tea cosy, im sure you won't be bringing that one home from the market! Beautiful roses,just love this time of the year before it gets too hot.

  4. Hi Claire, your tea cosy is absolutely gorgeous - I love it. Do you do all the stitching by machine, including the writing? I would like to purchase one, if possible? Love the mirror and roses too. You are getting warmer, we are getting considerably colder so everything needs a tea cosy! Liz :)

  5. Love the tea cosy and the little bluebird cup - very pretty! Like the cheeky chickens too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. am I too late for a brew....having one of those mornings....and it's not even 9am!

    Love the cosy!xx

  7. The tea cosy is beautiful! Lovely photos too. I love making berry crumbles or baking them in cakes, great or smoothies too! Yumm, it will be a while before we get to eat fresh berries again over here! :) x

  8. I love that teapot cosy....I am sure it will be sort after at the markets.

    It's great having chickens too ...ours love being out and about grazing on the goodies in the garden.

  9. Wooo, no socks, it must be warm with you. Hope you didn't get your toes pecked after all.

  10. You did a beautilful job on that cozy, and that cup with bluebird is so pretty, I've never seen one like it. But those roses! Spectacular.

  11. Love the cosy Claire.I hope you sell well,I to have a fair on Saturday hoping to sell lot of Christmas things.

  12. I love your tea cosy! It is really sweet. And what is it about red toenails - chicken magnets?!

    Pomona x

  13. Hola el trabajo es precioso, el te muy tentador, las rosas mas que bellas desde aquí parecía sentir su aroma sin dudas las mas bellas del jardín y esas atrevidas gallinitas son encantadoras y muy divertidas ahora las frutas que deleite para una tarta,si la preparas te corto el pasto jaja ☺.... un beso, Sandra.

  14. Yes please - I'd love a cup of tea. Love your wibbly wobbly tea cosy too!

  15. Hi Claire!
    I love your tea cosy and those roses are

  16. Your wibbly wobbly tea cosy is just gorgeous! I love the little houses.

  17. Gorgeous tea cosy love the verse stitched on the back.

  18. I don't know how you are going to part with that tea cozy, i sure wouldn't be able to it's so cute.
    It looks like a perfect sunny day for you, here In British Columbia, Canada we woke up to -15 degrees celcius, brrrrrr.
    Enjoy your sunshine and your wonderful berries and roses.

  19. How I would love to join you for a cup of tea, and to help you eat all those delicious berries!!! Your pink roses are absolutely beautiful! And the newest tea cozy is so cute! I bet it was the first thing to sell at the fair! LOL, your Rooster is quite the show off, isn't he? :-) Hope you are having a wonderful day my friend.

  20. Looooove the tea cosy, and the adventure chickens!! You mow, I've got snow. :)

  21. Your tea cosy is REALLY CUTE!! I love the wobbly writing and the fabric design. Your chickens look in good spirits. I just sculpted a wonderful chicken and the glaze colors came out really deep and strong, it's a knitting chicken and is going to be an xmas gift for my mother.

    Lorraine :-}

  22. Oh I ADORE that tea cosy!! And your berries are lucky to have survived your hens so far :)


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