Wednesday, September 7, 2011

With A Zip Zip Here and a Zip Zip There......

Hello there, thanks for popping by for a visit, you're all very welcome and firstly let me say a BIG THANKYOU for all the lovely, encouraging comments you left on my last post.

Each and everyone is very much appreciated.........

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy your visits.

Well, the tea cosy making is put to one side while I am in 'market sewing' mode.

Today I decided to whip up some little Spring inspired zip purses.
I have made these in the past and they proved to be quite popular, so..........

Take some blue polka dot fabric and a doily and there you have it.

Secondly, some more polka dot fabric (of course) and a little of my embroidery
and No. 2 is finished............

You can click on the pics for more detail.
Remember wonky lines and frayed edges are what I love and add to the texture and overall look of my work.

I've used hot pink and pale blue fabric for the lining and we're done.

I'll need to whip up another 2 or 3 before I'm finished and while I have the 'how to' under control........

If you would like a good tutorial on how to make these little zip purses I used one from

I was a little naughty on it was such a beautiful sunny morning I decided to play hooky and head over to Myrtleford for a little Op shop therapy and looking for inspiration.

Perhaps I was just trying to avoid other jobs!!

Now you would think they would be open on a Monday wouldn't you?
Well, one was and one wasn't.............hmmm, make a mental note of that one.....

There wasn't alot to be found sadly, but I did pick up the above embroidered doily and
after I laundered it I very bravely cut into it.

I have placed a clue in the photo as to what I have made with the doily, but
finishing touches need to be added before I can show you a photo.

Ok let's head outdoors for a wander around the garden and a breath of fresh air.

It's a beautiful day when the sun comes out and fluffy, cotton wool clouds abound.

Prunus Elvins is deepening in colour and looking beautiful.

We have had quite a bit of rain in heavy downpours this week, which really isn't good for the blossom but everything seems OK and hopefully not too many flowers were blown off the fruit trees.

I'm looking forward to eating sun warmed fruit straight from trees, so we need the bees to pollinate the flowers before the wind or rain knock them off.

A couple of late flowering Daffodils.

The colour hasn't been picked up by my camera but the Daff on the left has a lovely coral pink
Corona and the Daff on the right is a double which has deep yellow and orange in the middle and reminds me of scrambled eggs.


Whilst my Op shop adventure on Monday wasn't particularly fruitful I will be heading in to 'Big Town' on Friday and will be visiting my favourite Op shop where I have found many treasures, so I hope it will yield one or two more.

While I was in Myrtleford I stopped in at the Butter Factory for a coffee and had a lovely Parmesan, leg ham and parsley muffin complete with some of their beautiful butter.
Click on the link to read about the butter factory and there are also some lovely recipes on their web site. Ever had hotcakes with chocolate butter? Sounds interesting.......

Well, I better get the vacuum cleaner out and clean up all the threads and fabric scraps strewn around the floor, then it's time to start thinking about dinner.

I hope all is well and you are having a good week thus far.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X

------RIP Dorothy------

On Monday my beautiful Dorking, Dorothy died.

Not sure why, you know what chooks are like when they are ill.

I checked to see if she was egg bound having looked up a lot of information on the net.
No.1 was very helpful in holding her while I donned the latex glove etc. etc.

She wouldn't eat or drink and had difficulty walking.
If anyone has any ideas, clues or thoughts, I would be interested to hear them.

A little story about Dorothy.
I used to let my chooks free range in the paddock.
Well, Dorothy decided to free range over to the next property and fortunately the neighbours were away at the time.
No.1 and I headed over there and searched amongst sheds, garden beds, hedges.
When we found her she had no intention of being caught and loudly told us so as she ran away at top speed............
She ended up under their house roosting on plumbing pipes, so we went back under cover of darkness and wriggled in under the house, with fishing net .
Eventually, we managed to catch her but the noise she made was unbelievable, I was worried other neighbours would call the police thinking someone was being murdered!
We bundled her up and got into the car and drove home as quick as we could...........

She was a wonderful mum and raised 3 beautiful chicks.
Her fine feather markings and beautifully subtle colours never ceased to amaze me.

Yep, you guessed it I love my chooks.........


  1. Sorry to hear about Dorothy, she was a beautiful girl with lovely colouring. Craig caught one of the leghorn crosses yesterday to bring her in for a wing clip and the noise! I really thought someone was being murdered. Never heard such a carry on before. Can't wait to see the pictures of the finished ..... you clever thing.

  2. So sorry to hear about Dorothy. She was a very handsome chook.
    The two little zip purses you've made Claire are gorgeous. I especially love frayed edges and wonky lines, makes thing full of character. Hmmmm, are you making a bunny from that doily, a bunny with yellow polka dot ears?
    I love the Butter Factory and visited there on the way to the snow a couple of years ago. Lucky you to have just visited.
    I had a chuckle at your description of going to 'Big Town'. My parents refer to their once a week grocery shopping expeditions as going to 'Big Town' or 'Little Town'. Must be a country thing! :)
    Have a lovely evening Claire and keep warm. It's freezing down here tonight.
    Anne xx

  3. a nice eulogy for a chook - I love hearing chook stories...

  4. Sorry to hear about Dorothy. She sounds like she was a real character...I don't know how long you had Dorothy but chooks dont live that many years.

    Love the little purses, they look great, and so does your garden :)

  5. Oh nooooo! You poor thing :( Dorothy is happy in chooky heaven stomping about angel Vegie gardens no doubt :) She was beautiful. Huge hugs x

  6. Aw, I'm so sorry about your chook, Claire :/ Your Spring zipper purses are just gorgeous! (I used the same tutorial for mine - that lady deserves a medal,hehe!)

  7. The purses are beautiful, I love the colours and embroidery. Sorry for Dorothy. :) Liz

  8. Oh Claire, that prunus is so beautiful. And i've seen the pictures on bulb catalogs of the more unusual varieties of daffodils, but never seen them growing. I like the yellow polka dots with the embroider piece and think it will be a winner!
    Rest in peace, beautiful Dorothy

  9. Hello Claire,

    So sorry about Dorothy, she was a beauty.

    Now you know I am loving those beautiful zipper bags with the doily embellishment. That's right up my alley!

    Be sure to enter my fabric is open to international followers.
    $50.00 worth of fabric is nothing to sneeze at.

    Have a lovely week
    Janet xox

  10. RIP Dorothy. My boss has just lost another four hens to Mr Fox but quickly replaced them with four young `uns and guess what Mr Rooster-of-All-Roosters is doing? He`s being as nice as pie to the new cickadees and completely ignoring the old gals!!!Typical male, eh?
    Love all your new things Claire and love your new look too. Happy Weekend to you. xxx

  11. I'm sorry to hear about Dorothy, she was a lovely looking hen.

    Can't wait to see what you make with the doily and yellow polka dots.

  12. So sorry about your hen, Dorothy. The pale pink flowers on the plum are sooo pretty! And I'm sure your little zipper bags will be a hit at the fair!

  13. Aww Claire, such sad news about Dorothy, its awful when a much loved animal dies but remember the happy, chickeny life she led xxx ps your garden is so gorgeous in Spring and the blue polkadot purse is so pretty, love it xxx

  14. Aww poor Dorothy, no real suggestion but when I was little I had a chicken called Dorothy (and one named Henrietta after the chook in return to oz) and she sadly died after acting much the same as your Dorothy?! but we never did find the real reason.
    loving those zip pouches. your embroidery is so pretty.

  15. So sorry to hear about Dorothy. I hate losing chickens, and I've been through the "unexplained illness" thing myself. She was a real beauty. xox

    Your Prunella Elvis (or whatever it's called!) is gorgeous! And I know I would LOVE a place called The Butter Factory. :)

  16. I love your purses, so pretty! Sorry to hear about Dorothy, don't know much about chickens but I'd be sad to lose one x

  17. Hello again Claire! Thanks for your comment on my blog :) the sloes are very much like blueberries, but with stones in the middle. I'll have a look and see if there's a muffin recipe anywhere, however I think they're very bitter so I'll have to find a way to sweeten them first! x

  18. Hello,

    thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the goyt valley scenery! Personally, I think it's a bit poor scenery wise (there are far better views to be had in the Peak) but it's still nice to walk there! I'm so lucky to have grown up in the Peak District! It looks like you also live in an area with stunning scenery, judging by the views of your garden!


  19. Hi Claire, just popped over from someone else's blog comment.. I am so sorry about your little chooky.. they have such character don't they.. as someone else mentioned, they don't live very long unfortunately.. I really love your little purses...

  20. Cooo'eee!!!
    (i am emailing i promise...lots to for the hills!)...but wanted to pop in to say poor Dorothy :(

    Our Henny Girl suffered similar fate, hers started off with bumble foot, but she was quite an old girl too...but sorely missed all the same so sending big hugs your way and threatening long and boring email! :)

  21. Hello Claire, Thanks for visiting me! I am glad you did because I have really enjoyed visiting you and I absolutely love your handiwork - it's gorgeous!!
    And sorry about Dorothy - it's funny how chickens often become proper pets - I think its their sweet characters!

  22. Oooh lovely purses - I like the green polka dot one best :)
    And nice to get an opportunity for an Oppie Outing, always puts you in a better mood for that whihc must be delt with I find !
    Poor Dorothy, chooks do pass away for mysterious reasons sometimes, its always the favourites - never the skatty horrid ones :(
    And the Buttery factory - ah memories - I hear they have wonderful new lines, so lucky to be close by to keep "well informed".


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