Thursday, September 15, 2011

Snip, Knot, Stitch

Hello there and welcome, thanks for stopping by.
It's been a little while since my last post, but I haven't fallen off the radar completely...........

Last Friday I looked out the window and saw the approaching storm, so I threw on my boots grabbed the camera and raced out into the paddock to take a few pics.

I loooove the wonderful inky blue clouds contrasting with the Pale pink prunus.
Well, the storm veered away from us and we just got a light shower, but the recent rain has finally put an end to the delicate till next Spring.

Tuesday I had to head over to Corowa and on my way home, racing (within the speed limit) against the clock to get back in time for work, I spied this Canola crop.

As you can see it was an overcast day but this splash of yellow across the paddock was just stunning, so I stopped and took a couple of pics to show you.

As usual the photo doesn't do it justice, but for all of you who are experiencing a mellow Autumn
and perhaps needing a bit of colour to brighten up your day, well, this is for you.

Looky, looky what I received from a friend.

This cotton reel "tree" complete with lovely vintagey wooden reels belonged to my friends mum and he didn't have any use for them, nor did his wife, so he thought I might be able to use them.

Use them, are you joking, I just love looking at the two little half reels on the top and bottom row.

I also received another little carry bag full of various cottons.............I was thinking of asking about any old tins of buttons that might be lying around, unloved and gathering dust, but didn't want to push it.

One day, when the spare room becomes my sewing room this little 'tree' of cottons will hang on the wall somewhere.

Ok, so I've been busy sewing, that's why I haven't been blogging, so here's a couple of pics of the latest 'makes'........
Some blanket bunnies and my little lop eared, cashmere bunny.

She's lovely and soft and loves to be cuddled, she has a sweet vintage embroidered heart on her.

Flip, floppy, polka dot ears and turn her around and what do you find?..........

Lovely vintage embroidery.............

I now have a basket full of cute little bunnies for my market stall on Saturday, so I hope there are some folks who have a bunny on their shopping list, hehe......

Another little zip purse, it just had to have bunting on it.

I am a 'bunting lover' from way back and not ashamed to say it and as the saying goes
In Spring a young man's thoughts turn to .........whatever,
well mine turn to bunting, so I think there might be more in the pipeline.

Ok, who's up for a little garden tour, well follow me then.

I was on the receiving end of some Camellias from a friend, aren't they just gorgeous.

The vase they are in weighs a tonne, so there's no chance of it tipping over.

Boots on we're going outdoors.

After the stone fruit the Nashi Pear is the next to flower.
Certainly has pulling power for the bees.

The Crab Apples are covered in buds and blossom.

I just love the combination of raspberry pink and paler pink.
I look forward to this every Spring.

As I wandered towards the shrubbery, lamenting the lack of variety in the garden what did I spy but this beautiful butterfly.
I started snapping madly, hoping to get a good pic of it but it was flitting and not settling so this was the best. Click on the pic for more detail as it was a stunner.
I don't know what sort it is, as I have never seen this variety around here before, so I was quite entranced by it.

A short tour, time for a cuppa.

It's been a beautiful day and we are heading for 25 deg. on Saturday, eek, I will have to expose arms and legs at that temp. Sunglasses everyone!!


Thank you all so much for the kind comments on my last post regarding Dorothy.
Pets become part of the family whether they be furry, four legged or two legged and covered in feathers, so I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Now while you're all here, I want to tell you about a wonderful giveaway over at Little Woollie,
click on the link and scroll down to Jules giveaway post.
If you like crochet, you'll love this wonderful cushion Jules is giving away.
Hmm, maaaaaybeeeee I shouldn't have mentioned it afterall, hehe.....

Well, I'm off to bed, it's late and I've got to be up before Sparrow pop, so toodle pip
and till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Hey Claire, those bunnies are gorgeous, i'm sure they will find loving homes at the market! You have been busy!! We have had some pretty dark skies down this way too, quite spectacular, you are lucky to have those beautiful canola fields around you, such intense colour! Thanks for spreading the word on my give away, hope you have good luck! have a great week! julie:)

  2. Envying you your spring, I am greedy and want two springs! Lucky you getting the bobbins, what kindness - I'd just look at them too.

  3. I love the cotton reel tree. I think that I would just want to enjoy looking at it too.

  4. Hello Claire,

    I am in love with the cashmere bunny!!!!!!!! Sigh.......

    I want to comment on the flowers and the weather, but I'm too infatuated with the cashmere bunny...double sigh.......

    Janet xox

  5. Hi Claire, I love how the storm clouds make plant blooms luminescent in that pre-storm light. How cute little embroidered bunny turned out, but you know I love anything with polka dots. Good luck at the market on Saturday. I am doing a growers and Lee is doing a horticulture one...all three of us on Sat at different sorts of markets! You have been very disciplined with your consistent work over the winter, something I lament to Lee that I "am going to do better next year". I certainly wouldn't mind a 24C day but I think they are another month off at least for us.

  6. Hi Claire, I love the storm cloud photo, just beautiful. As for the bunnies, especially that lop eared one.....GORGEOUS.
    How lovely to have the cotton reel tree given to you. I've got all my cottons stored in a plastic fishing reel tackle box which is not nearly as exciting or interesting as a cotton reel tree.
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  7. Hi Claire, just testing to see if I'm able to leave a comment.

  8. What a thoughtful friend to bring those vintage sewing things to you. The little wooden thread tree is wonderful! I love all the cute things you make! Your craft booth is going to be a winner with the crowds this year! The views in and around your garden are always so beautiful! You are so blessed.

  9. The bunnies are precious! The pictures are beautiful ...look like paintings. Karen

  10. Gorgeous pictures, a beautiful spot you have there. Before the blossoms blew away with the storm, you got to enjoy snd photograph them :)
    I love your bunnies especially their slanted ears and their little tails! So cute!

  11. Lovely photos, especially those of the dramatic stormy skies and your pretty garden. 25 deg! I don't think we reached that here all summer (uh oh, I'm moaning about the weather again!)

  12. Crabapple tree? I never knew they were so beautiful in bloom. And those camellias, the tree must be huge......
    Wonderful pictues of nature and darling makes too

  13. Hi Claire - was wondering where you'd got to! I can see your time has been well spent - these bunnies are gorgeous, cute little crochet bobtails too, hehe :)
    Great to see your outdoor pics as always - I'm very envious of your vintage cotton reel tree - very fab!
    Alison :D

  14. That first photo is stunning, I love the blossom against the dark sky.

    The cashmere bunny is absolutely adorable!

  15. Congrats on your new lives! The bunnies are special. I love the eyes on the larger ones so expressive and the little cashmere bunny looks so cuddly and loving, a perfect lemon puff. The sky in that first shot! Love it. The bunny ears look like they are being blow by that wind!

    Lorraine :}


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