Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finding Inspiration

How do you manage to keep the creative vibe going when you are working on a production line?

In preparation for next months market I have quite a bit of sewing to get through and am finding it difficult to get motivated............

So, still thinking about strawberries, I decided to have a change of 'scenery' and have made some sewing needle books with strawberries rather than the usual chooks.

The weather obviously is influencing my creativity and Spring themes are in the air.

It's taken me a while but I have found a few little tips and tricks to make the job of sewing multiple things a little easier.
Obviously, a production line of drawing, cutting and sewing makes the process quicker but new designs no matter how simple make it more interesting.

The back looks just as interesting as...........

The front........

'Berryliscious' is obviously an amalgamation of delicious and luscious !!!!!!!

I think you know what I was getting at..........

There's plenty more sewing to be done, so hopefully I will keep working away at it building up stock slowly rather than my usual last week rush.

After two weeks away No. 1 has returned home.

While he was way up north at Airlie Beach he picked up some sea glass for me............

Discarded glass tumbled and smoothed by the ocean and then thrown up on the shore.
I love it and the fact that he thought of me and bought it home.

The blue piece is beautiful and reminds me of the black faced sheep down the road..........

After being away for so long he was keen to get on the ride on mower and mow the 'lawn' green stuff outside so it looked cared for...........
Who was I to deprive him off this pleasure?

Another little job he likes to do is keep the glass screen on the wood heater clean.
Two weeks of soot build up wasn't going to move without some elbow grease.
He did suggest I could've cleaned it while he was away.
But once again who am I to deprive him of the satisfaction?
And you do know if you can see the flames, you feel warmer!!

I have to smile to myself, when he says things like this. Not that long ago he was having a dig at me about being so fussy as to how the housework and certain jobs were done.
Now I see it coming out in him and I just smile...........

Don't get the wrong idea, I am definitely not an obsessive housekeeper............

Read: don't turn up unannounced, you might be in for a shock, hehehe............

The fine weather continues and trees are blooming well out of their usual time.

The Manchurians are still putting on a lovely display. The first is now in leaf with the second just in blossom. The bees are having a field day.

The Crab Apples are starting to come out in leaf and it's still August (just).

A beautiful time of year and it's so nice to have sunny days, but once the sun disappears behind a cloud, you do notice the drop in temp.

I am slowly but surely getting on top of the weeds in the garden, along with the help of some feathered friends.
I wish I had their eyesight, they are so quick to grab the tip of a disappearing worm or grub.

Akin to crop circles.......but I know what causes them.............

Two weeks ago I noticed these 'interesting' vapour trails in the sky.

Obviously there was fog at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne and they were killing some time till it cleared.
Or were they just bored?

It made for interesting viewing. I wonder if anyone else noticed?

I love seeing things like this..........


Well, that's a little bit of news from the Sweet Birdy Love household.

I hope your week is going well and that maybe you see something small and discarded , the beauty of which makes you smile.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and see what I am up to.

Till next time, take care,

Claire X


  1. Production lines are not much fun. All I can suggest is putting on your favourite music to bop away to while sitting at the machine. Sometimes I have to do that when I'm cleaning bathrooms, it's a job I loathe but it's got to be done.
    You must be enjoying have your son home again for his company and the help that he is to you. Now you have nice cut grass and a clean fireplace window. Don't you just love the smell of freshly cut grass and my other all time favourite is freshly ploughed ground.
    It looks like those jets were having fun in the sky. What we would call in W.A. doing bog laps!! :)
    Isn't it nice to see things starting to flower with spring in the air. I have some more bulbs coming out which is very nice.
    Sophie is pawing at me to get her tea so I'd best get on with the evenings activities.
    Anne xx

  2. Love your needle books Claire - especially that they look so good from the reverse too - fab! :D That fire looks really cosy, I could snuggle up in front of it right now. It's a bit dull & grey here today : /

  3. Love the strawberry needle books, they look great. The fire is looking really good too, getting colder here now and thinking about putting the wood burning stove on soon! Seems to early though as it's only August! Great photos and I love the sea glass your son brought home! :) x

  4. What a sweet post Claire. I love your needle books and I'm loving your pictures of spring. It's pretty cool here today ...feels Autumnal and I'm OK with that...phew :0)
    I'm also loving the sea glass your lovely son brought you . It makes me happy to to notice something small and beautiful or patterns in the clouds.
    Have a great week .
    Jacquie x

  5. Hello Claire,

    Those needle books are adorable!!!!!!!

    I am no good at making the same thing twice...get bored way too easily IO guess.

    Our weather is starting to show minute signs of Fall...cooler morning temps and prettier sunrises.

    My secret agent and I are big jet stream fans..they actually create their own cloud formations sometimes. Love it when the break up and form a row of X/Y chromosome looking designs. Very cool.

    Happy #1 is home and mowing and cleaning ;->

    Enjoy the day
    Janet xox

  6. I think folks will really like your berrilicious needlebooks!! I do. It's good that #1 is so willing to do some of the chores around the place. I don't have any of my "helpers" here, so I get to do it all. Well, DH does some of it.

  7. I love the needlecases; it's amazing the transformation the embroidery makes.

  8. Pretty needlebooks Claire, as you are heading into spring we are moving towards autumn and all things cosy.........can you tell I love autumn.


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