Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hooked on Bowls...........

What's a girl meant to do when all yarn is 40% off at your local Spotlight? some is the correct answer.............

So I did and I have been busy crocheting up this little bowl, using the wonderful tutorial Jacquie posted over at Bunny Mummy.
She's having a giveaway of some of her crocheted bowls, so if you'd like to enter, the giveaway is open till the end of September.

This is the smallest size and is 4 inches across and just over 2 inches high, but you can fit quite a bit in it.

I decided to add a bobble edge to it for a bit of interest, but you could do anything, the options are endless..........

Next time I might add a flower or two.

Almost forgot to upload this photo, so it's out of order but anyhoo.........

This little Joey (baby kangaroo) was the companion of my neighbour Erin at the Bright market last Saturday.
She's a wildlife carer, when you find injured animals you give Erin a call and she'll come and rescue them, nurse them back to health and then release them back into their environment.

These people are very dedicated, not only did Erin have this little Joey but also a baby possum, both of which need four hourly feeds!!

Righto, where were we?
Talking about yarny, hooky exploits.
This is the cotton yarn I bought on sale, gorgeous colours . They tumbled off the shelf and into my shopping basket before I could say a word and as I was in a bit of a hurry I just didn't have time to put them back ............

The little flower is from a pattern in the latest Mollie Makes...........

Well, this is the latest edition to arrive in our newsagents.
Remember, we get UK magazines weeks after UK residents.
So, I have to read all about it on blogs before I can get my mitts on my own copy.

I have finally got myself a snakeshead Fritillary, which I picked up at the market on Saturday.
A cake stall held by a local church also had a few plants and as we were all in the process of setting up our stalls I spied this and nearly had palpitations.

I have seen pics of these in English Country Living mag for many, many years, but this is the first I have ever seen in person.
It may not be the best specimen ever, but I just love the little chequerboard pattern on the flower.
It really is very interesting and intriguing.
I was assured they are very easy to grow and will withstand heavy frosts so I will find a special place in the garden and hope that it thrives.

So the market got off to an interesting start..........
I had spent money before I even set my stall up, lol...........

Once again it was a beautiful day for the market, lots of stall, lots of people, wonderful live music supplied by one of my favourite musos of the moment......Tom Tuena.
But, unfortunately I didn't sell very much at all and this is the second market in a row.
I know for a fact it's not the product but more a sign of the economic times.
I came home feeling very deflated and flat and it took quite a while to shake off this feeling.

I am booked in to the Bright markets till December and I do love my day up there, it's very social and lots of fun.
Anyway, I shall look at my options and think about how I do things, whilst keeping any eye on where everything is going and see what I come up with.

This week has been such a mixed bag of surprise there.
Would you believe it was 28 deg. on Monday, I spent the day out in the garden, working up a sweat, whipper snipping, weeding, digging, raking and doing all sorts of jobs. It was just lovely and No. 1 was my partner in all things gardening and we whipped the lawn (green stuff) into shape and it looks a picture, but definitely not perfect.

Monday night it was doona on, doona off until I couldn't stand it any longer and got rid of the doona altogether and grabbed a blanket...........

Tuesday, the warmth had disappeared and it was down to 15deg. and four seasons in one day.
So the doona reappeared with the blanket as well............

Today is chilly, sunny, overcast all at once and about 14deg.
I am feeling alot cheerier today and have been surprised how my emotions chopped and changed like the weather yesterday.

It always helps if you have a ..................


These two little fellas have become firm friends.
The little white faced calf has been the only calf about for a few weeks and all he wanted was someone his age to play with.

I would seem him run up to some of the older beasts looking to play, but they would always ignore him and keep on eating. I felt so sorry for him, all he wanted was to have some fun. Life seemed so boring for a little fella full of energy and mischief
Then a month ago the second calf was born and it's so lovely to see them running around together.

Calf No. 2 was having 'brekky' the other morning and Calf No. 1 was patiently standing there waiting for brekky to be over, so they could go and play...........
It reminded me of when you were kids and a friend would turn up and have to wait till you had finished your jobs or whatever, before you could go off and have fun.

Well this is just a snippet of the last few days.

I have another little crochet bowl on the go, I think I have caught the bug...........

There will be more sewing taking place a couple of orders to fill and when the weather warms up more gardening too.

Thanks for popping by to say "hi" and to new followers "Welcome, nice to meet you".

I hope the last few days have been creative in some way or another for you and that the weather is kind whichever hemisphere you live in.
I have to say I am loving reading about Autumn in the UK at the moment..........

So, till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hi Claire,
    Spotlight yarn eh?! I swear those balls have eyes on all yarn lovers and make a bee line for our baskets as we walk past minding our own business. The colours are very pretty and the basket you made gorgeous. I'm afraid if I start making them from Jacquie's lovely pattern, I won't be able to stop.
    It's a shame you didn't sell much at your last craft market. I hope the next one does much better for you.
    I love your new plant. I do hope the heart palpitations have eased off now and you've found the perfect spot in the garden for your precious new plant.
    Have a good one,
    Anne xx

  2. I have endless admiration for wildlife carers: They do a wonderful job. I'd like to think I could do it, but I get too easily attached...

    P.S. Kangaroos are my favourite native animal ~ aren't they just amazing? I love watching them bound across paddocks and over fencing: So effortless.

  3. Love your blog. The yarn colours are so pretty!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Ooooooh scrummy cotton yarn. Would have been unkind of you to leave it on the shelf!


  5. Hi Claire
    Great bowls, esp like the one with the flower - you've inspired me to make some now!
    Love your 'new look' - it's great
    Emily x

  6. Hi Claire

    Loving the crochet bowls with or without the flowers. Your choice of colors makes them so vintage sweet! Karen

  7. The bowls are beautiful but I love the Joey even more!! And I grew those fritillary in my garden in Nova Scotia ten years ago. Forgot all about them; I will have to see if they will grow here in Ontario. I just love them.

  8. Oh Claire, your friend Erin must be a very dear person. I so admire what she does to help these little creatures.
    Your new yarn is gorgeous and the little bowl you made so pretty!! So sorry to hear that your booth did not do as well as you hoped. I'm sure it will be better the next time.
    The little calves must be very entertaining to watch. I think I drive my DH crazy every time we have to drive somewhere. I see fields of cows and start cooing "oh look it's baby cows!" And the next field, "Oh see how cute they are when they play together? and the next field "those are such smart cows, standing under the tree for shade." I don't think he wants to hear my cow commentary anymore. But that's just too bad for him, cuz I can't help it! I just love all creatures, and those are the ones I see the most when we drive.

  9. I LOVE your crochet bowls Claire - very fab :D I have some yarn envy for your stash, now I've got into the crochet malarkey, hehe!

    Autumn in the Hebrides is a little grim this week - rain and wind for us :/

  10. I love those little bowls you've crocheted Claire.
    And the picture of little Joey all cuddled up. I know what you mean about the economic climate - its the same here as well. The things you make are beautiful. Hope you get lots of sales next one you do.

  11. I too admire Erin - it takes a lot of patience to look after these little creatures (I love possums too). Beautiful photo.
    The bowls are so pretty Claire, and practical.
    I'm fascinated by the Fritillary - had never heard of it before. An exciting find.
    My heart melted when I read your words about the calves... delightful!

  12. I love your bowl with it's bobble edging; I wonder if you did a bigger bowl with a flower on the side, it could be a hat?

    Snakeshead Fritillaries are fabulous aren't they, such unusual markings?

    What cute calves, they must look so cute playing together.

  13. Hi Claire, I enjoyed reading your post, your blog is lovely and I'm looking forwards to exploring past posts x

  14. Colored yarns remind me of icecream I have no idea why!

    I am such a sucker for wild animals.... My husband will tell you this is so! I will do just about anything to save one. You should try singing to cows they love it!
    HUGS lorraine :-}

  15. Hi Claire,
    Thank you for your lovely comment. I do hope your stall does better next time, as you say it's not the product, as your work is beautiful. Love the bowl - I started one last night but I shall have a look at the pattern you mention. Your story about the cows made me smile. Have a lovely week :) Liz


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