Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes.........

Turn back the clock a week and we were having quite heavy frosts, followed by beautiful sunny days.

Frost creates wonderful icy outlines on the Violets.
Beautiful, sweet, scented flowers.
Quite a few little posies find their way onto my bedside table before Winters end........

One week later, the temperature is up around 20deg. and gardening outside is definitely a T shirt job.

It's hard to stay inside when the garden is calling and all the jobs you have been ignoring over Winter are still waiting............

I have been busy working in the vegie garden, barrowing loads of manure from the paddock. Preparing beds for vegies and flowers.

I noticed the Rhubarb flowering..........love the combination of green and pink.
You would almost think it's a new strain of cauliflower !

More green and pink in the shrubbery.

This dark pink Camellia is my favourite.

Where did I put my secateurs?
I need to cut some and bring them inside.

When my favourite Camellia is in flower I just have to fill this vase full of them.

It belonged to my mum and I don't really remember her using it when I was a child.
I think it was always full of old keys, hair pins, a few coins and maybe a couple of stamps!!

I love the turquoise with the deep pink.
The little clock on the right, once belonged to my father in law.

I wish I had asked him about it's history ................ beautiful colours and delicate flowers.

"A house with Daffodils in it,
is a house lit up, whether or no
the sun be shining outside."

A.A. Milne

All this sunny weather has my thoughts turning to Spring and therefore Summer and it's coming out in my crafting.

A sneak peek at a WIP I started this morning.

It had to be Sunflowers, I love them and grow some each Summer.
They're bright and cheery and the bees love them.
Yes, those little brown things are going to be bees ..................

Tigger is enjoying the warm weather too and what would be more fun than a roll in the dirt.
Get covered in grass and leaf litter and head inside leaving a trail behind you............

Thanks Tig, I love you too.


So this is a little bit of what's happening here at Sweet Birdy Love.

You all know how much I love Winter, but the warm temperatures, blue skies and bees buzzing about has my mind racing ahead of me.
I'll just have to slow down and take one day at a time and make sure that when the warm weather arrives I'm ready for it.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm linking to Winter Wednesday over at
Head over there and take a look for some more wonderful Winter posts.

Till next time, take care

Claire X


  1. I.like.your.enthusiasm....but.I.don't.think.Jack.Frost.is.finished.with.us.yet.

  2. Two beautiful mornings in a row here in Central Vic and we are still in winter. I am suspicious....surely there are more frosts to come.

    Having said that, I too, am going to enjoy the lovely weather while we have it!

  3. No T Shirts here, unless it is covered by a warm jumper.
    I too love Sunflowers. I want them at my funeral.
    Those Daffadils are lovely too.


  4. Claire, that flowering rhubarb is so pretty. I didn't know they did that... Lovely pictures and work. Do you fertilize your camellia? Its so lush.

  5. Please send some of that cool frost my way. 110 today!! They keep saying it's going to cool off and I'm still waiting. I LOVE your sunflowers!!

  6. Would you believe we are having lovely weather down south too! Nice to hear you've been out in your garden enjoying your flowers and bringing some inside to enjoy.
    I've never seen rhubarb flowering before, it's quite spectacular.
    Your sunflowers a wonderful and looking forward to seeing this little project finished.
    And then there's Tigger. He's adorable, doing what cats do best.
    Enjoy your sunshine.
    Anne xx

  7. What great signs of the coming warmth. I never knew Rhubarb flowers looked like that, but am hoping to find out for myself soon. I love your Mum's vase too, I just inherited one of my grandmother's golf trophy vases (better than a little gold plastic person on a hideous gaudy stand) which I love. Perhaps I'll have to post about that one on my blog.

    Your cat is too cute, loving that dust bath.

  8. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing your Winter Wednesday it is so full of colour, I think Spring is nigh...

  9. I did wonder if it was an unusual type of cauliflower!!!! Tigger is so cute. I'm loving this warm spell!

  10. Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)


  11. Isn't it totally t shirt weather?

  12. Beautiful garden photos. I've never seen a rhubarb flowering before! We had our first daffodil pop open here this week and it is wonderful to be soaking up some warmth and sun...

  13. Well I never knew that rhubarb flowered!

    Loving the look of your WIP, so bright and cheery.

  14. Hey Claire,

    Love the flower vases and the WIP sunflowers. I really need to give the machine writing a try. I love your work.

    I can't wait for Fall and the cooler temps.

    Tigger pictures always make me smile...thanks for that.

    Hope the boys are well.

    Janet xox

  15. What lovely flowers! I wish we had flowers in winter. :) ANd your Tigger is so like my Julius, right down to that relaxed posture!

  16. Fantastic frost photos, I've never seen rhubarab flowering that either, mine tends to just disappear over winter and then re-appear the following year. Loving the sunflower WIP too, very pretty! :) x

  17. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving a kind comment. It's so lovely to see spring again on your blog as we approach late summer here. I find myself craving a vase of daffs! Have never heard of whistling with an acorn cap - must try this and will let you know how I get on. I have enjoyed reading your blog too and fallen in love with your moonbabies.
    Becky x


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