Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring Has Sprung..........the Tea Cosy Is Done

Welcome to September and's now official

And the Sunflower tea cosy is finished............
ta dah.......

Green and white polka dot lining finished it off.

My creative advisor, aka No. 1 son, suggested it needed a Ladybird.

Thanks for the idea Rich, it has added a little something extra.

I love Sunflowers and I know I'm not alone there...........

There's a packet of seeds on the bench waiting patiently to be planted.

Busy bees doing what they do on the pic to
see the detail.

Turn it over and there's a saying by Pedro Calderon de la Barca

"Light enchanted Sunflower thou
who gazest ever true and tender
on the sun's revolving splendour."

More floral goodness.

A vase of deep, red Camellias, a little past their prime perhaps, but still beautiful.

They're not from my garden but that of a friend who has them lining her driveway.
Several different colours, all very happy and flowering profusely..........

Another little crafty project I finished this week..........

An order for a bub due in a few weeks.
Apparently mum and dad have a Kombi.

It was a bit fiddly to make on a small scale but I'm happy with how they turned out.
Somehow I don't think I'll go into production though.

Heading outside for a wander on the first day of Spring, the Crab Apple is coming into leaf and bud. It's at least two weeks early so I hope that means we get to enjoy the beauty for an extra couple of weeks. Hopefully Spring storms won't ruin the display..........

Prunus Elvins is already in bloom and as the weeks pass it will deepen in colour to a lovely pink.
As you can see by the blue sky (love the reflection in the dam) it was a perfect day.

A day in which I planned to sew up a storm but feeling a little under the weather this morning saw me spending more of the day in bed than I had intended.
Mid morning, I was up and at it and whilst taking things slowly, I did manage to do get a bit done and get outside and enjoy soaking up some Vitamin D.


Well Spring, you are very welcome, although I am a little sad to say 'Farewell' to Winter, I know that there will still be quite a few evenings spent in front of the heater enjoying the cosiness ............

I hope wherever you are, you can enjoy the changes a new season brings.

Thankyou all for visiting.
As the week draws to a close, I hope it's been a good one for you and you have been inspired by the beauty around you.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Spring looks lovely at your house.

    That is one gorgeous tea cosy...

  2. Gorgeous tea cosy! Spring has certainly sprung at your place, Claire!

  3. Claire, the tea cosy is WONDERFUL and I do love those little combi van singlets.
    I do believe I have one of those red Camellias in my front garden, such a gorgeous colour.
    Your spring world is looking lovely. I hope the sunshine today has you feeling better.
    Anne xx

  4. Oh wow - that was worth waiting for! Your tea-cosy is amazing! Love all the detail :D

    Those little vests are darn cute - I bet they were pretty fiddly to make :) Hope you are feeling better Claire - it's brightening up here as the day goes on. (I shouldn't really 'be here' - I'm supposed to be tidying, hehe!)

  5. D.I.V.I.N.E. Love the tea cosy and it is worth every bit of effort. The ladybird especially Rich.

  6. Very cute! Do you have a special machine for that? It's wonderful!

  7. I just LOVE the tea cosy

  8. Lovely tea cosy, the ladybird is a brilliant addition. And yet again my head splits as I reconcile September being Spring for you, with blossom and all that. Now over here, it is what I call a proper September, golden with the leaves turning, AKA autumn...but I wouldn't mind some of your spring again.

  9. Claire, I want to buy your sunflower tea cozy! Seriously. I know you are trying to make things for your craft booth, but I think it needs to come and live in Kansas with me.

  10. Hi Claire
    Firstly - I LOVE the new-look blog! Gorgeous...
    Secondly - I wondered if you'd seen my comment a while ago about wanting to buy one of your lovely tea cosies? I just love them! I hope you don't mind me asking.
    Enjoy the spring - autumn is well and truly on its way on this side of the world
    Emily x

  11. Wow, thankyou all for such lovely comments. Got a bit of a surprise when I turned the computer on !!

    Jemm, no special machine, I just adjust my settings and use a darning foot and off I go. Just google free motion embroidery.

    Gretel, you might be wanting some of our Spring I'll swap it for some of your beautiful Autumn.

    Gayle, I have the tea cosy earmarked for a friend who asked me to make one some time ago, but if it's not 'her cup of tea' hehe....... then it's off to Kansas.

    Thankyou all for taking the time to say 'hi' it's much appreciated,

    Claire X

  12. The tea cosy is truly gorgeous! The colours are so Springlike, everything about it is amazing.

    Spring is my favourite time of year, I wish we could swap!

  13. Hi Claire,
    It was lovely of you to visit me and I am thrilled that you enjoyed my blog. That tea cosy is adorable. Beautiful work. Monkey bread is also known as Cinnamon Buns. My sister is America calls it Monkey bread - no idea why! Have a lovely weekend. Liz xx

  14. That tea cosy is simply brilliant! I am full of admiration for your skills with a needle.

    Spring: what a wonderful season and imagination generator!

    Although it's almost autumn here in France ... with temperatures around 37°C today!

    I am holding a giveaway... maybe you woul like to see if the gifts are to your liking. If so I think you deserve a little celebratory win after such a masterpiece of crafting ;-)

  15. your tea cosy is incredible and very beautiful just like your spring blossom.
    I hope you are feeling much better now
    jooles x

  16. Love your tea cosy! The sunflowers are so cheerful and the lady bug (bird) is just the right touch!

  17. Hey Claire, loving that tea cosy, you are so clever with your sewing machine!!! I have just put in a heap of different sunflower seeds, so hope they give me a good display later in the year. And I love those kombi singlets, so cute! Your garden is looking great too, have a great week, Julie :)

  18. Your tea cosy is lovely! You are so talented and I really admire your handywork. I know, the weather is something we can talk about but do nothing about except to appreciate it. We have rain for the first time in a long time. Only 1/2 inch the whole month of August and already it has rained 3 or 4 inches in one day, but now it is September. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

  19. Wow!!! nice work (and skills) with the writing!! Looks like hard work to me.


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